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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hong Kong - Part 1

It has always been good to be able to tap along a bis trip for a vacation. Though this opportunity for me isn't a very often one (being not in d sales/marketing or etc where traveling is more often), i was glad & contented even if it is only once a year or bi-yearly. It was my 2nd time attending the conference organised by my HQ in HK. During the last round (2006), i had my girlfren, Sabrina tagged me along to the trip coz my boys were then still too young to travel. She was very familiar with HK & bcoz she wanted to hide away from her busy & hectic schedule in KL, she grabbed the chance to share my paid hotel room for a good & long outstanding shopping!!

This time i didn't want to miss the chance of having my family together in the trip...... as u never know when there will be another time!! I opted to travel by MAS as it offered slightly cheaper rate than CathayPac....it was an important factor as the 3 add'nal pax (hubs & 2 boys) was under personal pocket!! We paid abt RM400+ more on total bill compared to the budget airline but it would be foolish if i choose d cheaper flight when mine was paid by the co. right...so rather top up a little on our personal portion so that we can all be together in d same flight.
We departed a day earlier on Sat (21/6) morning, thus had 1 & 1/2 days to tour around before i needed to report for work on Mon-Wed.

Oooh Btw, before i forget.....i had wanted so much to highlight the experience of being "slaughtered" lifelessly during our breakfast at KLIA....
PLEASE please ladies & gentlemen, DO NOT visit RIMBA restaurant at KLIA as they are extremely rediculous with their price !!! I felt so so so cheated & had initially thought of taking action to file a complaint.....arghh, if only i had the time.....but come to think of it, better not waste my resources as they will surely DIE in dissappearance one fine day !!!
You check out & tell me if they are not just merely being unreasonable but terribly absurd !! The dish looked only like the normal economy fried noodles we had which could be charged the most at RM5-6 in exclusive place like KLCC (but it cost RM10.50) and as for the 2 blurdy chili eggs....they have the nerve to charge RM7.50.....i mean each cost less than 50 cents only..... oh man.... making the total bill for that plate of noodle a freaking RM17.50 !!! I wish the owner of the restaurant got rotten soon for reaping our money that way.......phui !!!
Back to the trip.........After experiencing the recent dramatic flight experience to K.K., i would say that traveling with MAS this time was such a breezing & cheerful one. The boys were fully occupied during the 3 & half hours flight, no nap at all. The series of servings by the cabin crew starting from the welcome juice, snack, pillow to the meal, they got so busy being entertained. And among all, it was the mini-TV that attracted much of their attention & concentration. I just love it to bits..... they were so thrilled with the games & cartoons. The fact that each of them got to operate & manipulate the gadget separately even made it more wonderful for us......no more reason to fight! And when they were happy, eating became so well.....i wonder if the dishes up there were really that delicious, both of them seemed to enjoy finishing the dishes so much.....bread, main dish, cake & fruits !!!
With a blink of the eyes, the 3 hours passed so quickly and we landed ourselves at the
HK Int'nal Airport.

Choice of hotel was absolutely at the discretion of my co. due to corporate rates. Since we only paid 1 nite on ourselves, we rather avoid the trouble of switching hence, stay through in the same hotel at Wan Chai which was located just opposite my HQ. The hotel has been refurbished recently so it was so brand new.....lucky us!! But certainly not a cheap one. Bcoz the hotel wasn't a friendly one, it caused us quite hassles in securing the room for me in particular as compared to my other colleagues due to additional headcounts. Issues like ......double occupancy cost more... queen size or king size bed which was at extra charge again.....breakfast voucher only for 2 pax.....kids above 3 will be charged & etc etc. Felt embarassed coz i had given much troubles to our PA in HQ (due to last minute arrangement) until she had to 'fly' many overseas sms & calls to me for clarifications & confirmations even after work!! So it's fair that i 'bribe' a bit with our proud local snacks upon meeting her in HK.

Here is the brand new hotel room where we stay put for 6Days & 5Nights ....the lazy chair was joined to the king size bed for more spacious space!

There was a working table supposingly nice for huby to 'work-on' (broadband available & he brought his laptop) when i started to report for 'work' but unfortunately he has to accept the fact that 'BABYSITTING' means absolutely 'NO-WORK' !!!

It was around 1pm when we were finally done with checking-into the hotel. After settling down, we immediately went to hunt for food. Thankfully, eateries were plenty just behind the hotel. Our first stop was at a typical 'char chan tank'/restaurant where the country's popular pork chop rice was sampled and well-rated by huby!!After the late lunch, we proceeded to the MRT station to check out & study the fare & route to Disneyland which the family would be visiting the next day. Then, a trip was made to Causeway Bay for a casual shopping at Times Square where the BENTO's tools were spotted & bought. But the primary visit to that place was to fulfill the desire for a must-savour dessert.

Here they are, the SUPER SOFT 'tao fu fah' in various flavours. We had the original & black sesame flavours & also some fried tofu.......emm, yum yum man !! We had wanted to come back again to try other flavours but time just doesn't allowed us.............sigh !!!
Nearby our hotel, there were also curry fish ball & grilled hotdogs which we tried.

