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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My dear huby has been hiding & keeping his feeling of guilt for the past 4 years since the birth of his precious sons. Reason being he has been unable (due to unforeseen circumstances) to bring his boys to visit his ancestors. Same as the buddhist, according to my mom, one is sort of oblighed to "inform" the ancestors on the arrival of new addition to the family. So huby (being the "hau soon" type too) has always looked forward to the chance to fulfil this obligation but time wasn't cooperating well.
All souls day is suppose to be in November & since we were near the festival this time, huby made a vow to perform the rituals with his parents & introduced his boys to the Heng ancestors.

Huby's paternal grandparents & great grandparents were all buried at the same place. So during the entire session, all i heard was them mentioning to the boys:
this is lau ma, lau kung, lau lau ma & lau lau kung ................
Guess it was still too early for the boys to understand. All they were interested was playing with the candles & fires............
It was a very quick session. I'm sure huby was very happy!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beautiful LYE HUAT Garden NOT KNOWN to many

After one of our beautiful bak kut teh breakfast in AS, the whole family went to the beautiful Lye Huat garden in Jitra! Bet not many heard of it. It was just along the highway & guess what, my huby discovered it during a pass by trip. I didn't expect much until i reached & explored the place, hence proved myself wrong.

Beautiful green scenery & historically looked lake were seen. It was a little hot but still such a breeze to be able to compensate our eyes, ears & minds with fresh air, pleasant scenics & peaceful melody of the natures!!

Even the animals & pets were impressive! The kids went thrill, running around making us poor adults pouring & sweating all over.
Twins with their cousins........

Scot boy....

Don't know what type of fish is this....coz the mouth can't close wan, hehe!!

It was definitely a place that we would consider making a come back since AS could be drop dead boring besides eating, eating & eating..........hehehe !!!

Our recent holiday "FOOD".........

Vacation time was the only time we obtained passport to indulge & savour as much as your stomach could possibly accept & process!!! We definitely did not missed out. Huby was extremely excited going back to AS having been far away from his hometown where lots of good food he used to eat during his childhood life could be found..........
I would say.... though most of the food in AS could also be found in other part of the country, but i still reckon that the flavour was somehow varied from those i used to eat here in PJ/KL!!
One classic example was the wan tan mee........it was like mushroom, can be found everywhere. But those from the AS was white in colour as opposed to those black colour in the southern states. Despite the white look was tasteless but it was in fact very yummy!! Oooh ya, furthermore, the people there don't called it wan tan mee but kai si mee instead! The below kai si mee was the one which huby used to eat for 10 years plus. Initially i didn't quite believe him but when we reached the stall, the old aunty could recognised him & they both chatted like long lost friend......then i have no reason not to trust him!

On one particular nite, even after our dinner, huby did not want to miss out eating his fav nasi kandar (sell only at night).......apparently the most famous in AS! As the first 2 days we were in AS was Raya, the stall was closed. So on the 3rd day when the bis resumed, people was like crazy queuing up long just to get a bite of the nasi kandar. And my huby was one of those crazy brat. Imagine that our stomach has to endure the below pack of nasi kandar at 10p.m. ...... u wouldn't know how the feeling of guilt nearly killed me !!! Yet, i felt satisfied & happy joining my huby eating wor....sei mou/die or not?

Most of huby's favourite meals was found at places like the above.....small & old hut with many years of history!!

Next, i'll moved on to home cooked food. Huby's hometown in Kuala Kedah was actually only 5 minutes motorbike ride to the KK-Langkawi port. The port was where the "super fresh" seafood could be found. Whenever we were back, my in-law would pampered us with these fresh seafood. This time, even my brother-in-law was thoughtful.....he happened to be there when the fishing boat just arrived at the port with loads of catch of the day. And there it goes, he grabbed home BIG BIG prawns, crabs, squids & fish too. SIL cooked sweet & sour crab, soya sauce prawn & MIL asked the neighbour to cook the sambal prawns which were extremely delicious !!!

