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Sunday, March 25, 2007

A lazy mummy on a week end

Yesterday (Sat) was a hectic day for me! As early as 9:30 in d morning, we were already on the road....on our way to Mid Valley shopping mall to meet my cousin, Clarice for a children event. Clarice is working in an advertising firm & her client, Mead Johnson (who produces milk powder that was addicted to my boys like drug!) is launching the 'smart system' ......something like that i think in MidV exhibition hall. Clarice invited us to join the pre-lauching event where there were 4 interactive games for the kids. Prizes & goodies bag were given for each games completed. During the pre-launch hour (10-11a.m.), there will not be as crowded & packed as when the event was open to public later. So again being the 'kiasu' us, we die die also got to the place on time, finished all the games, grabbed all the prizes & goodies before we left. Despite being sleepy & tired having to wake up so early in a "SATURDAY" morning, it was worth to see my boys enjoyed themselves to much! To me, even if our effort was so trivial, as long as we could reap the real rewards (boys' laughter & happiness), it was worth the effort.

For the whole of Sat afternoon, I was stucked with preparation for the pot luck on that night. I didn't have even a second to breath in between the night. So I fall asleep so easily that nite......
For sure, on the following Sunday, all I wanted was a relaxing day.....
We had a slightly longer than usual sleep........until about 9+. Then we thought it was a good time to compensate the guilt of not being able to visit church for quite sometime. So we went for a quick breakfast & headed to SIC church for the 11am mass. After lunch, we only rested at home. And as we had some left over from ystd's party, we decided not to go out for dinner. The adults ate left over foods while the lazy mumy only fried 'maggi/instant mee' for the boys........at least it's fresh & not left over...........!(^_^)

Sucker for freebies & discounts

This post was inspired by my most favourite blogger 5xmom. I had been her silent reader for quite sometime. I definitely admire her in a lot of ways.
Just like her, I had the similar encounter with Parkson's bonuslink member's day where for every RM120 spent in cosmetic, one would get RM20 voucher to redeem any products in Parkson. On top of that, you will also get 5x more bonuslink points. That was really worth & attractive if one was really in need of the product at that time. And it happened exactly to me.
i) My other sis had 'ordered' me to buy an eye cream for mom which would be shared among us siblings (thank god we have 5 here);
ii) My sunblock is about to finish too;
iii) My make-up remover is also about to finish;
iv) It's about time to stock up my face cleanser too as I couldn't live a day without having a face cleanser wash my face.

There it goes........i had so many valid reasons to grab the rewards of the sale. For the value I had purchased, I have gotten myself the entire full range of freebies that EsteeL offered.....skin cares, blusher, eye shadow kit, pouch & tote bag! Damn happy man..........

To top to the above, I also got RM180 shopping voucher which I had used:
- to buy 3 swimming goggles (2 for my boys & 1 for myself) abt RM70+;
- to buy 2 floating boards for d boys abt RM40;
- to exchange for a facial at Estee counter;
- to buy (partially) a tube bra.

So, yes I do agree that I am such a shopping sucker........& luckily my other half is not....else who would do the savings???

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mag's House Warming cum Pot Luck

Mag is my no. 4th younger sis. Today she threw a trial house warming......why trial ???? coz it's only meant for our own family..........among the sisters, bro-in-laws, nieces, nephews & of course kungkung & pohpoh! Some more, it's actually on pot luck style so maybe i shouldn't even call it house warming???
But as we arrived, we noticed some other guests around. Angus's mom, 2nd bro & d girlfriend joined too!
Mag & Angus had just moved to their new condo (Suria Damansara) in 1st week of Mar-2007. I guess once they are more settle down, there will be a real house warming..........i dun know, or maybe they will just do one during their coming wedding.
Yeah, Mag will be getting marry this coming 4-Nov-2007. It will be an occasion every member of the family will look forward to!
My menu for d day was fried rice. But I was being too nice & offered to add 2 more dishes, one was mini mince pork chop & a nyonya dessert called "seri muka"/glutinous rice & coconut custard slice.
This wasn't a frequent practice so I've no idea how people would re-act to my cookings.
But hey, not bad at all, the rice was edible........though not finished up all but the other 2 were completely whacked up!

My fried rice...........

Mini pork chop & custard rice cake..................

