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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sarawak goodies

Huby was back from a Kuching trip with his biz partner. And boy.... I couldn't believe the number of snacks that he actually brought back.......made me feel that he is so "si lai shopaholic" !! Comparing to his partner who is the typical chinaman.......actually came back empty handed! And my other half being a good eater has been a usual food explorer, so here are what he got back........some s'wak specialties & snacks that were unlikely to be found locally!

I can't wait for him to try out cooking our favourite "sarawak laksa" using the above 'spices' !!

These rice crackers aren't that attractive from the look but once you tried eating it, it's hard to stop!!

Below biscuit which looks a bit like the HongKong "lou poh peng"/wife biscuit was even more 'tak lalu' from one look but even after my picky boys tried them, they were back for more......yummy too!!!

Finally, this is what my dear got me........what's that, u can't tell???? It took me a while too !!!! Hai.....dun know what to say............now u know his taste huh!! But i know he will usually get me some little stuffs from his outstation trip just to make me hapy so no complaint loh !!!


Annie Q said...

yuhoo..y all the item look so familiar one?
hahaha..i'm sarawakian, i'm from sibu sarawak.

Jacss said...

oooh....ya ka!!
Wah! u came from so far!!
See, the blog is so good......connecting ppl from anywhere !!

Me & huby love sarawak laksa so much.....and it's so difficult to find good ones in KL!!
After my fatty huby had a very superb one in kuching, he came back & tempted me so badly :(

Annie Q said...

can ask ur hubby come to Bangsar lucky garden one of the corner coffee shop they sell kuching laksa.The owner is orang kuching, so the taste of course "mou tak deng" la. And u also can buy the laksa paste from them. I just knew it lately, because i ask my mum to bring all the way from sibu to here and give it to some bloggers.So one of my mum's friend told me actually can get from that coffee shop.Tell the owner if u want the paste he will bring the next day.

Jacss said...

i told huby oredi & he sort of able to guess d place but hardly go that area, so maybe somehow someday we may drop by.........
he said there's one very good also in Taman Megah (Restoran Gembira/Bahagia if i'm not mistaken), opposite the Ming Tien food court.