As a nap was much needed by everyone, we headed back to the hotel afterwhich all of us got ourselves cleaned up before going out again at night....obviously for dinner. Dinner was at Pacific Place, a mall at Admiralty. No speciality as the boys decided for a pasta. Though excited, everyone retired very quickly on that SAT night for a much needed recharge!!


SUNDAY (22/6)

As we only have 2 adults breakfast vouchers, i brought only the boys to breakfast at the hotel leaving dady with another 1/2 hours of peaceful sleep. Btw, the menu of d breakfast selection was way too lousy to justify the charge of HK$95 per pax for a child. As mentioned in an earlier post, we only left for Disneyland around lunch time. The weather was extremely HOT burning that Sunday but i would say. i rather have it that way than to rain which happened for the past whole month! Again, being the " kiasi " parents, the boys were dressed in long blouse to protect their skin from sun-burn.... i think there must be many people that found us crazy wrapping them up like a dumpling despite the hot sun but thank god the boys didn't complaint....hahaha !!

From the Wan Chai MRT, we made an interchange transit at Central to board the Disneyland train which took approximately 45 mins on the whole journey. The disneyland train was rather eye-catchy in design.

Here is the welcome pose we had......emm, excited....thrilled....anxious.....

So so so sunny heh ???
First thing before the exploration, we filled up our hungry stomach....

According to the people, HK has been in rainy season for the past month so having such a sunny weather on that Sunday was very much welcome by the people so i would say there was indeed a crowd built-up that day. So queueing up for the games & rides were inevitable.
The entire park was divided into 4 distinct themes i.e. tomorrow land, fantacy land, adventure land & forgot the other one. And the boys had covered basically all rides they were eligible to. It was indeed lucky that they were " angelic " on a whole. It was only the mumy that complaint of tiredness towards the end of the day..... gosh !!!

Needless to say more........the pictures tell all....

A chance to drive such a big car and the shooting experience were by far the 2 most enjoyable games for the boys !!!

For me, i find the cruising in the "small-small world" was really beautiful !!!

The GOOD-BYE signs in many languages....
Here is a family portrait with MICKEY. There were also MINNIE, WINNIE POOH, GOOFY & CHIPMUNKS but we were too lazy to queue for photography!!!

The final visit was to the Adventure land before we proceeded for dinner.
After dinner, we took a ride on the train & bus for the evening scenerics as all our limps were too tired to walk further !!
Not long after, the sky started to turn dark and we checked out at the souvenir stores. Beautiful selections of souvenirs & we indeed bought back a lot.
The highlight of the day was the spectacular show of fireworks once the clock striked 8pm which also signified the closure of the park.
The boys were stunned watching the show for the first time so close-up!
It was simply marvelous & awesome !!!

I recorded a very valuable memories with my loved ones and hope the boys would have too!!
to be continued......


Ling That's Me said...

is HK disneyland nice place to go compared to Japan disneyland?

khongfamily said...

Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog here. We also went to Hong Kong in May. Unfortunately we didn't go to Disneyland :(. However, it's nice to see the photos of your Disneyland trip. At least I know how it's look like inside :).

slavemom said...

It's normal to be slaughtered at airports. Same thing at LCCT. A plain sausage bun costs RM4.50. Siao or not?
Good thing they behaved so well on the flight this time. A good beginning to a good trip.
Wah... there was a crowd n yet the boys managed to play almost e'thing? Great! I hv always thot 1 day is not enuff in Disneyland. :)
The boys r so happy - can c them smiling widely in all the pics.

huisia said...

wow,that's really a fruitful trip :)

papajoneh said...

Wow.. i'm so jeles. but what to do, can watch your pictures only. Good enoughlah.

** I imagine wife and the kids on one of the rides already LOL>

Rjoc said...

Did you also try out all the rides?? sounded like that the boys outlasted their Mummy and Daddy in the energy stakes (hehehehe). We did not visit Disneyland when we were last there, mainly lack of time and also you need younger children to enjoy it, rather than the 2 we had.

Rjoc said...

Sorry, forgot to add Jacss but some good photos there.

1+2mom said...

Nice trip!!Dunno when will be our turn..sob sob..so envy you!!!

Annie Q said...

Looks like a fun trip. I bet ur boys sure njoy themselve so much!! Njoy the rides!

nice family picture!

jacss said...

ling: thou i've not been to Japan disneyland, i suppose it shd be a better one.

thks for dropping a comment mrs.khong...but u visited ocean park...not bad also!!

genie: i think for HK disney, one whole day shd be enuf...not that big!! thk god they behaved so well this time.

ppj: when d twins r bigger, u can plan such trip for them too...no rush ma!! yeah, i enjoyed d rides too, LOL

uncB: yes, i took all d rides too. what to do, old age=less energy, haha. yes, i agree that disney is meant for the kids more, waste money for adults!!

sylvia: with bit of planning, am sure u can bring d kids there too.

thanks annie, beautiful picture hor, haha thick skin!!

Physiomom said...

i drop by here to see ur experience with ur twins in HK disneyland . I'm flying off today with my twins & the girls. thks for this useful post. take care.when u due?