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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Penang.....we are coming!!

A quick post here......i'm actually worry sick. Huby will be driving up to Penang on Thurs himself to catch up with his customer there before gathering with us & the rest of his family members on Friday!! But luckily his sister(AG) with her 3 kids would be tagging along accompanying his journey coz AG would be collecting her brand new car there which she bought with assistance from another sis who works in a finance company in Penang and so has better contacts with car dealer....i suppose!
Then what about us ????????

I will be catching the air asia flight with my two little monsters...........i'm worry bcoz this is the first time i'll have to bear the responsibility of travelling & taking care of our 2 precious all by myself. My macho man use to do this & I didn't realise how heavy it is until I have to do it myself. I'm making sure that I will only carry a back pack (all luggages & my handbag will follow huby's car upfront) so that I will have my 2 hands free to held each of them tightly in the airport while searching for the correct check-in counter & do whatever paper clearance necessary. Then I must make sure I have enough snacks & bring along their video games to keep them occupy in the airport & not run here & there as I could hardly spilt myself if one is running to the left & the other to the right..............boy boy boy......just couldn't imagine...... !!!!

I know I'm just being too paranoid here coz having to handle 2 toddlers could just be a daily routine of some mummies BUT I was too pampered all this while as most of d time, I would have at least 2 pair of hands and hardly me alone.....definitely not showing off but my huby is super "kan cheong" his precious so it's heavy on ME, u know!!!

Btw, this would be another Heng family gathering that we used to have at least once a year for the triple celebrations around this time of the year i.e. belated mother's day (for mother-in-law), coming father's day & father-in-law birthday (which I didn't know when exactly actually.....) !!! The main dinner would be on Saturday night.
So it will be eating & eating session again......asam laksa, char kuey teow, white curry laksa I'm coming after you soon.......... while I will be taking this opportunity as a short vacation for my boys during school holiday as I've booked a nite stay in The Gurney Residency Hotel where there is a fun & exciting small water park with many different type of slides for the kids. My boys had been there & enjoyed the place so much ........so I bet they will be very much looking forward to it again !!!

Wish me luck............with a smooth journey !!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Teacher's Day

Today marked the end of the school 2nd term & so most of the school or rather kindies celebrated teacher's day today. As for my boys, they were encouraged (or asked) to contribute some food suitable for kids to the party & there was this strictly no 'junk food' hint.

Obviously being a working mom, I would have no choice other than "buying" outside food. How I wish I have the time to fry some nuggets or sausages or make some sandwiches !! And I wasn't even dare to think about buying the 'food' early in d morning considering the morning rush & traffic jam that we have to endure. So, I would rather take a more precautious step by grabbing some buns & cakes the night before. As my kids love sausage bun, that was the first to go to my tray.......hey, dun they looked luring too............

Then, there was boxes of fresh cream cakes just packed from the oven......so i quickly grabbed them too.............and even before the party starts, my boys had already whacked a few pieces as supper the night before! I chop, chop, chop into small pieces & packed into nice containers !!

So, by the time I woke up in the morning, I just need to pick the cakes from the fridge & off goes into the plastic bag & we were ready to move......
Before leaving the house in d morning, i like to take a view of some beautiful "foo kuai"/prosperity flowers in my car porch !! It brightens up the colours of my day........

On an unusual account this morning, I'd accompanied the boys into their classroom to greet their teacher with the food & not forgetting to pass my camera to the teacher to snap some happy moments of the kids in d party for my records.......wah looks like d teacher got to submit homework la !!
Since I have been telling the boys about the party, they got really excited & did not showed any separation anxiety........instead willingly bid bye-bye to mumy........so off I go & goyang kaki with huby for breakfast before boarding LRT to ofis........

And after work, I was greeted with some happy pictures of my boys..............

Sean boy.........happy & cheerful face isn't he???

Scot boy.........cheerful & charming also, isn't he???

On a separate note, I wish to take this opportunity to thank all my boys' teacher too.... for their hardwork esp. with patience, tolerance, guidance which sometimes we parents might also lack!
And I was especially impressed & amused lately with my boys' latest milestones!!
Few weeks back, I kept hearing the following conversation among d twins when they were doing their homework:

boy: "3 add 2" equal...........................??????? "put 3 in d brain & show me 2 fingers, then starting from d number in d brain i.e. 3.......follow by next number........4 (count 1st finger)........follow by 5 (count 2nd finger)".
So the answer is 5 la............u get it??

And my little scot is damn cunning wan...............even when d question was posted as 2 + 8, where he is suppose to put 2 in the brain & show 8 fingers to sum up BUT he will automatically put 8 in the brain & show 2 fingers, short cut way..............he he he, smart boy!!

And that's what today's technology has invented, I don't recall learning my maths this way, do u??? .....teacher clever or not??