Before the meal, we brought the kids to a quick dip into the swimming pool. As I was busying+worrying to keep my mind & eyes on my boys, i had forgotten to snap those wonderful moments!
But I wanted to remind myself here on the pool lesson! As I went to the changing room to change myself, I had just briefly called out our maid to have an eye over the boys at the pool. I had been easy with my instruction as I thought their dady was there in d pool too! But as I came out & walked towards the pool, I saw my Sean's head sank to the surface of water. He was struggling to lift his head up but he couldn't. I shouted & dady was just right beside him unnoticed. Huby quickly pull him up & he began crying. I suspect it only happened for seconds as neither did Sean choke nor did he shows any difficulty breathing. In fact, he only looked frightened for a short while as not long after, he started to be his usual active & naughty self in the pool with his cousins. Apparently he forgot about the episode but this time around, it serves as a big slap on myself BECAUSE this was the 2nd time the same thing happened to my lil big boy! I promise to be beside them at all times in the pool until they learn to swim as good as their mumy!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Singapore - Final

After checking out from the hotel, we basically spent about an hour or two with 'city sight seeing'...........among some of the signatures spot of the country are:

Yeh.....i must say we managed to snap some good shots despite many obstacles trying to get the boys to pose under the hot sun!
The watch strike almost 2pm & we know we had to move on as we have lunch appointmt at Kulai, JB with one of mumy's buddy.........an old college mate! And there we were late again for lunch. Along the journey to Kulai, the boys whined so much as the 'hungry bugs' bite so their dear dady was speeding! The goooood dady will do just anything even if it means running up the mount Kinabalu when his boys are suffering from hunger!
We reached Kulai quite fast. My dear fren brought us to a very famous "siu lap" restaurant where we had the Msian all time favourite duck, roast pork & char siu rice! And boy.........everyone was just amased looking at how focus & concentrate the boys, wallopping the whole plate of the rice each........all by themselves! The bad thing about the boys when they are not hungry, was they will need to be fed by kakak or else nothing will goes into the stomach! After the stomachs were full & definitely satisfied, we proceeded to visit Fah's new place. It was her brother's bungalow where she lives with her parents & some nieces & nephews. A real big bungalow.........something we could hardly see in KL!! $$$$$$$$$..........?????????

Me had a good time exploring the big house & busy snapping every corner of the house compound. With time constraint, we only managed to have a brief chat....... things had just started to warm up..........i miss that so much..........& there we needed to move on as it would take another 3++ hours to reach KL. So, we bid goodbye to Fah !!

But no worries...........we can & will be back anytime........it's not that far after all.

That's the end of the trip!

Singapore trip - Part 4 (Day 2)

The day was all spent at Singapore Zoo. Having young kids around, we didn't want to rush things over with few places of interest squeeze into a day. Instead I rather have the fullest & relaxing outing in the so called one of the "world class standard" zoo! It was indeed 'very big' but world class or not.....me cannot tell coz i'm not at all a fan of green n animal!!

But for the boys, it was somethg they have been looking forward to & I bet they must have had the greatest enjoyment! It was a luck that we managed to catch the penguin show!

There was a big playground & pool outside the KFC restaurant. This is definitely a smart attraction to the kids.......even myself was attracted to the nature surrounding the eating place!

It was already late afternoon (3-4pm) when we finally had full coverage of the entire place. And the boys' eyes had shown sign of sleepiness so it's time for us to make our move back for a recharge.

After recharge, we took another evening walk to the nearby Bugis Junction. I personally like the feel of the place too.......good for shopping as well as dining. We had some italian stuffs which tasted not too bad. Nothing was pick up but merely window shopping instead.........

Singapore trip - Part 3 (Day 1)

We were left with only the night to spend on the day of our arrival. Dady had about an hour of rest with me unpacking our luggages. After the boys had their shower, we headed to Ngee Ann City shopping mall taking the MRT which was located about 5 min walk from our hotel. The evening walk was rather calming as the sun was settling in. And the boys definitely enjoyed their MRT ride which was pack as it was peak hour. What woke us up was the speed of their escalator in the station as compared to our turtle escalator here. And that reminds how laidback we M'sian used to live...............
It was just another usual shopping that we used to do back here during the weekend. But we just got to remind the brain to do the conversion over the currency when the temptation arose to pick something..........! Despite having a clear mind that we are using 2 times the money we earned to spend in S'pore, there were still stuffs that overcome over desire to purchase. Whatever the fact is, we reckon that some of the stuffs were priced very much cheaper there as compared to our home country........reason could obviously be due to the lesser demand here. A classic eg. that I had encountered was the children brand, Tomy products. Over here the whole range of Tomy products are extremely expensive but in S'pore the price was only about half even after conversion. So we were tempted to get few pieces after much persuasion by the boys.....look out for them in picture below & see if u could trace any! Coincidently, there was a sale for Avent bottles too. And I have to stress again that the price was again hard to resist.......so there it goes, set of the bottles & teats .......... yes which the boys still used ..........for their milk only.

After having done with the boys' stuffs, we headed to look for food to feed the stomach. We were not particular in getting any specialities as it's obvious over here we had almost all we could find in S'pore. So we ended up squeezing ourselves to one of the pack food court. Could you imagine that I had this for dinner.......... soooooooooo light n plain for my stomach yeah !!!

