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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Penang.....we are coming!!

A quick post here......i'm actually worry sick. Huby will be driving up to Penang on Thurs himself to catch up with his customer there before gathering with us & the rest of his family members on Friday!! But luckily his sister(AG) with her 3 kids would be tagging along accompanying his journey coz AG would be collecting her brand new car there which she bought with assistance from another sis who works in a finance company in Penang and so has better contacts with car dealer....i suppose!
Then what about us ????????

I will be catching the air asia flight with my two little monsters...........i'm worry bcoz this is the first time i'll have to bear the responsibility of travelling & taking care of our 2 precious all by myself. My macho man use to do this & I didn't realise how heavy it is until I have to do it myself. I'm making sure that I will only carry a back pack (all luggages & my handbag will follow huby's car upfront) so that I will have my 2 hands free to held each of them tightly in the airport while searching for the correct check-in counter & do whatever paper clearance necessary. Then I must make sure I have enough snacks & bring along their video games to keep them occupy in the airport & not run here & there as I could hardly spilt myself if one is running to the left & the other to the right..............boy boy boy......just couldn't imagine...... !!!!

I know I'm just being too paranoid here coz having to handle 2 toddlers could just be a daily routine of some mummies BUT I was too pampered all this while as most of d time, I would have at least 2 pair of hands and hardly me alone.....definitely not showing off but my huby is super "kan cheong" his precious so it's heavy on ME, u know!!!

Btw, this would be another Heng family gathering that we used to have at least once a year for the triple celebrations around this time of the year i.e. belated mother's day (for mother-in-law), coming father's day & father-in-law birthday (which I didn't know when exactly actually.....) !!! The main dinner would be on Saturday night.
So it will be eating & eating session again......asam laksa, char kuey teow, white curry laksa I'm coming after you soon.......... while I will be taking this opportunity as a short vacation for my boys during school holiday as I've booked a nite stay in The Gurney Residency Hotel where there is a fun & exciting small water park with many different type of slides for the kids. My boys had been there & enjoyed the place so much ........so I bet they will be very much looking forward to it again !!!

Wish me luck............with a smooth journey !!!!


Anonymous said...

Jaclyn, Your father in laws birthday is 27 May,
Enjoy your self there.

Jacss said...

Oh my...it's so embarassing!! Yes, it indeed got me shock but only for a while........then i knew it's you, the always caring one, uncle Bob!! Looks like i got to watch out my words......blush....so blush my face!!

Annie Q said...

Wish u good luck and have a smooth journey! New challenge wor...travelling alone with two kids..!

Tracy said...

Oh? What should I say? Best of luck and God Bless u! Have a nice vacation and enjoy urself!