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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Melaka - A'Famosa

This was so far a pretty good vacation that we had during the year....... with the least complaints!
The journey was not too painful as it took us approximately 2+/- hours. No big fuss in d car, no loss of way......so smooth! We reached A'Famosa around 1pm, not time for check-in yet so we left our food basket at lobby of d condo we stayed, picked up the itenarary brochures, planned our activities & headed on straight away!

Our arrival timing was perfect this time. It was almost the start of the events for the afternoon session. Without much hesitation, we grabbed our tickets to the Safari Animal World. Here is the list of events for the afternoon session:
2:15pm - wild wild west show
3:00pm - multi-animal show
3:45pm - bird show
4:30pm - elephant show

Here's our quick lunch at d western corner in the safari park.

Before the show started we also managed to tour the 'open safari' in the 'caged truck'. It was not just a new experience for d boys, it was also my first time exposure to the open safari....though i know it was a small one.........!!! It was yet another exciting encounterings for all!

Right after the tour, with much excitement we proceeded to the wild wild west show. To me it was horrible, I didn't understand the message that the show was trying to portray. All I find was that there were few jokers dressed in ala 'cow boy style' acted like idiot donkeys......as if trying to put up jokes that never ever managed to steal a smile from me not to mention a laugh! Instead, the sound of gun shootings which were too loud i reckon, really scared the hell out of my boys......making my 2 naughty monkeys hide under our arms with their hands covered their ears for d entire show!

The next multi-animal show was real good. I salute the trainers to the animal shows.

Then the bird show was another eye catchy one. It made me wonder why & how the birds did not fly beyond their care........how amazing! There were lots of opportunity to welcome the birds on your palm for phototaking session but my boys are just too 'chicken' to do that!

The final show was d elephant show. It wasn't the first time we had this. So the tiredness of d mind & body made our excitement much reduced by then. But the team of staff was rather creative by inviting the audience to participate in the game show which definitely light up our evening!

By the end of that show at the Safari Animal World, we were all over sticky & needed to refresh ourselves with a good shower. So off we went back to do d check-in into our condo.

It was a family suite for 2 but the space was more than enough for 5. Spacious & average comfort......not much to complaint about considering the price!

As for night time attraction, it was all in the Cowboy Town. It was quite happening within the CB town enclosure. There were restaurants, hawkers, shopping arcades, bowling centre, theme park, lounge, karaoke, massage centre & etc. But the highlight was the Red Indian show, multi-animal parades & last but not least.........the grand FIREWORKS! The firework was excellent but unfortunately my lousy camera was not capable of capturing that beauty!
Overall, the night was indeed interesting !

In between the show, we had our quick dinner in the Chinese restaurant. But one doesn't has much choice over the pricey food. Nevertheless, since it was on a vacation, one tend to take things more easy despite the less choice/less quality/less taste & etc.

Conclusion, our trip to A'Famosa was our first & we felt very very satisfied. Huby already mentioned that we would be coming back soon........maybe the next time, it will be to the water park which we missed this time due to weather & d boys' weak body. Then more time will be spent in the city to explore more on food & histories................
Our fruitful day brought us to a deep doze that night.

The next morning, we had our breakfast with the hotel breakfast voucher. It was a very 'kedekut' or stingy offer.....a very light & simple set of breakfast. They should have offer buffet style instead.
After breakfast, we got ourselves changed & packed our stuffs to check-out.
We headed to Melaka town for lunch & quick review of some historical spots. We had d famous chicken rice ball which was not worth trying again! According to huby, that famous restaurant had since turned too commercialize after became popular!

Nice bowls that I fancy long time ago....got them from Jonker Street!

The weather was burning d skin, we can't tolerate d heat & left Melaka around 1pm & reached KL about 3pm. Sayonara AF Melaka..........but we'll be back definitely !!


zewt said...

yummy looking food...

Jacss said...

but we went to the wrong chicken rice ball restaurant....so don't be judged by the photos......he he!

on d oth hand, d food in a-famosa was not bad......

Hassan said...

Thanks for a great blog post.

I'm about to take my family for a mini vacation to AFamosa Resort, and was trying to make decision on what type of room to choose.

Your review and pics really helped me out.

Cheers, and keep blogging!