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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Am i really possessive......i hate this !!

My 'fatty' travelled again..........yeah, no big deal........in fact, initially i had no intention of mentioning it here!! If you have been following me, i'm sure u had read quite a number of times i rant about him bringing back lots of loots from his travellings....be it for business or leisure !! And not forgetting how he messed up my life when he travelled leaving me to manage the boys all alone!! It goes to show how often he travels............& i can udrstd if it is for business but......!!

I admit that i hate it when he travels with his buddies for leisure, i hate it when he chose to leave us at home when he happily vacationing, i hate it when he does it so often...........
To me, once u have a family, it means u r no longer as free as when u r a bachelor where u can just pack yr bag & leave anywhere.....anytime!! But now that u have the role of a dad & a husb, every action/decision affecting your family deserves a deeper thought!!
So, though i know i don't have d power to stop him from pursuing his plan, i still choose to torture him "verbally".......aka 'nagging' !! I can't help but to burst out all my unhappiness, disappointments & upsets. So just when he was about to depart, i sent him an sms "reminding" him how much he has been travelling "unnecessarily" lately.....saying things like he was 'selfish' ....being too much....i also asked him to reflect....but i didn't forget to ask him to take care as i didn't want to sound too nasty!!
Actually I didn't expect him to return a call immediately knowing that all his buddies were around then but he did..... and i know now i must have made myself 'very bad' in front of his buddies.....well, i don't care anymore!! Our conversation didn't really ended in a war......it was just a casual lecturing & both of us are ok!!


But what i just don't understand is ..........why in the world every time when it was my turn to babysit the boys, there are problems with the boys. The last time around, it was Scot that had food poisoning...........and guess what, this time was Sean's turn. I'm angry & upset with myself as it made me a lousy mom !!


In fact, I only decided to write this after finishing 'my wish' post below when Sean suddenly woke up from his sleep walking into the bathroom. As he pulled down his pants, i thought he was just going for another release!! He already had 'poo'/diarrhoea 2 times during the day!! But I got really fumed up when i discovered that this lil guy had accidently 'berak'/poo in his pants...........yikess !!!
The fact that i was made to endure the 'stink' & 'mess' at midnight really made me wanna blame that 'fatty' more.......yes, i'm gonna make him more guilty !!!
I didn't take their meal for granted this time. I brought them to good air-cond 'kopitiam' restaurant for breakfast, then it was McD for lunch and chinese courses for dinner with grandpa+ma............what's wrong with that?? It wasn't varied much from what we will head on should dady is around !!!


Now that my boiling blood has cooled down, i began to wonder......am I being too possessive over my huby?? Am i really not right for being so offensive to him travelling for leisure (without us)??

I didn't deny that i do travel with my girlfriends too but i'm sure it will less than 3 times a year......
I don't know............ i just hate it...........when my poor boy is not feeling well and i had to endure it all alone !!!

My Wish

Genie sent me this chance to make a wish.......whether it is capable of realising indefinitely, i still like to thank you...... !!!

The rule just said :
Think about what it is that you want more than anything, what your heart’s desire and fondest wish is, and what it is that you would wish for if you were to see the below wishing star flame across the night sky.

Being only an ordinary human being (who is lacking in so much) , it is just normal that i wish my family will be provided with lots & lots of wealth ($$$$$).....as i'm sure u would agree with me that it can fulfills many of our other wishes !!! Though sound very greedy, i don't deny this very fact in me !!!

Yet, upon a deep thought..... using the other side of the brain, i am equally aware that $$$$ will not be able to buy our HEALTH, $$$$ can't turn back the TIME & it's hard to buy love (though can in certain circumstances.....)!!

So after weighing all the above, i must admit to the boring fact that health indeed comes first & more important than anything else !!
Yes, i want all my family members to stay healthy ..............
.......... 2nd no-food post ..........

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Almost forgotten...........

For the past week, the boys had been fondly playing with a toy they had almost forgotten!! It was a gift from dady for their 3rd b'day!! During those days, this piece of toy was so precious & stood as the top priority among the favourites!! Nevertheless, time has proven human's disloyalty ....very soon, the boys outgrown the interest in this "used-to-be" favourite toy!! Blame it on the parents too....as the habit of feeding them with loads of new toys had slowly developed their sense of unappreciative & also NO sense of complacency when it comes to TOYS!!
Time to reflect............... time to reflect...................
Again i know it's always easier said than done (esp. to their dady, the culprit!!)

