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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our co. little ANNUAL LUNCH.....

I wasn't sure what to call this occasion too but it was just an annual indulgence that we had after a hard year of slave.......

Other organisation used to have an annual dinner but with a set-up like "ours" where there are only 3 little mice manning an office.....how to have that? In my HQ (which is located overseas), there was a bigger celebration as the headcounts were many times bigger and the good thing is we (being far away) were not forgotten....a token that i'd always appreciated !!! So, as the year end approached, the management would announced a little "party fund" allocated for oversea staffs to spend in receiving the closing of the year! This year was no exception, we had been given USD35 per headcount to spend....that gave us approximately RM120 per person.

While i could still remember, lets jot it down here: Y2005--we pampered ourselves at AH YAT restaurant with Abalone feast, then a year forward in Y2006--we treated ourselves at JOGOYO (a luxurious japanese buffet) and this time, we decided to go for SEAFOOD and since the other 2 men in my office didn't have their own preference & dislike to make the final decision, i went ahead with my choice to Seafood UNIQUE 23 at Section 13, PJ. We drove all the way from KLCC to PJ just to eat these....................that was droooooooling man.... but was of course at the expense of our cholesterol level, guilt guilt guilt !!!

A scene that never failed to ROLL eyes !!


FRESH WATER PRAWN baked in cheese & garlic!

MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE....CRAB in egg yolk & sweet sour sauce.

Japanese knife clam cooked with ginger

The good thing was the total bill came out so closed to our budget that we don't have to fork out a single cent, hahaha !!!


Annie Q said...

Unique Seafood! Yum yum! There is one outlet at Jalan Alor too, from your office to go there will be much more nearer right?

Jacss said...

aikk....i didn't know there is one in Jln Alor woh else...yes, we should have gone there instead, haha!!

slavemom said...

Eh, terrible terrible. Tempt me with my faves... prawns n crabs. *drooling* We normally order sweet sour crab but the other day, we had the egg yolk one in King Crab, PJ. It was nice but a little too salty if taken w/o rice.

Rjoc said...

That place looks and sounds familar!! you have a good company to let you eat soooo well. Just as well you did your new years resolutions after this else you might feel guilty?? No?

Jacss said...

genie: i dine in King Crab before too but i like the cheese gravy type...yummy!

uncB: i do have to agree that i have a company that took good care of our welfare!!
guess what...i had already guess that you would linked these 2 posts together...yayaya, i know what i'd done contradicted one of my resoln...nevermind lar, there must be some space to breathe, no?