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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bento week # 5

Omelette was one of the menu last week. Quite a simple one though folding up the egg without breaking it was quite tricky!! Just chunked in some ham, cheese, pepper, soya sauce & EGGS of course, stir up & spread out on the pan!! No problem with smaller size omelette (for the boys) but bigger portion for myself, i failed to make it into omelette so i modified it into scrumble eggs instead....haha, nice still !!

Mumy's bento ~ scramble eggs at the bottom served with 2 pcs of sushi rice, 2 pcs of mini pork chop & zuchini. In the little yellow container was wasabi & soya sauce!

Fruit was sweet lychee & mangosteen.

Here is the boys' omelette with tomato sauce to go with in the little green birdy container.

Fruit was sweet pakistan mango!!


Over the weekend, i've made our own version of nuggets (chicken meat + prawn) which i'd freezed & all i need was to heat up quickly in the rush morning (while i was brushing teeth....:)

Quick bento:

~ home nuggets with tomato sauce in blue stitch sauce container;

~ shaped up apples (prepared the night before, dipped into salt water to prevent them turning into yellow);

~ slices of mandarin oranges in heart silicon cup;


I didn't really prepared bento for myself everyday, so after skipping a day, there I was making this for myself again ~ stir fried ladies finger with carrot & fish cakes served with sushi rice!!

And i had the super sweet mango too!

So to make things easier, i gave the similar things (smaller portion) for the boys too!!

Elephant shaped sushi rice with their favourite unagi sauce & the same ladies fingers dish, just popped in extra 2 chicken nuggets!

Fruit = Mango

Slices of cheese too....

Here is another similar lunch i had..... i just alternated with broccoli.

And for the boys, brocolli served with sushi rice in bear shape. Lychee fruit too.


Final day of the week was just shaped up bread in cheese & peanut butter!

Sweet corn, cheese cube & chocolates!!

Even Saturday morning also i was busy cooking..............sigh !!! As the boys have to attend extra class at 10am, it has to be a quick fix up in the morning (only woke up at 8:30 ma.....)!

Here it is...

Fish burger in wholemeal bread with cheese & tomato sauce.

Papaya & 'jambu' fruit.

2 butter roasted baby potatoes.

Actually, we could save all hassle by just leaving the house & enjoy our breakfast together before sending off the boys to their class, which was indeed what we did in the first few weeks! But seems like the boys didn't really appreciate the valuable breakfast session with dady & mumy, instead they were being picky & difficult all the time during that short period of time. Either they only whinned for fast food (McD) ...... bcoz of the free toys of course!! Or only wanted the same rest/shop because of the nearby toy stall! They would behaved so angelic & finished their meal in no time just so that they could demand for a small toy after the breakfast & before agreeing to go to their class..... which was so so so 'bad' !!! We knew we got to change the routine and huby & I instantly concluded that we should call-off the breakfast session outside. No more breakfast outside as we want them to forget about the breakfast with toys!! That's how the Saturday's home breakfast came about. I reckon it's even better this way as we will leave the house in time just enough to reach their center. Once they are off, mumy & dady will "SHAKE LEGS" & enjoy our peaceful breezing breakfast at our favourite Kopitiam, hehehehe......


JO-N said...

Children are smart. Mine likes to dine near the pet shop, hahahaha.

Got to get those Ben10 lunch boxes for my boys. They would love that.

LZmommy said...

Wow! So many bento-s in a post! :)

allthingspurple said...

what a bento marathon !! Bet your boys had a grand time dining in style!

I love your butterfly cookie cutter. Your fruits (mangosteen and lychees) are not peeled meh? can the boys peel themselves? My Kimberly would complain and Asheley would ignore them if I dont peel for her.

jacss said...

yes JO, i agree with u, not just out smart but tend to challenge us most of d time....

lzmommy: too busy ma...that's why all the week's bentos in one post during weekend!!

hey christene, the mangosteen & lychees were mumy's bento ma...
when u see the larger portion, it is more likely mine... i usually made very small portion for d boys!

wen said...

u r a great cook and creative too! well done!