This time we even had the chance to eat HOME GROWN fruit. The below nangka was plucked from the back yard. FIL was exceptionally thoughtful.....as i was asking him if there was any ripe mango at the backyard (which he used to bring down to KL), he went & plucked the nangka instead. There he goes....went demonstrating his nangka surgical skill & i was there helping him extracting out the fruit which was so sticky to the hands but yummy & sweet !! Sean like it so much but not my fussy Scot though.

Finally featured was the RAYA food......boy.......i felt myself so lucky!! It was such a long time i had a chance to eat kuih raya bcoz no malay friends anymore lar!!! But back in AS, my in-laws were surrounded by malay folks. Whether they are purely neighbourhoods/ customers/ suppliers/ business friends, what i see majorly was of malay races. So in-law's house was like having raya celebration.....full of raya goodies which were gift of courtesy. Authentic ketupat with sumptuous fish & prawn sambal, rendang chicken & beef, muruku & other cookies were seen lying around the table !!!

So, isn't that a terrible indulgence that we have had??? Time to let the stomach rest & recuperate......

Monday, October 22, 2007

Quick update.....Pheww, gone she was !!

Since her arrival last Friday, her vomiting saga continued. Our journey this morning from Pch to P.J. which took approximately 40mins, saw our camb maid vomitted twice. Huby couldn't stand her vomitting in his precious car anymore. It was horrible & my dear huby was so pissed-off & sicked of it.
Instead of having to wait for another day or two for the agent to settle some documents, huby couldn't be bothered anymore. Once we settled the boys at their kindy, huby straight away sent the maid back to the agency even without her luggage yet. Then we headed back & packed her stufffs & dumbed back to the agency......................pheww, sounded cruel but we were peace then!!
What a start on a blue Monday??

Our "balik kampung" trip during Raya break !

I really can't deny the torture of long distance journey having to endure confining the boys in the car for at least 5 hours !!!
As usual we left before the sun rise & arrived huby's kg, Kuala Kedah, AS around 11am. Happily greeted with the smiles of 2 elderly folks. The boys instantly got warmed up with their ah kung & ah ma.
This time was one of the unusually long stay in huby's hometown. We definitely had a good rest as we had long desire..........
Since started blogging, i've not be back to AS and so had no possession of any snap shots of huby's kg. house. Furthermore, an uncle commented that both Kuala Kedah & Alor Setar are no longer considered/qualified to be called "kampung" anymore!!
But to me, no matter what after nearly 8 years since my first visit to huby's 'kampung' house it still gave me the 'kampung' feeling..........so i like to share what i felt !! I'm still glad to be able to have a chance to experience 'kampung' life though i must say i didn't like it at all !!!

Seen below (L-R) was the backyard, outdoor kitchen, neighbouring plantation & finally another neighbour wooden house!! and so u judge lar..........

What my boys like the most about going back 'kampung' was the free flow supply of toys, candies, ice-creams, chocolates.........
Below was the first thing that Scot has done when he first step into his ah kung's sundry shop house i.e. eyeing on the toys & grabbed ah kung's hand & led him 'there'. Both the boys plucked the colourful eraser pack by pack each day until the day we left, there were only 3 packs left and we had now about 20++ pieces of erasers at home (which i will distribute on their party day)!!

The boys continued attacking other toys.........i felt ashame, scolded them but with no luck......can't stop them. Ah kung & ah ma said "beh heow kin lar"/nevermind wor !!!

Luckily we only went back like once or twice a year ........ else don't know where to hide our face!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My turn now with 'maid' crisis

Our existing Indon maid will be leaving on coming Tuesday……we only left with another day of luxury……argh……help pls help !!!
Actually new maid already arrived before Raya break but we were not around so we delayed picking her up.
Thursday returned home & Friday morning went anxiously to pick up our Cambodian maid but soon we will be sending her back as we had rejected her & had already requested for a replacement!! Surprise? Sound scary, heh?