Check it out .......and u will agree how much in size they have grown.......

See they nearly couldn't fit into the bumper car anymore.............did u see that the knees are already hitting the stering, hahaha !!
Boys boys.....hope one day you will realise how much dady love you guys.....poor dady.....these cars are no cheap stuff at all, yet you were 'forced' to buy 2 of them at one go !!
yeah.....1st no-food post !!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The King of f**d...arghh...Not food again.......???

You know what ?????

I actually got nothing specific to blog about.......

Whatever it is, luckily i don't feel bad at all..... so guess i wasn't too stress out thinking on blog materials.....i just leave it as it is.....on top of that life has been so busy with so many other things to manage other than just blog !!

But guess it was also due to my "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" attitude and it is just natural that the momentum is flowing on a descending mode !!

During the past weekend, we'd progressed with quite a few things which come to think of it, i should have captured some of the moments......i mean being a 'blogger'....ehmm ehmm, maybe i shouldn't even claimed myself one, haha??!! But the lazy bugs win over me........
After a long wait, we finally dug out our lazy heart & our limited time, hence dragged ourselves to a session AT THE PARK.....haha, cheh.....suspend only!! It was a morning with beautiful weather so d Heng family was seen loiterring around Bukit Jalil Park with dady & mumy jogging+running and the boys hopping+skipping around happily. And the most happiest moment for me was i finally saw dady "SWEATING".....after such a long wait......that goes to show how long he didn't work out!! The boys were enjoying themselves at the playground too......

Suddenly i felt we were so lucky that there was such a BIG & GREEN park near our neighbourhood.......which we'd been neglecting !! As i didn't want d camera to be a burden, many sceneric sights & happy faces were missed out!! Now, i just hope that my wish to keep this a weekend routine for the family will not just remain a "wishful thinking" !!

Soon after the workout, we headed for a much needed re-charge i.e. breakfast....and i didn't wana talk about what we ate, hehehe

Then, we accomplished another task that we have been delaying ............like a month already!! We finally registered the boys for their ABACUS MENTAL ARITHMETIC class. As the duration of lesson is going to take 2 hours, we have no choice but to pick a Saturday class.....didn't want to tire them & ourselves during working days. So it means "no more leisure" & "no more free time" on Sat morning......i hate that but ............arghhhh.........

There was also a community party attended during the weekend which was organised by the residents of our neighbourhood for the first time at the playground !!

The boys "won" a gift from the 'treasure hunt' game they participated....actually it was mumy that participated coz the boys can't really read the instructions yet......and here they are mingling with the treasures they found !!

Besides the above 2 boring photos...........i want to showcase more "LIVELY" photos here to please my readers. I always believe that an interesting post should be accompanied by beautiful photos..........no meh?

Our Friday night was usually a bit luxury........knowing that the day after is not a working day! We indulged in a supper.............so here it goes.........for your pleasure viewing !!

The meehoon doesn't really looked that tempting without the "la-la"/clams and now it became one of the family's favourite!!

Finally, here came the ultimate objective of this post........yes, i was finding an excuse to write something bcoz i wana post/keep these luring photos here........

Jeng jeng jeng















......TA DA......

Tempting leh ??? Common.....Admit it that u just swallowed saliva...........neh neh poo poo !!

Knowing that it was so harmful to our cholesterol bloated body, we limited ourselves to only ONE ready packed durian (of 'Mao Sang' type) consists of 6 pieces.....with Sean walloped 2 pieces, mumy & dady only had 2 pieces each, how to satisfy ??? But i foresee, when the season is getting hotter here, more will come our way.............

Then what happened to Scot.......sorrylor, i also don't know where i picked him up.....he apparently was born with a phobia towards durian.... i tell you, it was a hillarious scene when we tried to force him on the durian, hahaha!! I couldn't udrstand why my little Scot alleged that the durian stinks??

ok ok ok, i know i have been putting up too many food pics lately, so

********* no more food photos for the next 5 posts *********

Just a new toy !

