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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Prayers time

All of us sisters with our kids (with d exception of my elder sis who is on a bis trip to Philippines) spent sometime and had dinner with mom before sending her off to check-into Assunta Hospital for a series of surgery on Monday morning!

There was a cyst/little lump at the back, below the shoulder to be removed. Then mom also decided to remove the "haemorrhoid" / "chee chong" (abnormally swollen veins in the rectum and anus)!! A 'scope' test & a heart x-ray are to be done too.

Though both surgeries are not of severe type, in fact they happened very common nowadays but i'm sure there are risks associated with operation at such age!! I really hate to endure such disturbances to live.... having to worry about mom, having to re-arrange babysitting the boys, having to bother about dinner, having to worry if the 'potato-maid' could handle the boys & many many other affairs at home!! But i know no matter how much i dislike, the fact is, life is such....not all the time rosey and i should be blessed that God only gave us a small challenge!!

On top of that, i should also count our BLESSINGS that my parents are considered well prepared "financially" to face their old age!! Mom has been a very 'jimat-cermat' person, she has lived her whole life uplifting her strong principle: that one MUST save for the rainy days, for our kids & for our future !!

Many times, she enforced such practice to our lives....... but shame on me, i'm one among my 5 sisters who don't seem to inherit such trait from her!

I have a friend who constantly needs to foot her parent's medical bills. Not only i could feel how stressful that can be, i can also imagine how heavy the burden could be....!!

Now.......i think it's time to REFLECT life and hope to change to the better!!

Thanks mom! Hope everything will be smooth-sailing, you will do fine, hope it's not too painful, do recover as soon as possible so that you could sing your karaoke again....promise not to complain about you making the noise in the house !!
"Sometimes we tend to take things for granted, i rather endure the noise than not being able to hear it "

May God bless my mom !!!

Life with maid........

It has been 3 months now since the maid arrived and she is our 3rd maid so far. The obvious & major changes seen happening to me after having a helper at home was the scene of me getting back into COOKING........very often indeed esp. ever since i planted the knowledge of bento into my vocabulary!!
After only a week working for us, I had already mentioned that our new maid was considered 'good'. Many (included myself) actually doubted about my early judgement but up to today, i still considered myself lucky having her! I had friend who encountered not just 1 maid running away but 2 or 3 which resulted in them spending more $$ just to get a replacement! I'm sure all of us heard more horror stories about this creature call 'maid'. For me, i think "running away" is my greatest phobia & the most horrendous problem of a maid. So it was my biggest wish that i do not need to supervise the maid 24 x 7 and be rest assured to leave her alone at home (at time when the situation calls for it) without having to worry that she will run away!!! And i think i had been granted 'the wish' ....... at least so far !!!! Once we had sufficiently observed her & feel satisfied that we can leave her at home, we tried it. Up to now, we had left her alone many times sufficed to conclude that she is sincere to work here & not here to do hanky panky!! Every Saturday, we took about 3 hours from sending the boys to their extra class to going for our lunch after picking up the boys while the maid run her weekend errands alone at home or she maybe lepak i dun know.....???!!! That was save to say if she really wants to run away, she has many chances of doing so!!
She actually had an abnormal son (and also an elder daughter) at home waiting for her to earn enough money back home to treat him! So guess she really has the heart to work hard here.

On top of that, she has been doing great with the house chores (no lazyness shown so far). With our greatest fear being put to rest, there is just nothing more we should ask!! What i like the most about her was no matter what or how i said/advised/commented, she would willingly respond with a "yes mam"......haha, yes that's what i like to hear.....how bossy heh!!

Apart from being :
~ too timid/'penakut' (which tend to make us very 'geram' at times);
~ slow in motion (which is quite normal);
~ too soft/'lembap' (to d extend of making herself like a dumb at times);
~ smelly (huby's greatest complaint so far........aduh),

there really isn't major problem encountered !!

Looks like there were too many good things being mentioned about her, rite ??? ..........hey, i haven't started on the bad sides only........