10 Q teacher & HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY !!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dessert to call it a day

Suddenly I missed a real good dessert tonight, maybe that was the aftermath of having the superb curry chicken that mom cooked for dinner few hours ago.

So, I decided to make some good fruit juice....(i had orange, apple, starfruit, carrot & banana in d fridge) & asked huby if he wants.
Then he said : your scot cough woh, u still want to make?
I said dun care la.......my throat was already throwing tantrum, if scot wants, i will add warm water!
Then huby said some more : u dun use all d banana, keep 1 for me to make ice-cream banana split AFTER your son sleep!
I said ok!

Here it is..........after extracting juices from mixture of all the fruits, i added a can of 0% fat yoghurt!

Then, Chunk in the banana.

Next........i threw in some ice cubes.......in dire need to cure my itchy throat !!!

Fortunately, my good boys didn't really whin for a sip of the cold juice but they rather prefer their good old favourite below:
*** milk milk plus milo !!!!

Emmm...........my throat was so damn satisfied & d itchiness got rid off instantly !!! Except that d banana is a bit fattening, i felt happy that I'd "UNusually" consumed lots of fruits AND call it A DAY!!

After huby finished the juice, as usual he dozed off while watching TV half way........& that was even before his boys sleep................some more say wana make banana spilt after his boys sleep, pegi la.........i oredi know.........!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

10 things I dislike about my hubby

I can't believe I was tagged as I thought I barely have "kakis" yet. So, U (tracy) made me feel accepted & that i'm part of the blogsphere, thanx !! And here I am fulfilling my obligation !! I am no exemption, just like all other husb & wife, we had very much of our downtimes too!

1. He has short & hot temper which creates much unnecessary havoc in our daily affairs (though i must say it has improved much throughout our marriage) .

2. Unable to self-control & raise his voice. Whenever he's not happy, it was all clearly shown in his black face..........dun know if this is call "truth & genuine" but definitely not so & irritates when you least expected it! He would ended up apologizing & all he could said was he can't control himself......but i said what for la????!

3. His teo chew egotism can be damn annoying! At times, he forgot i'm his wife & started treating me like his daughter......!!!!

4. He mumbles a lot instead of speaking loud & clear. So whenever I can't hear him clearly & started "ha" & "ha", he will get agitated, keep quiet & ignore me totally despite i kept asking leaving me "sam si si"/full of curiosity, so i started to bark him .........soon argument would start! At times, bcoz of this, miscommunication arises easily....

5. He sleeps too much. Whenever he's at home & there's nothing that bugs him, he would sleep, sleep, sleep & sleep not bothering to check if there's any house chores to attend to. I don't like it when he displays that he doesn't have any interest in anything besides sleeping....zzzzz!

6. He is damn blurdy "sluggish/slow" type. Or rather he's the more calm type so he likes to take his own sweet time doing things but unfortunately he's facing a hasty type of me here! Can u imagine he takes longer time than me in getting himself prepare for work in the morning? Most of the time I will have to wait for him. And I need to nag him several times (in a span of few weeks time) just to get him to fix a light bulb that needs a replacement. The little shelves we bought more than 3 months ago needed a drill to hang on the wall for good use but they were left in the store room until today, I've had enough of nagging & I don't bother now...........

7. Delayed apologizing. Whenever he was at fault, i think due to his egoism, he would not admit his mistake & apologize instantly. He would rather kept quiet & not do anything, keeping me waited & waited which really kill lots of good cells! Only when he & me had finally cool down & not wanting to stay put with my black face, he will do it!

8. He spoilt his boys a lot without realisation. He automatically confronted me (even infront of the kids) when I tried to reprimand/punish/discipline the boys & I need to remind him again & again that it was wrong to do that.........he said it's his auto-reaction woh !!...he can be so childish when comes to parenting!

9. Same as most of the wife, I dislike his snore too which was not the ordinary type (khor..khor..khor) but rather with add'nal tunes (wuu...fuu...puu...wii...) !!! But over time, i have became immune to it so much so that my brain treats it as a bed time lullaby, ke ke ke ke !!!

10. His lack of heart on me. As he knows that forgetting any of our "important dates" would mean disaster, he relies on his mobile phone/lap top to remind him of my b'day, valentine, anniversary & etc etc. I wonder if without those alarm, would he still remembers........but at least it still matters to him?? He would never give me surprises, instead would ask me what I want or ask me to buy myself & claim back from him!