Our first exchanged of sight was already not very pleasant as she has a very obvious scarring around her neck & shoulder so huby was just afraid of any skin decease or as such.
Then we felt strange with her coz she wasn’t very “lively”….looked dumb, down & totally unresponsive even with my boys running around her but I tried to persuade my mind not to judge at that moment.
Then, we left the agency office about noon from SS2 to Puchong….first horror surfaced!
She was not used to car ride, thus she vomited which we felt was fine. But her vomiting incidents did not stop there. She continued to vomit for ALL of the rest of her car ride experiences despite only for a 5 minutes drive. It was damn bloody disgusting. How would she survive her daily routine of enduring at least 30-45 minutes car ride from Pch to P.J every morning from Mon-Fri ????
Still we thought that doesn’t justified enough as a reason to reject her.

Our main primary reason was that she was totally incapable of handling children. She was just UNATTENTIVE at all, slow in response, insensitive towards handling of children, what’s more with 2 hyperactive toddlers of mine?? Both huby & I observed her stringently on her response towards our boys & it really sent shiver down our spine……just by thinking what’s gonna happen if we were to leave our boys just with her !!!! She was not concentrating, blur with the mind always seen loitering (day dreaming) & couldn’t be bothering much in caring our boys. Despite the boys climbing & jumping around the staircase, she could still stand there looking elsewhere & not responding…..i mean really no reaction until I can’t stand & shouted at her!! I just couldn’t understand & imagine there is such human survive!

After much serious consideration & thought, we decided she was just not the right person. Sorry we just can’t tolerate any carelessness towards our boys. It has never been our intention to reject any maid, as we have been lucky with 2 of our previous maids but this time we must have been ‘blind’ as we were the one that selected her from the many photos of bio data available to us.

Furthermore, only after actually experiencing the communication problem with the Camb maid, we came to term that we had enough of the hassle & made up our mind that we should stick back to Indon maid. We can't even convey simple instruction to her coz she doesn't seemed to understand a single english....gosh! I had been like talking to the wall..........
The only thing to be slightly safer with Indon maid is to get an older one….at least 35 years & above & must be a Christian!

We went back to the agency to convey our problems & requested for a replacement. The moment the agent saw us, her instant response was: really that bad ah?
Next is the list of the agent’s other comments:
-Actually when she was with us for 2 weeks training, we already could tell her behaviour.
-But we are only working here so we can’t be telling bad things about her.
-Since now that you discovered & raised the problems, all I could do is to help you minimise your loss……just pay the levi for the replacement maid lor (RM445)!
I really don’t know what luck was with us……..
Anyway, despite everything we still feel so guilty & pity her………having processed her all the way here but rejected her!! And we don’t know what’s gonna happen to her when she is send back then. It was not our intention but we really really have no choice!
Now we are like reaching nowhere…..left without maid next week onwards. Replacement will only arrive in 1-2 months time. Meantime, the only choice left to care for my boys in the day was my parents……pity & felt sorry but got to bear!

Tentative plan:
House cleaning (floor, toilet & etc) – weekly part time cleaner
Laundry – washing machine
Iron – send to dobi shop
All else – me, me, me & me lor….just treat it as part of my slimming treatment lah !!
Till then, wish us luck !!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another marriage "ritual"..........

I'M BACK........after a long whole week of 'break' or 'leave' from my official work!

I just can't imagine the 'war' that i'm soon gonna encounter when i'm back to office on Monday.....must be hundreds of e-mails to clear (inclusive of spams of course).....but first priority is to get the payroll done first for approval......u know how important that is?? tiny bits & pieces like bills & mails to sort would take up my precious time not to mention more important tasks....no choice, one-man-show type + no assistant...............slave lar !!!
Anyway, back to my main topic. Today 20/10(Sat) is the day where one of the important ritual would be performed as part of the chinese marriage ceremony. I have no idea on the official name of the event but managed to do a translation from chinese (Kor Tai Lai) as WEDDING GIFT presentation from the groom's family to the bride's or it can be said to resemble that of the "Rombongan Wang Hantaran" for the malay wedding.