One thing that i totally can't rely on her for accountability is "managing my monkeys". As she is the super 'lembap'/soft + too timid type, can u imagine she actually allows the boys to step their feet on her head & pull her hair with only the slightest resistance shown.... ??? I know she was afraid of me....but i believe any human being would put up a resistance in such a situation.... except her la!!!
There was also one time, i witnessed her handing over a scissor to Scot (upon his request) and i immediately question her big time. The reason given by her was she's afraid that the boy would cry!!! And i instantly queried her if the boy asks for the knife, would she also gives him ???? Then only she realised how wrong was her act!! So being such dumb, i had to constantly remind her how she needs to be firm when the situation really warrants her to be so. Over time, a special 'name' has been given to her = "big potato" / "tai fan shue" by the family......hahaha, bad huh ??? arghh.....who cares la, so long as she doesn't understand !!

Anyway, indulging into COOKING has been a hassle free task for me lately, as all the "preparation works" prior to cooking as well as the aftermath of cooking i.e. "all the washing" will be taken care of. I wonder what would happen to my cooking if i ever become 'maidless' one day??

So in an ordinary weekend, i can cooked a "complete meal" like these for our lunch :

"SAM CHOI YAT THONG" / 3 dishes with a soup

Taucu Stir fried long bean with chicken strips
Terriyaki chicken
Fried eggs with 'choi pou' and
Spinach soup.

Fuyoh.............good heh?

even dessert also being attempted. anyway, i actually had tried several times making only this simple 'agar-agar' before finally succeeded this time with a very tempting outcome (d color actually.... haha)

looked very sweet hor ???

........ End of maid tales ........

Bento week # 5

Omelette was one of the menu last week. Quite a simple one though folding up the egg without breaking it was quite tricky!! Just chunked in some ham, cheese, pepper, soya sauce & EGGS of course, stir up & spread out on the pan!! No problem with smaller size omelette (for the boys) but bigger portion for myself, i failed to make it into omelette so i modified it into scrumble eggs instead....haha, nice still !!

Mumy's bento ~ scramble eggs at the bottom served with 2 pcs of sushi rice, 2 pcs of mini pork chop & zuchini. In the little yellow container was wasabi & soya sauce!

Fruit was sweet lychee & mangosteen.

Here is the boys' omelette with tomato sauce to go with in the little green birdy container.

Fruit was sweet pakistan mango!!


Over the weekend, i've made our own version of nuggets (chicken meat + prawn) which i'd freezed & all i need was to heat up quickly in the rush morning (while i was brushing teeth....:)

Quick bento:

~ home nuggets with tomato sauce in blue stitch sauce container;

~ shaped up apples (prepared the night before, dipped into salt water to prevent them turning into yellow);

~ slices of mandarin oranges in heart silicon cup;


I didn't really prepared bento for myself everyday, so after skipping a day, there I was making this for myself again ~ stir fried ladies finger with carrot & fish cakes served with sushi rice!!

And i had the super sweet mango too!

So to make things easier, i gave the similar things (smaller portion) for the boys too!!

Elephant shaped sushi rice with their favourite unagi sauce & the same ladies fingers dish, just popped in extra 2 chicken nuggets!

Fruit = Mango

Slices of cheese too....

Here is another similar lunch i had..... i just alternated with broccoli.

And for the boys, brocolli served with sushi rice in bear shape. Lychee fruit too.


Final day of the week was just shaped up bread in cheese & peanut butter!

Sweet corn, cheese cube & chocolates!!

Even Saturday morning also i was busy cooking..............sigh !!! As the boys have to attend extra class at 10am, it has to be a quick fix up in the morning (only woke up at 8:30 ma.....)!

Here it is...

Fish burger in wholemeal bread with cheese & tomato sauce.

Papaya & 'jambu' fruit.

2 butter roasted baby potatoes.

Actually, we could save all hassle by just leaving the house & enjoy our breakfast together before sending off the boys to their class, which was indeed what we did in the first few weeks! But seems like the boys didn't really appreciate the valuable breakfast session with dady & mumy, instead they were being picky & difficult all the time during that short period of time. Either they only whinned for fast food (McD) ...... bcoz of the free toys of course!! Or only wanted the same rest/shop because of the nearby toy stall! They would behaved so angelic & finished their meal in no time just so that they could demand for a small toy after the breakfast & before agreeing to go to their class..... which was so so so 'bad' !!! We knew we got to change the routine and huby & I instantly concluded that we should call-off the breakfast session outside. No more breakfast outside as we want them to forget about the breakfast with toys!! That's how the Saturday's home breakfast came about. I reckon it's even better this way as we will leave the house in time just enough to reach their center. Once they are off, mumy & dady will "SHAKE LEGS" & enjoy our peaceful breezing breakfast at our favourite Kopitiam, hehehehe......

