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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Prayers time

All of us sisters with our kids (with d exception of my elder sis who is on a bis trip to Philippines) spent sometime and had dinner with mom before sending her off to check-into Assunta Hospital for a series of surgery on Monday morning!

There was a cyst/little lump at the back, below the shoulder to be removed. Then mom also decided to remove the "haemorrhoid" / "chee chong" (abnormally swollen veins in the rectum and anus)!! A 'scope' test & a heart x-ray are to be done too.

Though both surgeries are not of severe type, in fact they happened very common nowadays but i'm sure there are risks associated with operation at such age!! I really hate to endure such disturbances to live.... having to worry about mom, having to re-arrange babysitting the boys, having to bother about dinner, having to worry if the 'potato-maid' could handle the boys & many many other affairs at home!! But i know no matter how much i dislike, the fact is, life is such....not all the time rosey and i should be blessed that God only gave us a small challenge!!

On top of that, i should also count our BLESSINGS that my parents are considered well prepared "financially" to face their old age!! Mom has been a very 'jimat-cermat' person, she has lived her whole life uplifting her strong principle: that one MUST save for the rainy days, for our kids & for our future !!

Many times, she enforced such practice to our lives....... but shame on me, i'm one among my 5 sisters who don't seem to inherit such trait from her!

I have a friend who constantly needs to foot her parent's medical bills. Not only i could feel how stressful that can be, i can also imagine how heavy the burden could be....!!

Now.......i think it's time to REFLECT life and hope to change to the better!!

Thanks mom! Hope everything will be smooth-sailing, you will do fine, hope it's not too painful, do recover as soon as possible so that you could sing your karaoke again....promise not to complain about you making the noise in the house !!
"Sometimes we tend to take things for granted, i rather endure the noise than not being able to hear it "

May God bless my mom !!!


huisia said...

everything will be smooth sailing, don't worry :)

LZmommy said...

May your Mom's surgery be smooth sailing and a speedy recovery!

allthingspurple said...

I hope your mom will be healthy soon. And me too,I feel like the prodigal daughter all the time. ha ha.

jppmom said...

I pray for yer mom...everything will be smooth sailing as huisia says :)

Rjoc said...

Hi Jacss. Your mum will be ok, she is just enjoying the rest and not have to baby sit the 2 semsungs for a while.
The cyst if it is a sebacious cyst will be straight forward, and you wil soon be listening to karaoke soon!

wen said...

hope the surgery went well! God bless your mom with speedy recovery from the operation

slavemom said...

Here's wishing Aunty everything 'soon soon lei lei' and a speedy recovery! But how come do 2 ops at 1 go?
It's a big relief when we don't hv to worry abt our parents' financials. We must oso take good care of ourselves so that we don't burden our children (financially or emotionally) next time.

Dora said...

Oh yeah, it'll be ok coz it's a minor surgery. So when is the karaoke session will be on? hehehe...

Best wishes,

zewt said...

this is why insurance is important.... :)

hope all will be well.

Annie Q said...

Hope everything goes well, and soon you all will have another round karaoke session lo. Speedy recovery Aunty.