With the variations of clans within the chinese race itself namely Hokkien, Hakka, Teochew, Cantonese & etc etc, there would obviously see differences in each of the clan's procedures of this wedding gift rituals. Among my siblings, we have in-laws that were from the Hakka, Teochew, Cantonese & now my 4th sister's was of Hokkien. I reckon that the procedures were quite strictly followed by the in-laws this time.......every fine steps were done as much as possible according to their Hokkien beliefs !!

I like the black basket in particular.......filled with fruits & biscuits, it looks so authentic! Not forgetting the dragon & phoenix candles in pair......so lovely & meaningful. You will also see the typical "wife" biscuits....hahaha, don't quite like the taste though !!

Did you noticed the green plant? It has a special meaning & brought good fortune according to the Hokkien and apparently according to my sis, it was a "must" thing to accompany the bunch of gifts to the bride's home.........i've never see or heard of this though !!! Then, the Hennessy..... gosh........it just shows the typical strong Hokkien's essence !!!

The groom's parents came from Labis, Johor and arrived at my mom's place about noon, did whatever required, had some brief chats (sharing both their tales of how they each brought up their children, their efforts of providing them education with bloods & sweats & how they wish/hope their life would blossom with happiness, prosperities/wealth & etc etc with the 'marriage'). Prayers were done & they left while our family continue to prepare for the 'BIG' dinner at night where they will be back again with more other family members!!

It was suppose to be a very joyous day or weekend............but unfortunately i was up with something bad at the same time besides being super busy........sigh & sob i will...... yet i'd tried my best to enjoy first & solve the "problems" later..........updates soon!!

............remember the last time when my name was "MISTAKENLY" printed on the wedding menu card of my sister's dinner reception........hahaha, NOW this time, the wedding card has been correctly printed...........no more errors, hehe !!

And the strange thing was there were 2 versions of the cards. The red was obviously demanded by mom (being the superstitious one) while the pink/purplish one for the couples' guests!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pingo Virtual Calling Cards with incredibly low rates.

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Furthermore, Pingo allow his accountant to control & monitor the staffs' sub accounts by accessing their online call history reports. Even billing history is centralized in your administrative account.
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Selamat Hari Raya buat kaum muslimin & musliman

I would normally welcome this festival with much excitement. The only reason was being the ultimate "long break" that we (the non-Muslim) would be eligible to. This year, I'm no exception too..........am looking forward to the celebration.

But speaking of this, we aren't that lucky this year as the 1st day of Ramadan falls on a Saturday, 2nd of the Ramadan being a Sunday would give us only a Monday off day. Officially, Tuesday is already a working day. My company policy was such that if a public holiday falls on a Sat, we only get an extra leave day. So meaning to enjoy a 'long break' which i had initially expected, i will have to sacrifice my leave. I never realise this before i planned for our trip back to huby's hometown. So no choice, in order not to disappoint the elderly folks back home waiting for us to be home, i took leave from Tues to Thurs. There is really nothing much to expect in Alor Setar & Kuala Kedah so I'm hoping to just rest, relax & recuperate myself from the hectic busy life here in the city centre. Oh ya...........and not forgetting to eat !!

My only task is to shoot some photos of the 'kampung' house to show case here........

On a separate note, I've captured a few scenes of the recent Raya decorations put up by a few mega malls around town for a comparison.
For those who does not have a chance to drop by Suria KLCC but kepoh/curious wanted to know, just visit my blog for the latest Raya decoration............

Next would be at the Mid Valley Megamall...........

Finally, after the above 2 awful scenes.............I'd one here that soothed my eyes at least a little if not more !! Guess, Subang Parade's taste fit me more !!

Besides the Subang Parade's.......i don't know but i just find that the other 2 couldn't go with my taste. They looked so horrible to me..........arghh........no offend but i definitely like X'mas/CNY more !!!!

For those who would be taking leave & go on a long break, have a good journey, happy holiday & save journey home !!