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Japanese Fair

Hey....wonder how many bento addicts / regular marketer love shopping in Isetan, the Japanese supermarket....just like me?? The japanese fair has been going on for quite sometime... Head on if you think you need to refill any stock as i believe it's ending quite soon.
Here are what i've added to my cooking essentials...
I was persuaded to get this.....the promoter said this could be added not just to soup but also goes well with cooking any dishes, be it meat or vegetables. It was cut into flakes 'on the spot' from a dried type of fish....dun know what though !!
Here is the 'hijiki' which resemble a little like the chinese 'muk yee' !!!
it will be nice to add on the sushi
finally, here is the seaweed powder.
Btw, Isetan is where i will be getting my supply for the week and it was regularly done on Friday lunch (for conveniency since i work near KLCC). I enjoyed doing marketing alone rather than tagging 2 monkeys along during the weekend ...... wink wink !!
I got curious with this lovely dessert & bought it to try. Nice to look, bouncy when bite but was quite tasteless.....no more second try!! Should have gotten those with fillings!

Oh ya, Isetan's mega sale starts from 1 August......just for info !!

Happy shopping & enjoy the weekend !!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My FIRST e-bay purchase

I have been browsing thru e-bays for quite sometime in an effort to find some stuffs..... but none of my findings thus far were convincing enough to make me put thru a purchase. It was basically due to the high shipping charge that make the price not worthy!!! And i was also being super 'kiasi' i.e. afraid of being cheated, hahaha

Then a week ago, i got a message from paypal which i'd only managed to speed read. It mentioned about withdrawing the money within 180 days or something.......*****....... !!! And it knocked on me suddenly that i've got some $$ in my paypal a/c which i've been neglected for as good as i could remember. Boy...it has been ages since i last write a paid post !!! Life is just so busy for that so my a/c has sort of frozen for a while !! The paranoid side of me was so afraid that my 'hard-earned' $$ could be just forfeited like that..........and so i cracked my mind so hard to see how i should SPEND them off !!! In my mind, i have already know e-bay is the best place!!
When i was there to select a category for shopping, i barely could think of anything that spark my interest right then!! I know i will eventually land myself at BENTO stuffs again......yes, that's how crazy !! Very true, i just can't get enough of them, ebay has beautiful selections that i just couldn't resist the temptation !! I even told huisia this afternoon that the bento are making ME more happy than my boys which she said her husb also had the same thoughts, hahaha.....

Finally, i made it thru......

As titled above, it was my first transaction so obviously 'kelam-kabut' a bit but still managed to get thru......the one important thing i learnt was i can't select all the items & put them into the cart so that i could browse over the list again to avoid picking the similar items before finally checking out for payment!! I went ahead & ticked ticked ticked all i want & by the time i was at the checking out page, there were 2 items i actually wanted to cancel but e-bay said i'd commited & i MUST BUY or else i will be charged cancellation fee or somethg....shit !! Anyway, that was a lesson so i just proceeded with the purchase.

Then, each item selected for purchase would have an associated shipping & handling fees and boy...that actually totalled up to quite a big sum!! But in actual fact, the seller eventually told me that ebay's system couldn't measure the weight of the item off hand so the fees quoted was just an estimate. But me being an anxious person, once i'd decided to make the purchase, i immediately proceeded with payment........what a good buyer i was, heh !! Luckily i picked an honest & genuine seller who told me that i'd OVERPAID the shipping fee & she is going to refund me!!

Also the lunch boxes i ordered has only 1 stock left instead of 2 as advertised, so the seller apologized & she noted it was her mistake so she replaced with another similar design but only charged me one of the 2 boxes ~ mean buy 1 free 1.

Today, the parcel arrived in my office at noon. I was so excited that i hold on to my lunch for an instant check on the contents!! All my purchases arrived SAFELY & in good order.

I was even greeted with another surprise. The seller was simply too nice, that she sent along a "SORRY GIFT" ......frankly speaking she doesn't really need to... but i'm just as glad to accept.....

The above animal food picks was a Sorry Gift from her store!!


Mini lunch boxes, music food pick, sushi mould, vehicle ham/cheese cutter, silicon heart shape cups, soya sauce bottles & sauce containers !!!

