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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bento Week # 4

On days when my bentos were well-received, i was happy but i can't deny that i would get a little upset too when the bentos i prepared with much 'love' were not appreciated !!! Hey.....human also ma.......so obviously can get emotional, rite?? But no worries...i got awaken very fast !! There's no way it could tarnish my motivation on bento......hopefully, hahaha !! I think i'm truly aware that kids' appetites could take a 360 degrees turn anytime, anyday! it's pretty normal ! So, I'm still keeping my bento spirit high, just that i might need to consider reducing the quantity of foods in order to keep wastage to the minimum !!! At the sametime, i'm taking a turn in perspective on bento too. It shouldn't be restricted to preparing lunch boxes for the kids, i should make it for MYSELF too, right ?? It will certainly saves my pocket on lunch at the expensive food court in KLCC (albeit already the cheapest one u could find there). Furthermore, i'm sure my own preparation is more healthy!!! So, isn't it a win-win situation for us?

For the past week, my storage wasn't that much so i only managed to make one very simple bento for myself !!

In fact, it was left over from the below bento i prepared for the boys!!

Left : Plain sushi rice wrapped in seaweed with unagi sauce in the bottle.

Right : Fried omelette (with corn, long bean, carrot & sausage)

and Cherry fruits!

It was a coincidence that the boys didn't ate much during dinner that night so when i was preparing the above later in the night, both of them were like 'hungry ghost'. They kept bothering me for food. I had initially intended to keep some of the omelette for my lunch the next day but the boys gobbled them on top of the 2 pieces of the sushi rice i stuffed them. I know they love the unagi sauce so it surely won't go wrong if i cooked any food with that sauce!! I ended up having to hide some of the food !!!

The above was the only one reported good for the past week! The rest was just so~so !!

It was mashed potatoes mix, consist of sweet potatoes (orange & purple), pumpkin & holland potatoes with margerine, salt & pepper added to taste !! The outcome was indeed very sweet. And as the mixture turned out to be quite a lot, i actually freezed the balance!!

Special Thanks to Christene who gave the link with loads of tips on bento!! I was truly amazing with biggie!

See below, balance going into the freezer......can u believe the 2 blue & green containers are actually used to keep our milk powder those days, hahaha ??? good use heh.....

Arghhh.........the mesh looked so messy !!

I thought this next one should be good. As the boys had been keen on nuggets but the maid reported that they didn't finished all of them..........sigh !!

The fruits were longan & "air jambu" !!! Also tomato sauce in the cute container.

Btw, the fruits for the coming week had already been supplied !!! My shopaholic huby was only on a night trip to Penang. While on his way back, his travel partner dropped by at Cameron Highland to visit a relative. And so the opportunity for him to bring back some good fruits!! Both the red & green 'jambu' are very sweet, the guavas are even seedless type!!

On top of the fruits, he even got home these........

honey, chocolates, dried bitter guard snacks & 'rojak' paste, tsk tsk tsk..... justified to name him shopaholic or not??

The last one was cute. Little container for their daily vitamins C but i slotted in cheese slice, cube cheese & little strawberries just to fill up the empty space!!

Then, the worst food i've ever made. The 'lai fun' cooked in tomato pasta sauce. The 'lai fun' was yesterday dinner's left over from the fish head noodles cooked by mom. Guess it was the texture of the noodle that made it 'stick-up' once they get colder. So the maid said it was basically UNTOUCHED......gosh!! My mom even condemned it so much........arghh, my heart broken into pieces !! That's the problem when mom stepped in coz the daughter can never be better than her, hor ???

Have a good Sunday !!


Rjoc said...

Alas ...did your mother give you such a feed when you were at school or was it just a bowl of noodles? Which you would have walloped down.
We just had sandwiches, not much variety but we survived ok. The boys get a wide variety flavoured by the sweat of your brow.
Preparing your own lunch would definitely save you money, then you can enjoy it in front of your staff while they look on and drool!!

LZmommy said...

Biggie has lots of info on bento :) Another blog you should check out is justbento.com :)

huisia said...

i wanna ask you oo..where did you buy your bento stuffs when you're in HK? From Daiso??

Can let me know the shop location?

jacss said...

uncB:yr Q really gave me a scratch on my head...boy, i can't recall what i was fed during my first few years in primary school. When i was older, of course it was canteen food...none oth than our msian locals: eg. nasi lemak is 1 of them :)P
yup...i'll try my best to cook myself lunch if possible...

thks lzmommy, will check it out!

huisia: i wasn't aware of denso yet when i was in HK last mth else i would have hunt for d place!! i actually went to d supermarket in Times sq (in causeway bay i think) & happened to sumble upon it!! i'm sure there r a lot in HK if u do a search on it.....

slavemom said...

It's good to make ur own lunch box. Apart from saving $, it'd be more nutritious too (supposedly lah :D). And save time n energy walking to the food outlet, avoiding the big lunch-time crowd. Oni prob is heating up the food. I presume u hv a microwave in the ofis. So food that doesn't require heating up or that still taste nice after heating r more suitable.
Some of the food that u prep for the boys may not be so nice when they eat it, like the noodles (not nice to be eaten cold) n nuggets (soggy liao). So don't fret, it's not becoz the food itself is not good, it's becoz of the timing it was eaten. ;)

Anonymous said...

gosh are those prepared for them to take to school??? i'm such a bad bad mom now...i just make a peanut butter/nuttela sandwich & cut into half! hahahaha..

Sasha said...

aiyah...one day nice. one day not nice. If they see not nice things then only they know how to appreciate "nicer" things. If everyday also nice then nothing special edi :) keep up the good work !

wen said...

wah, u can cook leh..

btw, since u mentioned vit C, did u know that vitamin E is good for skins? u know what i am talking abt right..

Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. I like it!
You already started making them.

I have to learn to make too.

zewt said...

wow... those set look so cool!!! :)

surely will make makan time more enjoyable. but i wonder if the kids will play with it more than anything.

Jacss said...

u r right genie, i'm now more careful in my selection of food for the boys' bento. no more pasta or noddle as these r only good when eaten straight away after cooked.
oh ya... my office does have a microwave oven. in fact i had a mini kitchen there..blender, toaster, knife, fridge, soya sauce, pepper...etc, good for another blog post someday hor???

amah...no lar, u r not bad mom, at least u got made peanut bread for him ma. still better than nothing, haha

yalah sasha, hard to satisfy the kids nowadays!!

yes wen, vit E good for their skin, i know...just never think of giving them :)

agnes, i'm sure u will do very good bento with yr creative skills!

zewt: yes, i used to fret that they play with the food more than they want to eat them....hahaha