Sean had his all time favourite 'wan tan mee' & Scot had his chicken rice. Below was what my dear huby had.......forgot what it was named but guess it must be somethg like his fav 'lor mee'.

After the meal, we continued our shopping spree........to get what we had earlier plan ahead of. Both huby & I had our 'piece' of LV that we have been aiming. We had checked the price in our KL store & had even called the S'pore branch to compare the price. And needless to say, as I mentioned due the demand factor, S'pore offered a very very much cheaper price. Pictures of our collections here.............

After done with shopping, we had our walk on the colourful & bright Orchard Road. As the boys were excited with the happening streets, we walked all the way back to our hotel that took approx.ly half an hour without noticing our sweats. Along the way, some nice spots were pictured.

That fruitful night lead us to a deep & sound sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Singapore trip - Part 2 The Bayview Hotel

On our check-in encountering at the hotel, I just couldn't hold back but to continue bi*ching about the hotel receptionist.......I don't give it a damn to even bother to look at her face so the only description about her that I could describe is that...... she's a chinese lady..........definitely not young, maybe in her late 30s to 40s, she said she only walked to work, therefore she has zero clues about the direction surrounding the hotel.
Further to the already bad response that d bi*ch had showed during her tele-conversation with huby, we had another blow with her 'sucking' facial expression!
It was only a simple request from us that we needed either a king size or 2 queen size beds (given that we have 2 kids with us) but that bi*tch showed the most irritating black face i've ever seen with the reply that it's subject to availability!

I have to stress that it was entirely the attitude she carried, that we attacked here and I don't blame her for the look that mother nature has created for her........as it is clear & bright to me that she does not have a choice over how she looks anyway. But I do believe that irrespective of how bad a person looks physically, he/she definitely has a choice in carrying himself/herself in a way that would be liken by others. And this is particularly so when she was serving at the front office of the hotel i.e. hospitality service. I think unless & until she goes for a plastic surgery, she would not deserves a chance to serve in the front office!

Singapore trip - Part 1

Despite not the first lesson, we still made the same mistake. As the neighbouring country was just too familiar to my dear huby (as he used to travel there in his previous employment), there was no proper plan made ahead on the itenerary of the trip. He took it too lightly that we only woke up about 8 in d morning of Fri(16/3) & by d time everyone was settle to leave the house, it was already 9+. And as per his advice, we took our sweet time with our breakfast before actually departing to the highway around 10+. Being the innocent & naif me, I expected the journey to take approx.ly 3 hrs ++ & think that we should be able to reach S'pore in time for lunch but puihh......what a wrong thought! We could have forgotten that we had 2 hyperactive toddlers in d car which kept posing their 'power ranger' actions to seek our attentions & torture our minds & patience! On & off, their noises will have to be counter attacked by our shouts & yells or else our minds would not be ease & peace.... & hey..... it is no kidding........surveys showed that kids' disturbance in the car contributed to accident & death! So to top up to the shouts that were ignored at times, the cane was used to control them. And when that does not do the job, we would have to head on to the next rest area to ease the boredom of confining in the car........which tooks us longer time with the journey!

Finally, our lunch stop over was at JB as the clock almost strike 2pm. It was unlikely that the stomachs could wait until we reach S'pore. We just hopped into one of the kopitiam & had their famous "kuey teow kia"......it's kuey teow noodle in......somethg like our KL bak kut teh soup with those pig organs.....somethg that i'm not fancy about unlike my fatty huby!

By the time we reached the Custom & Imigration Dept, we were held back a while for doing some application for bringing in our first timer car into the country. Luckily the clearance part was done up quite fast.

Frankly speaking I was damn freak out with traveling long journey in the car coz the big butt was throwing tantrum due to the untolerable pain in the ass!
So as we crossed the bridge towards Woodland, I couldn't wait to arrive the hotel that we're suppose to check-in i.e. The Bayview Hotel.

But but but........damn it........wanted so much to screw him but was held back due to the already tense situation of being lost in no where.......... Yes we were lost, it was about 3-4 pm & we have been driving & wondering about in the highways for almost an hour but we still don't get any heads up on the right track to our hotel. We called the hotel receptionist for direction.......apparently only "1" guy has given us some clues but huby still couldn't find the way with those clues. So, minutes later, huby called again but the idiot receptionist informed that the earlier guy that we spoke to has gone somewhere & there was NO ONE else in the hotel that could help us. All the f**k'g lady said was "sorry we can't help u". What a dissapointed response. In the end, we came to realise that we'd approached the wrong person. Huby finally called up his hometown friend, Sunny who was a PR there who managed to lead us closer to where we're suppose to be.
Finally, we found the hotel at close to 5pm. Can you imagine departing KL at 10am & reaching S'pore at 5pm????