There goes my $$$ earned online !!! Time to replenish the a/c.........hopefully real soon !!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bento Week # 4

On days when my bentos were well-received, i was happy but i can't deny that i would get a little upset too when the bentos i prepared with much 'love' were not appreciated !!! Hey.....human also ma.......so obviously can get emotional, rite?? But no worries...i got awaken very fast !! There's no way it could tarnish my motivation on bento......hopefully, hahaha !! I think i'm truly aware that kids' appetites could take a 360 degrees turn anytime, anyday! it's pretty normal ! So, I'm still keeping my bento spirit high, just that i might need to consider reducing the quantity of foods in order to keep wastage to the minimum !!! At the sametime, i'm taking a turn in perspective on bento too. It shouldn't be restricted to preparing lunch boxes for the kids, i should make it for MYSELF too, right ?? It will certainly saves my pocket on lunch at the expensive food court in KLCC (albeit already the cheapest one u could find there). Furthermore, i'm sure my own preparation is more healthy!!! So, isn't it a win-win situation for us?

For the past week, my storage wasn't that much so i only managed to make one very simple bento for myself !!

In fact, it was left over from the below bento i prepared for the boys!!

Left : Plain sushi rice wrapped in seaweed with unagi sauce in the bottle.

Right : Fried omelette (with corn, long bean, carrot & sausage)

and Cherry fruits!

It was a coincidence that the boys didn't ate much during dinner that night so when i was preparing the above later in the night, both of them were like 'hungry ghost'. They kept bothering me for food. I had initially intended to keep some of the omelette for my lunch the next day but the boys gobbled them on top of the 2 pieces of the sushi rice i stuffed them. I know they love the unagi sauce so it surely won't go wrong if i cooked any food with that sauce!! I ended up having to hide some of the food !!!

The above was the only one reported good for the past week! The rest was just so~so !!

It was mashed potatoes mix, consist of sweet potatoes (orange & purple), pumpkin & holland potatoes with margerine, salt & pepper added to taste !! The outcome was indeed very sweet. And as the mixture turned out to be quite a lot, i actually freezed the balance!!

Special Thanks to Christene who gave the link with loads of tips on bento!! I was truly amazing with biggie!

See below, balance going into the freezer......can u believe the 2 blue & green containers are actually used to keep our milk powder those days, hahaha ??? good use heh.....

Arghhh.........the mesh looked so messy !!

I thought this next one should be good. As the boys had been keen on nuggets but the maid reported that they didn't finished all of them..........sigh !!

The fruits were longan & "air jambu" !!! Also tomato sauce in the cute container.

Btw, the fruits for the coming week had already been supplied !!! My shopaholic huby was only on a night trip to Penang. While on his way back, his travel partner dropped by at Cameron Highland to visit a relative. And so the opportunity for him to bring back some good fruits!! Both the red & green 'jambu' are very sweet, the guavas are even seedless type!!

On top of the fruits, he even got home these........

honey, chocolates, dried bitter guard snacks & 'rojak' paste, tsk tsk tsk..... justified to name him shopaholic or not??

The last one was cute. Little container for their daily vitamins C but i slotted in cheese slice, cube cheese & little strawberries just to fill up the empty space!!

Then, the worst food i've ever made. The 'lai fun' cooked in tomato pasta sauce. The 'lai fun' was yesterday dinner's left over from the fish head noodles cooked by mom. Guess it was the texture of the noodle that made it 'stick-up' once they get colder. So the maid said it was basically UNTOUCHED......gosh!! My mom even condemned it so much........arghh, my heart broken into pieces !! That's the problem when mom stepped in coz the daughter can never be better than her, hor ???

Have a good Sunday !!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My new TOOL ???

The first thing that hubby wanted to get me after confirming my 1st pregnancy, was a 2 inch thick BOOK that talked "all about pregnancy" !!! But the offer was turned down mainly bcoz i dislike reading (apart from compulsory exam books), bcoz I'm lazy & also bcoz i believed the fact that my mom doesn't read such thing yet we were all raised up.......ok!! Nevertheless, luckily I'm still enthusiastic about reading the newspaper & selected magazines (of my interest of course...like woman stuff related) else i would end up a very laid back person!!

But today, it became history in my life as I'd used my hard earned money to actually buy a BOOK !!! For the past 30 over years, i remember vividly i only "FINISHED" reading 2 story books!! The first being a 'GIFT' i earned for being one of the top 3 students during my primary years. And the other was bought by hubby (boyfriend then) during our romantic courting time entitled :
" MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS " so carrying with the intention of knowing 'men' more.... i ma read lor.... but the review was : "NO, not that i know them better as the opposite gender" !!
Now, what else could the book be related to if not relating to this critical role of Parenting?
*** tadda ***

Do you also need to know these??? OR you are so blessed that it never crossed your mind to even think about knowing these???

