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Monday, October 8, 2007

ENOUGH for the boys..........

The twins' sam (3rd) yi-yi bought (on behalf lar) for the kids lots of t-shirts from her U.S. trip recently. Sam yi is MAS cabin crew so she can sometimes do wonderful shopping on our behalfs when we needed some good brands at much cheaper price! Since her little boy Nick was born, she has been on the hunt over branded clothing for her precious boy whenever she has long trips to U.S. or U.K. So we just 'tumpang' her bcoz considering the quality of the materials & the 'brand' of course, it was so worth to buy at the country of origin which can be very much cheaper as compared to the clothes when they were shipped over to our country. Most of the below short sleeve shirts cost between USD7.99 to USD9.99 and long sleeve cost USD12........ saliva drop or not???

Earlier on about few weeks ago, mumy & dady happened to pass by the timberland warehouse sale in PJ & grabbed few of the pieces below which are still relatively over sized for the twins at the moment......kiasu mom!!
So, told myself...........that's it for the twins......no more clothing & shoes for them for the upcoming x'mas & chinese new year!! Pocket was so badly burnt so enough means enough!
Then, even my dear huby also won't missed the chance. He has been a super fans of the colour big Pony Polo RL shirt but it was just too expensive here to spend the money. So he was trying his luck with my sis but too bad it wasn't really that cheap over there too, guess RL was good in controling & maintaining their standard or else 'pig' & 'cow' also could afford then no meaning lor......
So in the end, my sis went to the factory outlet to hunt for those discounted items & got huby quite a number of good stuffs......at reasonable prices !!!

Notice only mumy was not having anything..........sigh sigh sigh !!!


Sasha said...

*SALIVA DROPPPPPPPPPP wearing jayden's bib now*

SO CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want !

Eh u went for the timberland warehouse sale ah...i went to the crocodile wan...bought ah pek shirt for jayden . Hahahhahahah

Annie Q said...

Wow wow woww! So cheap!!!
psssttt..next time i can tumpang or not? hahahahahaha just kidding..;)
So lucky ur boys got so many nice shirts.

Jacss said...

sasha&annie: yes loh...it's very cheap!! croc shirt very good also!!

1+2mom said...

Those design also very updated and nice. My mum also cant stop to buy some for my kids everytime she go shopping..haha..my kids so lucky lor got many nice shirt to wear.My mum told me, most of the cloth she bought for my kids all are less than USD 10.

Anonymous said...

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