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Saturday, July 19, 2008

My new TOOL ???

The first thing that hubby wanted to get me after confirming my 1st pregnancy, was a 2 inch thick BOOK that talked "all about pregnancy" !!! But the offer was turned down mainly bcoz i dislike reading (apart from compulsory exam books), bcoz I'm lazy & also bcoz i believed the fact that my mom doesn't read such thing yet we were all raised up.......ok!! Nevertheless, luckily I'm still enthusiastic about reading the newspaper & selected magazines (of my interest of course...like woman stuff related) else i would end up a very laid back person!!

But today, it became history in my life as I'd used my hard earned money to actually buy a BOOK !!! For the past 30 over years, i remember vividly i only "FINISHED" reading 2 story books!! The first being a 'GIFT' i earned for being one of the top 3 students during my primary years. And the other was bought by hubby (boyfriend then) during our romantic courting time entitled :
" MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS " so carrying with the intention of knowing 'men' more.... i ma read lor.... but the review was : "NO, not that i know them better as the opposite gender" !!
Now, what else could the book be related to if not relating to this critical role of Parenting?
*** tadda ***

Do you also need to know these??? OR you are so blessed that it never crossed your mind to even think about knowing these???

Things had gotten bad lately. As much as i am glad that the boys are growing healthily & cheekily, i was actually quite upset with their behavioural growth !!! ya... i know i know... the myth was : parents are "the one" to be blamed for any misconduct of the children !! But it sincerely wasn't our wish to mould them in such a way!! As i've mentioned over & over again, they fought a lot....just over anything under the sun! The fight now no longer stays physically but already extended to verbal. They will just retaliate to any sentences that do not sing the same tune as theirs!! No matter how 'nice' we tried to talk/advice, it just gets so hard for them to listen and both of us, having short & hot temper would end up raising our voice. Obviously they picked this up too, .... much to our dissapointment!! Dady has especially been in deep upset not understanding why his boys are so naughty. Being not a very good 'tutor' himself, most of the time he resorted to the 'hard' way.... i.e. the 'wrong' way in response to the boys' untolerables!! The worst part was, huby did not realised the root of the problems! Despite a heart-to-heart talk, how could i expect a character change to a person who has it carried in him for the past 40 years!!! It's near impossible, i would say. Now that i realised the fact, i will just have to pick up the 'guidance' role to not just the boys, but also the 'old man' (he might be old in age but definitely young with parenting skills)!!

This afternoon, we brought the boys to a bookstore for some reading. And my eyes got caught up with that book & instantly i picked it up without any hesitation as i believe it is still not late for remedies...... I must admit that both huby & I are not born with 'PATIENCE'.... in fact, seriously lack of it. Obviously without this imperative criteria, it's tough to be 'good' parents!! I'm in crucial need of a 'brain-wash' so i'm hoping that this book will give me some tips to improve..... yes, just improve, not that i want to be any expert !!!

Together, we STRIVE to be better parents !!!


On a separate topic, while my mind was bothered with these parenting matters, my dear huby picked up another book for me!! Guess what it is...........??

** tadda **

~ hahaha ~ .......... u laugh leh ???

As he recently saw me getting much addicted with this bento stuffs (including making sushi), he thought this basic book about sushi would certainly helps !!! I think he was right, after quickly browsing thru the index, there were many basic tips about sushi that i was not aware of. Since it costs only RM14... no harm getting it !!


Michelle said...

pls do share the tips from the book...i'm going thru the same phase now...kenot tahan when they talk back to me!

Rjoc said...

Well your parents only had to raise girls, but didn't they fight??? Plus they had 4 to worry about!! hehehe
Only read 2 books in all those years (sigh), I will have to send you a photo of my library then there is Christine's also.
Trouble is now you cannot discipline the children in the same manner that your grandparents would have used. And your parents turned out ok, and their children.
Ah!! your hubby was smart in giving you the cook book as he knew that he would also benefit from it as well.
In the food your boys have,check the food additives especially the ones used for colouring. They can cause imoulsive behaviour. Even the mould inhibitor used in bread can affect some children.

slavemom said...

Yes, it's tough being "good" parents when we hv limited patience yeah. I know exactly wat u mean abt raising our voice. I dun like to do that too (but mind u, almost everyday I've to shout at my girl). She may look like a well-behaved girl, but she likes to ignore us when we talk to her nicely. Oni when we shout, she'll stop. So y bother to talk nicely when shouting get things done, rite? But that's so wrong. I'm oso in desperate need to 'improve'. So pls share wat u've learnt ok. ;)
How thotful of ur lou kong to get u that book. He knows wat u r interested in.

Zara's Mama said...

Wa.. reading sure is not one of your hobbie hor? I cannot keep track of how many books I'd read and own... b'cos I really like reading. :P

Your hubby also very got 'sumsi' know what book to get you.

Btw, your company so good huh? Still got all these team building session overseas some more.

Jacss said...

ooh michelle...too bad to hear that! wish that i do have d time to give a review of d book...perhaps later!

uncB: oh yes, even among an all girl siblings, we do fight too & there r 5 of us, u missed out 1!
i got a shock seeing yr library!!
i have now accepted that today's parenting is somehow very different from our parent's generation!
as for d addictives, i find it a bit tough to remember what's acceptable or not?? esp when they are named in number/code!!
anyway, it's still good to take note on these...thks!

hai....genie, surprise that we r on d same boat also heh!! well, i do hope to share if there's interesting tips!
yes, very thoughtful of him hor... coz he knows he will benefit from it, hahaha

renet13 said...

same same here jac.

I hate reading and my hubby loves books. Every phase of life i go through when i am in difficulty or crisis..he'll say Read this book..blah blah blah.
I also think the same if older generation can survive bringing up kids without this reading tool, why should I?
Really heartache when my all 4 disobey, fight and stubborn, and answer back..and...But when they are TIN HAR TAI PING, they are sooo angel and fun to spend time with.