Things had gotten bad lately. As much as i am glad that the boys are growing healthily & cheekily, i was actually quite upset with their behavioural growth !!! ya... i know i know... the myth was : parents are "the one" to be blamed for any misconduct of the children !! But it sincerely wasn't our wish to mould them in such a way!! As i've mentioned over & over again, they fought a lot....just over anything under the sun! The fight now no longer stays physically but already extended to verbal. They will just retaliate to any sentences that do not sing the same tune as theirs!! No matter how 'nice' we tried to talk/advice, it just gets so hard for them to listen and both of us, having short & hot temper would end up raising our voice. Obviously they picked this up too, .... much to our dissapointment!! Dady has especially been in deep upset not understanding why his boys are so naughty. Being not a very good 'tutor' himself, most of the time he resorted to the 'hard' way.... i.e. the 'wrong' way in response to the boys' untolerables!! The worst part was, huby did not realised the root of the problems! Despite a heart-to-heart talk, how could i expect a character change to a person who has it carried in him for the past 40 years!!! It's near impossible, i would say. Now that i realised the fact, i will just have to pick up the 'guidance' role to not just the boys, but also the 'old man' (he might be old in age but definitely young with parenting skills)!!

This afternoon, we brought the boys to a bookstore for some reading. And my eyes got caught up with that book & instantly i picked it up without any hesitation as i believe it is still not late for remedies...... I must admit that both huby & I are not born with 'PATIENCE'.... in fact, seriously lack of it. Obviously without this imperative criteria, it's tough to be 'good' parents!! I'm in crucial need of a 'brain-wash' so i'm hoping that this book will give me some tips to improve..... yes, just improve, not that i want to be any expert !!!

Together, we STRIVE to be better parents !!!


On a separate topic, while my mind was bothered with these parenting matters, my dear huby picked up another book for me!! Guess what it is...........??

** tadda **

~ hahaha ~ .......... u laugh leh ???

As he recently saw me getting much addicted with this bento stuffs (including making sushi), he thought this basic book about sushi would certainly helps !!! I think he was right, after quickly browsing thru the index, there were many basic tips about sushi that i was not aware of. Since it costs only RM14... no harm getting it !!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hong Kong - Final

After spending a whole day in Disneyland, we were all dog-tired and thought it would be good that the boys as well as the 'old man' finally get to rest in the hotel to boost back their energy while i report to 'work' on Monday!! But as i returned that night, huby already complaint it was torturous & strenous to confine the boys in the hotel as they just couldn't sit quietly even for 1/2 a minute and huby was forced to resort to shouting & yelling to control them.....i can imagine how taxing that could be on one's mind ..... poor thing !!! So of course huby brought them out just for the sake of jalan-jalan, makan-makan & most importantly to ' kill ' time !!
Now what happened to me when the above drama unfolded ??

Due to the high rate of staff turnover, almost 60% of the team in our HQ-HK was newly hired while most of us coming from overseas have been long....old....staffs! Email & phone calls were the only communication we had prior to this, so first thing in the Monday morning was ice-breaking, getting to know who is who....engaged in all d hand shakes & hugs!! Then followed by "updates" from each country as well as different functions!!

Then, lunch was at SUPER STAR restaurant which was a well-known restaurant for DIM SUM & other chinese cuisine!! Food was quite good except a little pricey!! Weather was fine and it was not as HOT as the day earlier when we were in Disneyland.

The 2nd half of the day was filled with TEAM-BUILDING games/activities. It was quite FUN & i must say it removed away to a certain extend the stress, the tense environment & the boringness of the events in the 1st half of the day! Seeing the "usually acted very professional people" engaging in some of the silly games was very hilarious to me! But i reckoned that it was indeed very successful in building up our relationship!!

Team mbrs were blind-folded but to make a rectangle shape with the string!

6 members were to balance themselves on a piece of small paper (legs off the floor). The above was the winning team : tips are, get a strong member to stand in d middle as a pillar for the rest to hold-on. None of the rest could make it......hahaha

My team was the winning team : to use only newspaper & tape, we are to make/build the tallest object. Yeah....we won but but but, the gifts were only the company's T-shirt & cap, cheh !!