Will not have chance to blog coming weekend..........catch up soon with more tales from kampung!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I found the present for my MAN

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It has always been a challenge when it comes to hunting present for this man of mine. Unlike we woman, guys being that particular creature could not be easily complacent with gifts. I get quite upset when he commented that i'm wasting money on the gift i bought for him. To him or rather guys generally, a present/gift has got to be useful or in other words, guys are getting materialistic too nowadays.

So, when time comes to hunt for a gift for the guy in my life, i spent lots of unnecessary time running from one end of the shopping mall to the other end especially where usually things are not really cluster according to category!!! Luckily someone prompted me to a site that carries a lot of products that guys would love to get as a presents. For those who face similar problems as me with gift for guys, trust me.........hop over here, you will find gifts for him.

I particularly like the Diamond Plate Corner Garage Cabinet that look so COOL for his office. Since he has been on the look out for such cabinet, this would definitely melt his heart for the style yet durability given that this cabinet is real diamond plate made from aluminum and will never rust or corrode. You will get many years of use from these diamond plate cabinets.

And look at these wall plates, I'm pretty sure they would add spark & shine to his office decor too. Giving them as presents to him would definitely boost him up to work harder & earn more money for us to spend...........(^_^)!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

A Little Task For Our Health

We were supposed to have our yearly medical check up last friday but due to unforseen circumstances, we have to postpone it to Monday, today. It was into our 4th year this time doing this yearly little check on our health. We had been doing it at the Palace of Golden Horse hotel for the past years but this time, we wanted to try their 2nd medical centre at Mont Kiara. Appointment set at 9a.m. & we were punctual. We never regret trying here as the crowd was much smaller, only 9 members this round as compared to 30 in the hotel. So the round of checks were running pretty smooth & fast........one after the other without any long wait!!
The place was definitely nice, cosy & soothing so means............i must published a bit lar!!

The waiting hall.The juice counter
We were required to be on fasting since last mid night. There were a few tests that needed to be completed with empty stomach. So once these few were done, we were immediately given a refreshments..........knowing that all our stomachs were already growling as it was already 11a.m. It was such a healthy snack......no doubt lar, considering a health screening centre, right? But I can't deny that it was still delicious.....maybe we were just too hungry!

Then upon the completion of the entire list of screenings, our complimentary lunch was served. It was a japanese meal which was also another 'super healthy' meal....all with less oil, salt, sugar and means it less taste all in all !! But it was acceptable to me, i don't complain at all!
It was quite a comprehensive health screening i would say. The entire package cover 20 years of screenings which would include blood & urine tests on almost '100 items', physical examination, ECG test, chest X-ray, abdominal & chest ultrasound, mamogram, eye test, hearing test, pulmonary lung test, pap-smear & a ONE-TIME CT scan upon reaching the age of 40. Should you think that you do not need to do yearly check-up, you could actually pass on the entitlement to family members for that particular year of check-up. We would let our parents rotate the check-up with us. So i guess, with the increasing hazardous environment to our health couple with the equipped of health knowledges, this is only a little thing that we could do to ensure that our health is being monitored at best, if not perfect !!

After the lunch, we have to wait for the consultation session with the medical officer to go thru the screenings results. And thankfully, nothing really serious that warrant immediate attention. Again & again...........as expected:
* for both it was the weight that needs to be monitored, need to reduce both our BMI results, need to exercise more, need to cut down on unhealthy foods...............etc etc
* for me, it was the cholesterol level (despite the fact that i had inheritation to blame)
* huby needs to further his blood test on liver.
"other than that, all seemed not too bad" touch wood touch wood

Our consultation finished about 1pm & we left. Followed huby to deliver something to his customer in Shah Alam. Half way thru our journey, this man of mine said:

H: eh, in front there ahh, got one shop sell "kari mee" very very famous one........the curry very thick wan !!!

Me: oh, yes ahh.........so nice meh? but we just had our lunch only wor!!! actually deep inside me, i felt so bad to reject him........it was as if i'm splashing a cold pail of water down his face!! So, i further added, like that ahh, we share one bowl loh, how?

H: ok we share, very nice wan !!!

