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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Life with maid........

It has been 3 months now since the maid arrived and she is our 3rd maid so far. The obvious & major changes seen happening to me after having a helper at home was the scene of me getting back into COOKING........very often indeed esp. ever since i planted the knowledge of bento into my vocabulary!!
After only a week working for us, I had already mentioned that our new maid was considered 'good'. Many (included myself) actually doubted about my early judgement but up to today, i still considered myself lucky having her! I had friend who encountered not just 1 maid running away but 2 or 3 which resulted in them spending more $$ just to get a replacement! I'm sure all of us heard more horror stories about this creature call 'maid'. For me, i think "running away" is my greatest phobia & the most horrendous problem of a maid. So it was my biggest wish that i do not need to supervise the maid 24 x 7 and be rest assured to leave her alone at home (at time when the situation calls for it) without having to worry that she will run away!!! And i think i had been granted 'the wish' ....... at least so far !!!! Once we had sufficiently observed her & feel satisfied that we can leave her at home, we tried it. Up to now, we had left her alone many times sufficed to conclude that she is sincere to work here & not here to do hanky panky!! Every Saturday, we took about 3 hours from sending the boys to their extra class to going for our lunch after picking up the boys while the maid run her weekend errands alone at home or she maybe lepak i dun know.....???!!! That was save to say if she really wants to run away, she has many chances of doing so!!
She actually had an abnormal son (and also an elder daughter) at home waiting for her to earn enough money back home to treat him! So guess she really has the heart to work hard here.

On top of that, she has been doing great with the house chores (no lazyness shown so far). With our greatest fear being put to rest, there is just nothing more we should ask!! What i like the most about her was no matter what or how i said/advised/commented, she would willingly respond with a "yes mam"......haha, yes that's what i like to hear.....how bossy heh!!

Apart from being :
~ too timid/'penakut' (which tend to make us very 'geram' at times);
~ slow in motion (which is quite normal);
~ too soft/'lembap' (to d extend of making herself like a dumb at times);
~ smelly (huby's greatest complaint so far........aduh),

there really isn't major problem encountered !!

Looks like there were too many good things being mentioned about her, rite ??? ..........hey, i haven't started on the bad sides only........

One thing that i totally can't rely on her for accountability is "managing my monkeys". As she is the super 'lembap'/soft + too timid type, can u imagine she actually allows the boys to step their feet on her head & pull her hair with only the slightest resistance shown.... ??? I know she was afraid of me....but i believe any human being would put up a resistance in such a situation.... except her la!!!
There was also one time, i witnessed her handing over a scissor to Scot (upon his request) and i immediately question her big time. The reason given by her was she's afraid that the boy would cry!!! And i instantly queried her if the boy asks for the knife, would she also gives him ???? Then only she realised how wrong was her act!! So being such dumb, i had to constantly remind her how she needs to be firm when the situation really warrants her to be so. Over time, a special 'name' has been given to her = "big potato" / "tai fan shue" by the family......hahaha, bad huh ??? arghh.....who cares la, so long as she doesn't understand !!

Anyway, indulging into COOKING has been a hassle free task for me lately, as all the "preparation works" prior to cooking as well as the aftermath of cooking i.e. "all the washing" will be taken care of. I wonder what would happen to my cooking if i ever become 'maidless' one day??

So in an ordinary weekend, i can cooked a "complete meal" like these for our lunch :

"SAM CHOI YAT THONG" / 3 dishes with a soup

Taucu Stir fried long bean with chicken strips
Terriyaki chicken
Fried eggs with 'choi pou' and
Spinach soup.

Fuyoh.............good heh?

even dessert also being attempted. anyway, i actually had tried several times making only this simple 'agar-agar' before finally succeeded this time with a very tempting outcome (d color actually.... haha)

looked very sweet hor ???

........ End of maid tales ........


JO-N said...

Jacss, maids always give in to children's demands cos they treat them like tuan muda / mam muda. I learn that I should tell her she has certain authority by not allowing my children to do dangerous things. Let them cry, I would say. Maybe she just needed you to tell her that.

I'll be maidless in one month's time. Can't imagine myself doing all the chores (hubby agrees to help) and cooking and on top of that, coping with my 3 children. Can I ever do it? Anyway, I thought it's a chance for my children to learn to be more independent and to help around in the house. We're going to give ourselves a month or two to try it out. Worse come to worse, get a maid again.

All the best with your maid and I love those desserts. Drooling now.

khongfamily said...

That's the wonder of a maid (if you have a good one), you can cook a scrumptious meal for the family. As for us (maidless), we always eat out.

LZmommy said...

Wow! You can cook so well! Especially the chicken strips with beans, looks so yummy :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

haha....shud have ask u to bring some home cook food ler, haha!!

qq ask my maid to urut her ler...

slavemom said...

U're vy lucky to get maids that don't give u much headache. I always tell my maid that if the kids bully her, tell me. Do not EVER hit them.
My biggest phobia is them letting strangers into the hse. If they wanna run away, go ahead. As long as in the process, don't cause us (or our properties) any harm.
Fuyoh... ur sam choi yat thong chee mou chee yong leh. Can give recipe for teriyake chicken ah?
Yes, ur jelly vy cantik n cute! I bet the boys sapu-ed all vy fast.

allthingspurple said...

can compare notes or not? I like teriyaki chicken leh, but yours not as dark as how I make mine. wonder where we both differs. How about showing your recipe at your next post?

Annie Q said...

So glad u get a good maid!! Although she do have some weak point, but rather smart than my sotong, at least do thing in a fast pace rather than slow motion.

jacss said...

thanks JO, yr words r noted...
hope it's not too bad living without a maid...share with us later!

mrs khong, on my working days, it's my mom that cooked us a scrumptious dinner. Me only cook maybe once a week....:)

ooh pls dun mention lzmommy, i don't cook well at all...haha

u r right genie, letting stranger into d house is surely frightening!

genie & christene, for my terriyaki chicken:
-marinate chicken with terri sauce(kikoman), corn flour, pepper & soya sauce.
-stir fry some onion+garlic until brownish before dumping in all the marinated meats.
-for stronger taste, add more terri sauce+water (if too dry) & bring it to full cook!
mine is that simple...

thks annie...ya kenot complaint too much!