All in there were 4 games played & that ended the day around 5pm. As our hotel was just across the road, some of us went back for a short rest/change & gathered again at 6pm for dinner! Dinner was at YU restaurant, in OneCapital tower which was located nearby the office, so it was walking distance & convenient !! Typical chinese cuisine, with 9 courses dish. I must say, i was surprise despite there was bills to pay for 3 tables (30 plus of us), we were served with luxurious meal.... thought d co. was starving for cost-control...*wink-wink* !! was told that a table cost abt HK$3,000.....wow !!

There was suppose to be karaoke system in our dining room but guess without any alcohol, the people wasn't 'high' enough to sing their guts out so facing with shyness, the group decided to disperse around 9pm. No doubt, the issue of crony was inevitable....some of the drinker crony went ahead to the pub, then the asian ladies crony decided to go for a walk.....or rather shoparound!!
And i must say we were very lucky to befriend some of the NICEST Hong Kee we'd ever meet.

My taiwanese & philippino colleagues including myself wanted to go for a walk & when we asked to find out the place where there's night street market or so, 2 of the HK ladies INSTANTLY offered to take us there. I felt really appreciated & reckon that was a very good hospitality!! There we boarded the MRT to WONG KOK where the popular "lui yan kai / woman street" was located. It was indeed the right place to visit, as given such late hours, the street was still brightly litted, shop was still busy operating & lots of people still wondering around !! Our first stop was at the Esprit warehouse outlet & managed to grab some clothing for the boys as well as myself at reasonably cheaper price than M'sia !! Ordinary khakis long pants for kids could be easily sold at RM100++ here but i got them at HK$120/RM60!!
Then, we proceeded to the woman street & bought the followings:
- a dozen of under wear for the boys;
- Toys Story 2 t-shirt;
- helo kitty pyjamas for myself.
Then our throat started to itch hence a cold, icy drink/dessert was the solution! Pop into a dessert house at 11:30 pm & we had more than just a drink !!!

Mango sago is always my favourite and the other 2 were durian pancake & mango coconut roll.

By the time we travelled back to our hotel, it was already way past the midnight !!!


Day 2

It was the most drop-dead boring day! It started to rain & got wet everywhere. I was kind of culture shock seeing the drastic change in weather!!!
Apart from continuing with the routine updates, there were also macro excel training & other system training !! No official lunch & dinner was arranged for this day so it was a FREE & EASY day...........supposingly !!! But i don't have d luck. I was sort of 'force a little' to accept a lunch invitation by a function head in which i had an accountability so no choice, die-die and don't like also must attend !! The worst part was, my indian colleague was a vegetarian & can't even possibly 'eat' our chinese vegetarian food, hence we had no choice but to accustom to his taste so obviously indian cuisine was the decision !!! I was like ..... \#%$@&*/ .... oh my god, i don't even eat indian food back in my home country!! And knowing that the rest of my buddies (who don't need to attend d same lunch with me of course) happily went to enjoy themselves, i got so so so envy!!

But after eventually forced the food down my throat, i felt guilty......guilty for being bias & guilty for blaming on the choice of indian food bcoz i was way SURPRISED to discover that the taste of the indian food was not just good but extremely delicious, yummy & juicy man....tsk tsk tsk!!

There we had good food & a good exchange of stories from different countries as well !!!

After lunch, the training continued and most of us had a hard time controlling our eye lids from dropping down......arghh, i was very sleepy!! It was not until the presentation by the Thai ah pek that woke everyone up by virtue of his hillarious & humourous style, hahaha....that was a good one!!! The official hour ended at the dot, 5:30 & everyone got back to the hotel for a short break before heading for their respective personal plan. Most of the south asian colleagues (who were 'old' staffs) had made a dinner arrangement with some of our ex staffs who had left the co. You see.....these HKee must be good people that justified the continued friendship even after leaving the company, no??!! These good samaritans brought us to a very very very very FINE Japanese cuisine, oh dear....i'd never even savour such a fine one back home, felt so amazing....blessed....and lucky!!
Very nice view too........million thanks jacky, denise, stella, julia & raymund !!!


so fresh, so juicy, sweet, tasty, awesome !! btw, i wonder if d japanese lady(left front) ever agrees with my tastes....hahaha

It was so thoughful of my japanese colleague who brought us a souvenir each, now...i learnt what to do next time...hehehe
Arigato sachiyo !