This was what we ate right after our so-called medical health screenings
I must say that it was indeed very very yummilicious despite the 'harm' to health!!
u say lar........."tai sei mou"????
slap head slap head !!!

Happy 62 B'day dady & gong-gong

Last Sunday, we celebrated my dad's 62 birthday at Oriental Restaurant in Sect 14 with only close family members.
We had a private room service this time with 2 tables; 1 for the adults (with "GOOD" food) & 1 mainly the kids (with less selection of dishes of course). It was just a casual family eating session. The food was as expected excellent but guess the stomach has been over loaded recently so the taste bud was a bit at the down side with its' grading !!

Some of the kids are attending to themselves but definately not my boys who constantly needed to be reminded to open his mouth, spoon fed, chew on his food, swallow slowly & so on........... boy oh boy, when only will you become 'big' boy ????

The evening ended with the most awaited sessionby the kids, that is the birthday song singing & cake cutting ceremony !! What's more happy for the elderly folks than to have a bunch of grandchildren to sing them "the song" of the year heh ????

Finally, Happy B'day "lou tau".............."san thai kin hong" / with good health !!

ENOUGH for the boys..........

The twins' sam (3rd) yi-yi bought (on behalf lar) for the kids lots of t-shirts from her U.S. trip recently. Sam yi is MAS cabin crew so she can sometimes do wonderful shopping on our behalfs when we needed some good brands at much cheaper price! Since her little boy Nick was born, she has been on the hunt over branded clothing for her precious boy whenever she has long trips to U.S. or U.K. So we just 'tumpang' her bcoz considering the quality of the materials & the 'brand' of course, it was so worth to buy at the country of origin which can be very much cheaper as compared to the clothes when they were shipped over to our country. Most of the below short sleeve shirts cost between USD7.99 to USD9.99 and long sleeve cost USD12........ saliva drop or not???

Earlier on about few weeks ago, mumy & dady happened to pass by the timberland warehouse sale in PJ & grabbed few of the pieces below which are still relatively over sized for the twins at the moment......kiasu mom!!
So, told myself...........that's it for the twins......no more clothing & shoes for them for the upcoming x'mas & chinese new year!! Pocket was so badly burnt so enough means enough!
Then, even my dear huby also won't missed the chance. He has been a super fans of the colour big Pony Polo RL shirt but it was just too expensive here to spend the money. So he was trying his luck with my sis but too bad it wasn't really that cheap over there too, guess RL was good in controling & maintaining their standard or else 'pig' & 'cow' also could afford then no meaning lor......
So in the end, my sis went to the factory outlet to hunt for those discounted items & got huby quite a number of good stuffs......at reasonable prices !!!

Notice only mumy was not having anything..........sigh sigh sigh !!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What's up with the weekend?

What's up if not with food & shopping mall ??? Again, how boring heh.....i'm beginning to wonder if this is just "ONE" of our malaysian's culture with weekend...............

We started our Saturday unusually early, dady was forced to set his alarm at 7:30 a.m. as he has to attend to a breakfast appointment in Mid Valley. Since mumy has got to exchange the bow tie bought earlier in MV, we tagged along dad........Ping yi-yi (mumy's cousin) will be meeting us for breakfast after her yoga session, which would at least put dady mind at ease knowing that mumy has an extra pair of hands to help with our hyper twins!!

The twins seen marching into the mall with both their hands in the pockets.....gosh i thot it was such a 'lan si/gaya' look leh, just wonder where they imitated the style!!

Before dady proceeded to meet his biz partners & knowing that yi-yi will be late, dady bought McD breakfast for d twins first as time has striked 9:30 a.m. and according to dady's instinct, his boys' stomach should be growling.......

Twins were too busy to wave bye-bye to dady bcoz they were busy attending to their "dynasaur toys"! Not long after, yi-yi arrived..... and we quickly got their breakfast finished bcoz the list of things-to-do was long ahead !!