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

When you have a "Happening" grandma......

So what HAPPENED when you have a "happening" grandma ???

Few days ago, my 2 younger sisters took a day off from work & 'ajak' my mom to go for a 'karaoke' session at redbox. Initially, mom got a bit bothered with the plan, though she was more than happy if she could just 'dump' everything aside and join my sis. But she did not forget the heavy responsibility of having to babysit her 2 precious twin grandsons.....phew, thank god heh!!
So after the ladies discussed over the matter, they finally agreed to proceed with the plan by tagging along my 2 monkeys......they have no choice actually, haha !! I had earlier on told the boys about the plan after school that day & both of them were extremely excited despite not knowing what a 'karaoke' session is going to be like.....
So the time came and they reached Sunway Pyramid around 3pm & checked into their room. The 3 pax paid came with 3 meals - a plate of fried rice, a plate of spaghetti & some meat balls. They claimed that my boys finished up almost 80% of the meal.......i was happy to hear that though!!
Soon an hour into their singing session, i guess the boys finally had their boring & bitter taste of the 'karaoke' session that was much talked about by the adults......hahaha !!! Furthermore, with the exhaustion of battery, they began to wear out..........thus, fallen asleep on the cool sofa of the poorly litted room !!

................... POOR BABY ..............

So after work that evening, dady & mumy left immediately to join them.....and were amused to osee the grumpy faces of our monkeys that just happened to woke up and welcome us......

What's dinner......??

Someone asked me this evening: what's for dinner tonight?

Since your query reminded me how "blessed" i am with "home-cooked food" waiting for me every day after work, i have the pleasure to showcase what mom has had for us tonight.............


stuffed ladies finger

stuffed "fu chuk"

stuffed brinjal

steam fish

"mei tao"/bean pork pepper soup.......emmmm

How is that......a lot???
That's just one of our regular dinner which was for 5-6 adults & my 2 boys! With such kind of dishes for dinner, i bet you agree that it kills whatever dieting effort i may have put up during the day!! I know i should not complaint as it saves us a lot from consuming 'ajinomoto' from outside food !!!
I'm sure a lot of people would advise me to count my blessing.......
AHH......so full......"erggg"....**burping**, hehe !!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

"MY DAY" on a weekend......

It was kind of rare to be able to go out alone with girlfriends on a weekend leaving behind my kids & huby! Furthermore, having a partner who still holds strong to the believe that a wife/a mom should stay home to mind the family's affairs during a weekend (which he claims belong to 'family' on its' entirety).........made d possibility of a 'ME' day even harder to realise!!??

While it may seems envious to me towards some lucky woman whose partner gives them more flexibility in their private life, i actually share the same thought as my huby, in that, being a wife & a mom, my weekends should be spent together with ONLY my family.............haha, how conservative, huh??

But last Sat, despite " feeling " a little bad, i went ahead for an outing with my one and only cousin sister whose relationship with me was beyond that of 'cousins' but more of a pair of good friends instead! Every year, we will give each other "a treat" on both our birthdays WITHOUT FAIL.......since i think more than 5 years ago !!! Anyway.......this treat was a long postponed one for me & i know it has been ages ago......since my b'day BUT no choice lar, we both are very busy women, so finding a weekend to accomodate both our hectic schedule was no easy task.

that's my "piew cheh"......still single & available wor !!!!

And after "seeking" my dear huby's permission, we began our morning with a quick breakfast before going for our facial at the spa centre we both frequented. After a long 2 hours of pampering, we proceeded with our lunch. Upon a recommendation, we headed to a very authentic japanese restaurant at The Garden, Mid Valley.......people said it was one of the top few authentic ones you could find in the city. I'm not sure how true was the claims but i have to agree that it was indeed REAL good. If you long for a good japanese food but lack of idea on where to find a good one, do give it a try at Yuzu !!

Super yummy......fragrant garlic rice!

trust me, u will fall in love with it if u r a lover of this.....

I wouldn't miss trying this dish as it is one of my favourite.....

The tofu was served this way...........

Here is my main set dish.............wow, so big serve heh !!!