Well after all the shootings above, I like Tracy's idea of penning down the "good" sides of the stories too coz after all he is what i call my dearest man:

- he is a superb daddy to his boys even beyond & above me but i rather this way than v.v. ;

- he's a 100% responsible family man.....his family comes on top of everything & he protects his family strongly no matter what even in times of fault......he he he;

- it was his nature instinct to assume all major decisions affecting the family (of course consulting me where necessary) .......and being the little me, i particularly like that idea of not having to burden my brain;

- he gave us (so far....) a comfy life, no major financial burden, no emotional & social stress, no house chore (got maid ma), chauffeur me to work, chauffeur us for leisure too ........, i won't forget at 3 months pregnant, he started to drive me to work daily until i delivered (my ofis in KL & his in PJ);

- he cooks most of the complicated dish (coz he's better at doing so) while i cook the simple ones plus he introduces lots of good food to me.......in return contributing to my weight gain;

- he will not bring up past issues for argument & a very much look-forward kind of person;

- due to his egotism, he is a very optimistic & confident person, he had his downtime in his carreer too but did not at all jeopardise any of his optimistic thinking in life;

- i myself is not easy to 'tahan' at times & can be quite difficult & annoying too but he can still stand me so what more to say;

- as our 7 years of marriage approaches, he is still willing to accompany me for shopping, i know not many huby is doing this;

- i consider him a good son-in-law to my parents coz while my other bro-in-laws couldn't be bothered, most of d time, he was the one that entertained & attended to my parents' affairs (sent mom to hospital for check up, chauffeured us to aunties' uncles' house for visit during CNY, most actively participate in family gatherings & etc etc)

- he cares & respects (hau soon) his parents though he only called his mom to wish "hapy mother's day" but not his dad coz i think the "ego son" head can't crash with "ego dad's"!! so to me, a son that cares for his mom would not go that bad....but he site his family a lot too;

eh.........the list still can carry on.......but enough la......after his teo chew ego fly high again !!!

Throught out the years, i'd learnt that marriage takes a lot of compromising, tolerating, understanding, communicating, luv & care to work!

And I have no one to tag leh....................???? But hope you enjoy reading !!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Of Petrol & Cars

I wish to highlight this Ferrari Car Collections that we got lately. No it wasn't anything glamour or expensive. But was rather promotional items by one of the leading petrol operator.
For every RM40 worth of petrol pumped, one would be entitled to purchase one(1) unit from the list of ferrari cars at RM7.90 each. There were 6 in the entire range so it got us sometime to complete collecting the whole range.

What I'm impressed with the car was nevertheless its' superior quality!! And so at such price, I believe the cars were sold at a subsidised price. And the colour 'RED' made them looked even more luxurious !!


Sarawak goodies

Huby was back from a Kuching trip with his biz partner. And boy.... I couldn't believe the number of snacks that he actually brought back.......made me feel that he is so "si lai shopaholic" !! Comparing to his partner who is the typical chinaman.......actually came back empty handed! And my other half being a good eater has been a usual food explorer, so here are what he got back........some s'wak specialties & snacks that were unlikely to be found locally!

I can't wait for him to try out cooking our favourite "sarawak laksa" using the above 'spices' !!

These rice crackers aren't that attractive from the look but once you tried eating it, it's hard to stop!!

Below biscuit which looks a bit like the HongKong "lou poh peng"/wife biscuit was even more 'tak lalu' from one look but even after my picky boys tried them, they were back for more......yummy too!!!

Finally, this is what my dear got me........what's that, u can't tell???? It took me a while too !!!! Hai.....dun know what to say............now u know his taste huh!! But i know he will usually get me some little stuffs from his outstation trip just to make me hapy so no complaint loh !!!

W-Yee simple birthday

It wasn't meant to be a planned birthday party. As mom would like to try out cooking for us the "yue tau mai"/fish head mee, we were all asked to gather at mom house.

Since the kids would be grouping along, my elder sis thought of getting WYee's b'day cake over for sharing & Obviously in return, there would be more voices singing the b'day songs!
It was her 4th b'day (my elder sis's 2nd dd)................

Look below, how beautiful, how colourful & how pretty was the jelly barbie cake!! Everyone felt so sayang to eat it !! The taste was good too, not too sweet.......just nice! Most important, it reduces the mess of the creams!! As for the price, well.........it's not cheap but considering the workmanship, i would say it's worth! RM70..........you say leh????

Here's what i got not just for the b'day girl but also for all the "ding-ding" & "dong-dong" there ......there were 4 of them altogether..... my twins + b'day girl + her little brother! It was a clever decision.....as there were no fights in the end!!

Can you imagine the 4 busy body pushing & pushing their trolleys around the living hall the whole night???? And they were flashing & flashing in front of us who were so eagerly watching the Astro Classic Golden Melody singing final competition.......gosh, pening man !!!

Boring Sunday

Just a little update on a boring Sunday.
When an ordinary weekend approaches, a usual dilemma for us was to decide whether to go church or not??? When u have somethg on, the excuse of skipping church is acceptable but if otherwise, the guilt actually kills !!
I know it was 'sin' 'sin' 'sin' & 'sin'..............