Next was a mission to fill-up mumy & yi-yi stomachs..........We headed to 'The Garden'....... the new wing of the shopping mall! We intended to try the shanghai food (Din Tai Fung or somethg) but sorry, no fate lor......we were still too early! So in the end, we ate the Japanese food at the super premium food court !! It was fresh, oil-free yet sumptuous!! The boys tried & loved the eel rolls too!!

Then we got our ex-changed done & proceeded to Megakids.......and "booked" a party event! Yeah yeah....for the twins upcoming b'day! I didn't want any mess with party at home, didn't want to stress ourselves out & bla bla bla.......so ended up leave it the party expert. Most importantly, i think the b'day kids should be enjoying themselves MOST. So, i think at 5, it will be quite ideal to have the party at a play centre. To avoid all the social works attending to the guests (mostly would be adults), this time we only invited the kids' cousins but the number doesn't make up to the minimum headcount required (12) so few of the friends' kids were invited too!! But we definitely have to keep the number minimum due to cost factor......i'm not sure but i find the price was really pricey lor!!

Half way thru our discussion with the organizer, dady finished with his appmt & took over the baby sitting role i.e. accompanying the kids into the playground at Megakids!

The twins went craze over the place. They definitely had over enjoyed themselves & needed very much to be controlled & cooled down at times. When it was time to leave....boy......they needed to be dragged out of the place. Next, we got to rush to Concorde Hotel for the 1pm lunch appointment.

We were called to participate in the food tasting session for my sis's upcoming wedding dinner. We heard a lot of claims about how lousy & aweful hotel food was but I tell you, "food tasting" is always excellent!

There was only some 'mild' comments given on the required improvements......all the dishes 'passed' EXCEPT the following.................





First of all, it was suppose to be the menu card.....where the bride's & groom's names were listed on the card too. And for those who didn't catch the 'mistakes', please see the bride's name again........ it's Jaclyn Lai indicating ME, ME, ME & ME ahh...........i'm getting marry again ???? OH BOY......it was hillarious man !!! We all went laughing hysterically over it!! Why the mistake?? Because my sis kept asking the hotel to send invitation card design & such to my e-mail address instead of hers........and so lar !!!

Anyway.........talking about food tasting for wedding dinner held in hotel particularly, i kind of pity the industry for the 'norm/culture' whatever u call it. It clearly depict another "kiasu" side of the Malaysian's face!! You tell me, what will the host do if they eventually found out that the entire dinner meals suck?? Usually food tasting was only given upon confirmation of booking i.e. where deposit was paid. Will they cancel the dinner reservation?? I doubt so coz by then it would be too late furthermore with $$$ paid. Yes, they could ask the hotel to improve but how would that be guaranteed on the actual dinner day?? By then no one would care.....maybe only the 'ang pow' would be more of concern!! So, it was just another 'FREE makan' session that the malaysian has created & so the hotel got to attend to this request in order to survive the industry, u agree?

Anyhow, we were surprised to be asked to fill up the comment form as a matter of fact!

The food was excellent & everyone was happy. It was nearly 4pm when we reached home.

Guess what, i think you may not believe it. That night itself, we had a wedding dinner to attend. And the most coincidence fact was that the dinner was actually held at the same hotel, same chinese restaurant where we had our food tasting earlier during lunch!! ...........................hehehe, u say creepy or not, eerie or not???

It was yet another marriage of the FOO family......cousin family of my father in law. PIL didn't make it this time & so huby being the eldest son was there to represent! Since angpow was already paid, we just attend only.

Actually, i kind of both love & hate this type of event: LOVE due to good food, nice ambience, pretty 'leng lui' in elegant evening gowns....why not? HATE bcoz we were there as representatives so meaning we do not know both the groom & bride as well as their parents. Thank god we still have uncle andrew (father in law's brother) to guide us around.....ahh, this is so & so's son, daughter-in-law & repeat again again while we just nodded & nodded our head with 'fake' smiles!!

We didn't finished our dinner bcoz Scot was already fast asleep when only the 6th dish was served. See how tired he was........
Whatever it is, we ended our Saturday very fruitfully !!