Will surely be back !! TQ dear.....

Lets GUESS..........

GUESS, GUESS, GUESS............. GUESS WHAT ????????











" how many green fingers i have "























" SORRY............NONE "

I fed them shit (fertilizer), i watered them yet........arghh!!!

Speechless......Helpless......Hopeless.......Useless.......so embarassing !!!

I faster go and knock my head on the wall now !!!


We had been to Disney On Ice...

Emmmm......i tried to recall if the boys had watched any similar show to disney on ice but i can't recall any....so it can savely be considered their first taste !! I don't agreed to bring them to such show when they were younger bcoz of my " kiasu'ism "....as i thought they were too young to understand & appreciate the show! Furthermore, the fares are not at all cheap....total damage to the pocket was RM400++........fuyoh, bad huh ??!!!

But now that they had tasted the show at the age of 5+.....i don't see them to be as excited & thrilled as i'd expected......not sure if they have outgrown the phase or my initial expectation was too high, though they did said they enjoyed & liked the show very much!!

Anyhow, it was still a good experience for all of us (including myself).

Here are a few snapshots of the famous characters in the show :

Mickey, Minnie, Donald & Daisy

The ugly creature called.........Stitch & Lilo

Peter Pan

Under the sea....

The only thing that made me feel uneasy was they made it a once in a LIFETIME chance to REAP our hard earned $$$$$$$. Eg. the below box of popcorn which has a size of less than 3" in width was charged at a high flying price of RM10...........phui.........i wouldn't give a thought of getting it though my huby don't mind! To me the most they should charge is RM5 which was already much to their profit.

Somehow, there was also souvenirs that were quite nice to my taste which i reckoned at least worth the money paid though it was not cheap too !!! It was a Stitch MUG that came with a fruity-ice dessert (ABC)......plus a Spoon cum Straw which has very good quality, nice hor??? It cost us RM30 bucks........., how's that?

One thing very strange, before the show started, the business of those souvenir stalls around were quite quiet but soon after the show ended, almost all the stalls were flooded with hungry parents forcing their way to grab souvenirs for their kids. And we were one of them too, here is what the boys got for themselves.......

Croc binaculars (RM20 each)

Arghhhh............so much complaint.........yet still buy so much.......heh heh !!!

This was what we had after the show.......just to tempt those TOMYAM LOVER, anyone ???

The boys got their jelly cake as dessert in that afternoon........beautiful.....but too much of colours, no???

more here....

Monday, April 7, 2008

OF Healthy..... & Not Healthy.....

During the 5 working weekdays, both huby & I actually forbid ourselves from indulging into one of our all-time favourite yet very sinful food.....what else other than our country's proud & pride, NASI LEMAK??
Probably due to age catching up, even having the nasi lemak during breakfast would result in us bearing the feeling of guilt for the rest of the day.
So, usually during weekends, we will give ourselves a little freedom & luxury in our meal selections. When our part-time cleaner was in action for 4 hours in the morning which also means that we won't be able to get anywhere, huby would pack home this precious meal for all, yes even the boys are eating nasi lemak !
Obviously, after this heavy breakfast, we tend to pay back the guilt by skipping the usual full-lunch session. Instead, we will just have a simple snack around 3-4 pm. We "thought" that having a snack would be light to the digestive system. Again, i have to admit that we merely LIED to ourselves again.........and.........again.........COZ........you see what we had for our snack !!!

" tou chang " & " yow theow "
soya bean version was for the boys!!

"And MY VERSION " was of course with the " KOPI " lar.........

Again, guess our initial goal of having something light as snack, (hence achieving a little health)....was already a failure !!! That's because i believe none of you would agree the above foods are healthy, no????

The next morning, we made half boiled eggs for the boys as my mom always say it is good & healthy for children !! As both huby & I also had itchy mouth, we agreed to allow ourselves to take pleasures in these too..........

YET, " THINK AGAIN " if they are indeed healthy........considering the cholesterol contents of the egg yolks???

Arghh.....when only can people (like us) stop lying to ourselves, haha ????

Is it healthy drink......or is it not???