After the dinner, i got back to meet the boys & was greeted by their cheerful smiles coz dady brought them lots of toys !!!

Day 3

Oooh ya, btw at 3:30pm on Day 2, it was already announced that TYPHOON Level 3 reached HK !! We were told ahead that should it accelerates up to Level 8 by morning of Day 3, we should remain in the hotel !! YOO HOO....... cheering beneath the heart !!

True enough, it was declared a "pat hou foong khau / Level 8 typhoon". But i still woke up early as usual & met my colleagues for breakfast afterwhich we continued with our chat (gossips) in one of the lady's room!! While we chatted, we also looked out for the latest updates from the TV news. At 11am, the typhoon level was down to 3 & our mobile phones were heard ringing with notice to report back at work........oops for lunch actually as it was nearly 12pm !! It was Thai food this time at Chili Club. Everyone seen walking with an umbrella, as it was still raining cats & dogs! AGAIN.....was surprise by the good taste! I had underestimated yet again that the thai food would not be as good but wrong wrong wrong i was again. Even the thai ah pek also acknowledged that it was great this time, hahaha...

After the lunch, the other half of Day 3 was for OUTDOOR event. What do you think it was ??? Any good guess??











Here u go .... it was BB BALL somethg like paint ball !!

It uses the light weight bullet instead of the messy paint !! But i tell you......it can caused you god damn pain in the arse.... !! I got a little brusing on the thigh & leg as i failed to hide myself from the shooting of the enemies!! It was my very first time playing the game & as much as i had appreciated this golden experience, i wouldn't actually go back for more as i was just not adventurous enough to enjoy it !! All i felt was scare & afraid...i basically just stood where i got started until the enemy came....hahaha !!! What i hated the most abt the game was the smelly mask & the jacket that made us all smelly & sweaty !!

This place was located at the 18th floor of a very old building in an industrial area. The co. hired a coach to transport all of us there which took about 1/2 an hour to arrive. From the pathway to the lift, the place looked so eerie & for a moment i had been thinking if the aging lift would be able to send us all up to 18th floor, gosh !!

Here are how the entrance looked like:

Anyhow, i still valued this experience very much !!

After a few rounds of the games, we were done & boarded the coach again to
NEWAY karaoke centre for the NIGHT OUT, karaoke buffer dinner !!

This was by far the most HIGHLY rated event as far as ENJOYMENT is concern. Things were a little stiff at the beginning. People was seen busy stuffing their stomach. Then after a couple of rounds of beers, things got heated up!! And it was the Philipino lady that heated up the dance floor. When the spice girl song was played, she can't resist anymore & gushed out for the microphone & started to swing her flexible & sexy moves !!
Boy boy boy........everyone got stunned by her sudden moves but not long after, we all got "HIGH" & joined in the moves as well as sang to the top of our lungs !!! Guess people must be working too hard & needed to release the stresses so badly!!
The philipino lady in purple taking up on the stage....i'm so proud of u babe !!
See how enjoy everyone was .....
It was so cheerful each time i looked back at these photos....... everyone seemed to enjoy themselves so much including myself!!
It was indeed a very wonderful & memorable night for me.

Here is a group photo which i had initially doubted if i should put it here.....but after knowing that these photos were all flying around in Facebook (can't believe they do that), there shouldn't be any issue on privacy !!

When i reached the hotel around midnight, i was in total shock as i still don't see my MEN (both old and youngs) back yet!! Things that ran thru my mind: where were they?? what were they doing at such odd hours?? isn't it already way past their sleeping time?? sure the boys are still awake at such hour??

I immediately rang up the terrible dad & was informed that he was at his uni mate's pub together with the boys. He said the boys were enjoying themselves so much with all the "leng lui"/pretty chicks there........alamak !!!??? i was speechless for a moment, only to remember to shout at him to come back asap!! tsk tsk tsk......
I then proceeded to quickly pack up our luggages for tomorrow's departure home !!!
That's the end of our Day 3.
Day 4
I actually didn't get to go for a NICE dim sum with my family during my entire stay in HK, luckily before heading home, we still managed to steal enough time to go for a well-recommended dim sum nearby, i.e. Ho Choy restaurant. The food was good for me but not good enough to satisfy my fussy huby.
The super soft, sweet & juicy "tao fu fah" boiled in the coconut will long remained in my memory !!

Arghhh..........what a long-winded post, i'm so tired now & hope i didn't bore you out !!