Our precious twins

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bento # 2

It was meant to be their additional snack as the kindy only served cereal/coco crunch on Friday which the boys don't really fancy.
So i just kinda added to their diet:
small mandarin orange & 2 slice of strawberry ~ finished
3 lil cube of cheese ~ ate 1 or 2
3 pieces of salmon sausage ~ untouched (said not nice....sigh)
small portion of sweet corn ~ finished
3 slices of hard boiled egg ~ untouched too (coz they dislike egg yolk)

Probably i will save my money on sausage since it wasn't a healthy choice too. Then, the eggs will need to be modified......perhaps i can consider scramble egg... means the egg mould ma wasted lor.....hai !!


LZmommy said...

I like the little container for the fruits :)

allthingspurple said...

When Kimberly was young she doesnt like egg yolks too. She ate eggs without the yolks. But as she grew older, she got game enough to try them and liked them ever since. If you dont mind, you could just give them the egg whites.

Mummy to QiQi said...

so nice all your bento stuffs. Shud have tumpang you to buy, hehe....

just to post all comments here for your previous posts.

siao chie, your trip to KK and HK so shiok la...so lucky to be your kids. get to travel to interesting places like that at such young age. shudn't stop working in the first place otherwise we would not be able to afford travel like that anymore!

slavemom said...

Or maybe u can make egg mayo for them. At least got taste. As for the egg mould, won't go to waste wan. Can sell off mah. Got buyer edi here. :D

huisia said...

can try the egg mold too :)

Sasha said...

ah i wanted to ask when i saw in some ther ppl's blog , the cheese can tahan so long ka? i mean not being cold anymore.

Btw, u very Hou sum kei la!

Anggie's Journal said...

wow, u so you sum kei on preparing bento set... sure kids will love it... i also wanna learn la ... ...hehehehe.

jacss said...

yeah purple mumy...i'm giving them only egg white but will keep on letting them try d yolk

cnee, guess it will be too handsful for u to think abt bento right now, entertain d twins would have taken much of yr time so perhaps later lar....
and i do hope that d boys appreciate what they get to enjoy!!

genie, u r right...can add mayo! sure ka u wana buy...check out la at www.nst.com

sasha, i think shd be ok if it's not too many hours

go go go anggie...yr kid will love it!!