What I'm mad at was that:
- he knows that he need to play around with time in finding the hotel;
- he knows that he has young kids in the car which means no tolerance with punctual lunch, more stop overs & etc which all means consuming more time;
- he knows that there was time wasted at custom/imigration office for driving his new mercedes benz to the country for the 1st time; AND YET he still suggested the late departure.

It caused us whole lots of fatigue with the supposingly avoidable long journey. The entire day was gone due to the unproper planning & unintelligent moves!!

But I was considered good at holding back d temper as I do believe after all, my dear huby was the most exhausted one among us! So I was just advising him with my usual tone of voice & the fact that he kept quiet & did not argue with me goes to show that he ageed with 'the mistakes' !!

to be continued............

Dady's return from Bangkok

This is just a quick post to upload some stuffs that dady brought back for the boys!

Just some T-shirts that features those sickening cartoon character..........!

As usual dady will never remember anything for me.......... :( :( !

Thursday, March 15, 2007

1st Week of Blogging

The week of 12-16 Mar'07 is a school holiday. That means my boys will have to stay full day in poh poh house. Unlike their usual routine, the boys will attend kindy for half day at Q-Dees & kung kung will fetch them home after school. This also mean another week of headaches for 'kakak' & poh poh as they will have to bear longer hours with the boys' mischiefs. Usually 'kakak' will have morning half day honeymoon when the boys are in kindy & poh poh in the market but with school holiday, it will be good to remind her that work may not be easy all the time at her wish.......such a bad me!

I do wonder what the boys did at home whole day facing only the 'kakak' with the poh poh usually singing her karaoke & kung kung mingling with his horse gambling in the room. So deep beneath me, I do have the feeling of guilt whenever I see parents bringing their children out for leisure during school holidays but my boys are confine at home instead. But what choice have I got as it is still working day for a working mom like me. Do I really need to sacrifice my leave whenever school holiday starts? I think the answer is it would not be a wise decision as it should have been saved for rainy days instead. So I guess, bearing with guilt is part & parcel of parenthood or motherhood.

On the otherhand, it was a coincidence that there will be an upcoming leisure cum business trip to Singapore this coming Friday for a 2 nite stay at City Bayview Hotel. The trip has long been planned by huby but little does he knows that it actually coincides with school holiday. So this has partly reduce the guilt in me.......at least my boys got to go on a vacation with mummy & daddy during school holidays!

The week prior to the start of the school holiday, the boys had fallen sick & has been absent from school for at least 3 days. And now the boys had lots of homework to catch up but the thing is, mumy will only be able to attend to their homework at night after settling down from work. I usually don't allow the maid to do homework with them as whenever the boys try to be funny & play up with their workbooks, the kakak can't take control over them........& the books would end up with scribbles everywhere! So, i'm hoping that for the next 2 days, I will be able to get them to finish up their homework before going off for the holidays.

At the sametime, my dear huby has gone to Bangkok yesterday(Tues) with his business partners & he will only be back on Thurs. Meanwhile, whenever huby was not around, we will be staying overnight at poh poh house which simply means:
i) no early wake-up at 6:30am = no traffic hassle at the stupid sunway toll;
ii) longer sleep = more fresh face in the morning;
iii) no morning rush = less sweat = more tidy outlook to work;
iv) drive myself to work = more flexible time = after work can 'lepak' anywhere eg. facial, shop'g & spa

But despite the many pros when huby is not around, I still prefer him to be by my side all the time (if possible) coz i'm just a too reliable person.
I prefer him to drive instead, I prefer him to decide what to breakfast in the morning, I prefer him guard us around the house at night, I prefer to hear him despite his loud noise irritates the ears sometimes, I prefer him to shut the door before everyone goes to sleep, I prefer him to switch on the house alarm at nite & etc etc. I just miss his presence. But I must psycho & brain-wash myself and I shouldn't be so selfish. As huby is doing is own business, less travelling for him would mean less business and this is the last thing I wish to happen. So that's why i'm ranting all out in the most suitable place here.........my blog!

Finally, am looking forward to the S'pore trip as the last time I was there was more than 6 years ago! And I shall lock all my upcoming vacation encounterings here for future treasures...........


14 March 2007 marked the date of my very 1st post in a blog own all by myself. I am new to creating a blog despite having been addicted to read many interesting blogs for the past year. I had long wanted to own a blog to capture every angles of our life journey but the decision was just too heavy for me due to my already hectic schedules........
I'm a full time working mom to a set of twin boys who are 4 years & 4 months old.
I was born in Ipoh but bred in PJ since 3 years old. Married to a kampung boy.....now already old man from Alor Setar, we have built our own home 6 years ago in Puchong.

Guess this is enough for an introductory cum testing post. There will be more to reveal.......hopefully real soon!