I am not a convert Catholic yet but both my boys are Catholic after their dady so I'm very much devoted to the religion. But still, I'm way lack of understanding & knowledge over the religion, whats more being holy! And even my huby is not holy himself. He is so terrible, usually he will ask me : "wana go church or not?"
And if i say no, it made me a bad person & he felt better that way! Usually when the absent was too long, then only he would insist going to church & i would then usually follow suit without hesitation.

But this morning, I was damn blurdy lazy...........to get up & rush to go out. So my answer to him was "NO" & he smiled.........yeah he thinks he's not so guilty, never mind put the blame on me lol !!!
So once the sun started to burn our
ass, we finally hopped out of our bed to get ourselves ready
for foooood !! This morning we had our local favourite 'bak kut teh' in puchong, it was so long since my last savour of the dish so it tasted so superb.........satisfying indeed !!

After the meal, we 'ronda' & 'ronda' about not knowing where to head. Since my boys only said wana go 'kai-kai', we finally visited IOI mall..........yeah the damn boring mall !!!
But nevermind, so long as the boys enjoyed themselves, our mission was dealth with !!!

After all the rides, we grabbed some simple groceries & fruits from Jusco supermarket & arrived home slightly in the late afternoon. While the boys continue with their exploration, I managed to steal a short nap & rest........gosh (after eat........sleep straightaway, how?????).
Then, I started to prepare for my simple fried rice for the late lunch/tea !!!

A simple yet delicious meal !!

And today I felt complete as I managed to do my 5pm yoga class. Dinner was at hawkers, hassle free + lots of "ajinomoto" !!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day - Unexpected........

It has been done & over with Mother's day. Too much has been talked about during this honourable day and I'm eager to see what's gonna happen with the upcoming Father's Day!
I'm just gonna wrap up the episode on mother's day.

My dearest made 'wan tan/dumpling' soup noodle for breakfast. That actually lasts us until lunch. So, we left our home quite late to Sunway Pyramid looking for some 'snack' for tea time.

As we browsed thru the shops, we got hooked up at the computer/IT street. We had been surveying around for those games...........like PS2/PS3/PSP/Game Boy & etc etc for my boys..... not bad i learnt new things here!! But these stuffs are just too expensive for a little boy of 4 years old !!! It costs at least RM300 onwards for each & I can't forget that I have to purchase double the quantity! Most of the shops that we enquired do not have a cheaper version.
So again & again we had to dissapoint our boys........they had been whinning & persuading us to get them. But our first unexpected of the day arrived..... we finally found a shop that sells one that meets our requirement at half the price of those expensive ones. So, instead of having to browse further, we'd decided to settle with it once the boys had tried the games out & they love it! Now we do have some "peace" of mind whenever they got hooked-up with the games but but but, in our mind we felt guilty at the same time.......are we spoiling them???? I really don't know.

After getting the games, we'd settled at a cafe looking forward to a sip of chilled drink & some snacks. The drink was pretty good to our taste bud but the snack turned out to be so 'big' !!! We were quite taken aback with the portion, overall we were pretty satisfied with the food! good good yum yum.........recommended!

Our 2nd unexpected of the day was that the cafe has actually been partially booked for the launching event of our local superstar artist's 1st album. So, there were many young rugged teenages supported their idol with the presence of the media around the compact cafe! So unexpectedly..... we had some good entertainment during our tea time........so it's just fair for me to mention the new superstars a bit....the guys were the winners of last year's Superstar......they were named in Mandarin which has the meaning of 'little prince'(seow wang che) and 'alien'(wai sing ren).......hopefully i'm getting it right???

Next was dinner. As I mentioned in my earlier post that we gonna try out the 'ONCE' famous, "buddha jump over the wall" pricey stuffs, and our conclusion was it was a total failure for
L**n S**g restaurant & total dissapointment for us. I doubt if anyone would ever return after their 1st meal.......poor thing poor thing.

As I browsed around their place, there were lots n lots of photos of those VIPs visiting the place (be it political, celebrities or businessman). But sadly, those photos belonged to a time of at least 10 years ago or more............that goes to answer our doubts!! Yeah, they used to be famous but it was only history............not anymore now!

On a fair review, the most impt factor contributing to the deteriorated business was 'the price'. I guess there are people who do not mind spending the $$$ provided they were all worth but in this place, it wasn't so ! Their below signature dish that we were looking upon so much has only quarter of a whole abalone! For 5 pax, it costs us RM295 !!!!

The below fried rice costs us RM20 per plate.........

Below prawn ball costs us RM40................

Below fish head was RM35.................

There were also chicken & green vegetables..........which sum up to a total bill that was close to RM450++ ............for only 5Adults 2Children !!!!
What an UNEXPECTED encountering...................!!!! good lesson though........