It is a routine to get some live cultured drinks (Vitagen & Yakult) for the twins as weekends approach! So, a marketing trip was paid to the hypermarket. Besides shopping for that, i've also been addicted to this particular orange juice which claimed to be of 'PREMIUM' quality, like 100% purely squeeze....not from concentrate....no preservatives.....bla bla bla!
What really made me fall in love so much was the amount of PULPs were really a lot so the chewy feeling had kept me coming back for more !!! Despite the fact that it is a renowned brand which in turn 'promises' quality assurance, i still doubt how 'genuine' /true/real are their claims??? And i think the fact that i drink so much of it does justify my worries lor........


Then, as i was browsing the drinks for my sons, i came across a new product by Vitagen !!
ergggg.....as far as i understand, anything related to collagen is suppose to produce beauty-related benefits.....to the skin, IS IT TRUE ah?
Anyway, not really having a concrete answer to my queries & doubts, i just grabbed a pack of it for my consumption as my hormones then got really excited lor........vain pot again **@@##?? :)
When it was scanned at the cashier, it came up to double the price of the kids' vitagen......causing my huby to shake his head left & right.....& 'ngam ngam cham cham' again !!!

Though it is oblivious more healthy if i were to do the juice extraction direct from real fresh fruits, the hassle & presence of lazy bugs usually prevent us from carrying the task, thus resulted in us headed for these next best alternatives which we believe is healthy.....YET, is it really so is another question to be answered??
please help to catch away my lazy bugs lar.......blek ???!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

What Do You Think Of Me

A tag from Jo-N :

1. Healthy & safe family
2. Wealth & prosperity.....i know very greedy hor
3. Filial & Good children
4. Easy & stable career......haha
5. Smooth journey in life



She always gave me good advice especially in relations to parenting skills which i'm so much in lacking.

When she says : she felt happy & said "NICE" to know me as a virtual friend......i know she means it......... !!

Each Child Is Different
I just simply agree with her opinion so much and the fact that i can never write the thoughts so well made me admire her so much......jo, did i made u chicken skin i.e. hair rise.....haha??

One important reminder from her always was to LOVE our children the right way.....

My home work done !!

Happy "Ching Meng"

"CHING MENG" is more of a celebration for "my side" of the family which resemble the "ALL SOUL DAY" that huby's catholic family celebrates! Unfortunately only dad & mum joined the rest of my dad's side of families for the praying session at the Nirvana memorial park where my grandpa & grandma were buried. My mom being the superstitious & conservative type still had the belief that we, being the daughter that was already "married away" should not participate in this celebration as they alleged that it will bring bad luck to the sons of the family .........sigh ......... double sigh !!!
Anyway, for me i don't mind being forbidden to join-in this event as the extreme hot weather recently really kill my mood for any outdoor activity!!
After performing the rituals at the grave, there will usually be accompanying by a great dinner at home! My mom cooked a few of her usual favourites which could be eaten during any other festivals in the year......hai, "lei lei, hui hui" also the same ones, lets check out what THE CANTONESE eat during big festival :
(1) Steam chicken / "pak cham kai"
which happened to be my mom's most favourite, so this is a must.........

(2) Next is our special dipping sauce for the above chicken which we name

"yin sai chung" sauce.

The contents are mixtures of fried onion+garlic, spring onion, coriander & basil leaves all finely chopped and added with soya sauce.

(3) Next is what we called "nga-ku fried khan-choi". These 'nga-ku' is the smaller version of the arrow head which made the famous arrow head chips that i'd much talked about during the CNY!!

Do you know that we don't just eat the above dish plainly. They were meant to be wrapped by the below vegetables ("sang choi")...not sure what is the english name but it's like lettuce to me! Then dip with the sweet sauce ('hoi sin' sauce)!!

(4) Here's the Mushroom chicken feet.....another favourite of mine, yum-yum!!

(5) Deep fried BIG prawn....... argh.....sinful, sinful !!!

(6) Finally is the Take-away Roast duck.......emm, emm.....

Oh ya.....there was also ABC soup !!!

A lot of food hor.........Oooh.......that's very heavy for my stomach !!! Now...don't u think no matter what celebration / festival it maybe, it's all about food at the end of the day!!!???