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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The King of f**d...arghh...Not food again.......???

You know what ?????

I actually got nothing specific to blog about.......

Whatever it is, luckily i don't feel bad at all..... so guess i wasn't too stress out thinking on blog materials.....i just leave it as it is.....on top of that life has been so busy with so many other things to manage other than just blog !!

But guess it was also due to my "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" attitude and it is just natural that the momentum is flowing on a descending mode !!

During the past weekend, we'd progressed with quite a few things which come to think of it, i should have captured some of the moments......i mean being a 'blogger'....ehmm ehmm, maybe i shouldn't even claimed myself one, haha??!! But the lazy bugs win over me........
After a long wait, we finally dug out our lazy heart & our limited time, hence dragged ourselves to a session AT THE PARK.....haha, cheh.....suspend only!! It was a morning with beautiful weather so d Heng family was seen loiterring around Bukit Jalil Park with dady & mumy jogging+running and the boys hopping+skipping around happily. And the most happiest moment for me was i finally saw dady "SWEATING".....after such a long wait......that goes to show how long he didn't work out!! The boys were enjoying themselves at the playground too......

Suddenly i felt we were so lucky that there was such a BIG & GREEN park near our neighbourhood.......which we'd been neglecting !! As i didn't want d camera to be a burden, many sceneric sights & happy faces were missed out!! Now, i just hope that my wish to keep this a weekend routine for the family will not just remain a "wishful thinking" !!

Soon after the workout, we headed for a much needed re-charge i.e. breakfast....and i didn't wana talk about what we ate, hehehe

Then, we accomplished another task that we have been delaying ............like a month already!! We finally registered the boys for their ABACUS MENTAL ARITHMETIC class. As the duration of lesson is going to take 2 hours, we have no choice but to pick a Saturday class.....didn't want to tire them & ourselves during working days. So it means "no more leisure" & "no more free time" on Sat morning......i hate that but ............arghhhh.........

There was also a community party attended during the weekend which was organised by the residents of our neighbourhood for the first time at the playground !!

The boys "won" a gift from the 'treasure hunt' game they participated....actually it was mumy that participated coz the boys can't really read the instructions yet......and here they are mingling with the treasures they found !!

Besides the above 2 boring photos...........i want to showcase more "LIVELY" photos here to please my readers. I always believe that an interesting post should be accompanied by beautiful photos..........no meh?

Our Friday night was usually a bit luxury........knowing that the day after is not a working day! We indulged in a supper.............so here it goes.........for your pleasure viewing !!

The meehoon doesn't really looked that tempting without the "la-la"/clams and now it became one of the family's favourite!!

Finally, here came the ultimate objective of this post........yes, i was finding an excuse to write something bcoz i wana post/keep these luring photos here........

Jeng jeng jeng















......TA DA......

Tempting leh ??? Common.....Admit it that u just swallowed saliva...........neh neh poo poo !!

Knowing that it was so harmful to our cholesterol bloated body, we limited ourselves to only ONE ready packed durian (of 'Mao Sang' type) consists of 6 pieces.....with Sean walloped 2 pieces, mumy & dady only had 2 pieces each, how to satisfy ??? But i foresee, when the season is getting hotter here, more will come our way.............

Then what happened to Scot.......sorrylor, i also don't know where i picked him up.....he apparently was born with a phobia towards durian.... i tell you, it was a hillarious scene when we tried to force him on the durian, hahaha!! I couldn't udrstand why my little Scot alleged that the durian stinks??

ok ok ok, i know i have been putting up too many food pics lately, so

********* no more food photos for the next 5 posts *********

Just a new toy !


huisia said...

wow, transformer...my jo sure pestering me to buy one for him if he read this :)

Annie Q said...

Hey, i notice ur two handsome boys got a new hair cut.

ngek ngek ngek, lucky i'm not a durian fan, so i not tempting. hahahahhahahahahah *blek*

Rjoc said...

Ayoh!! All your good excercise overtaken by a durian and other food. hahahahaha *blek*
Fresh durian was availabe here for a short time but the grower has not been around for a couple of years now, Mr.Heng's uncle Andrew would know where to buy the fruit, he always brings one over when we visit KL. sorry to disapoint you but yes I do eat it!!.
5 Blogs and no food...going to be hard!

slavemom said...

Yeah.. I'm oso quite lazy to takes pics of happenings n food (lazy to bring out camera). Not vy pro hor. hehehe Hi time to get a hi resolution hp. Easier to take pics. ;)
Well, I don't fancy lala, but am a big fan of durians. Looks like one of these days must go get some liao. hahaha Sean must be vy happy that Scot doesn't like it, then he can take his share.
Errr.. u sure 5 foodless posts r achievable? :D

JO-N said...

Yeah, I agree with you: Life is more than just blogging. If you are staying near me, you will get my FIL's durian. Very delicious durians which we get to eat every year but I have not eaten any now.

jacss said...

haha i like yr comment uncl, which never failed to give me a big smile!! and i'm surprise u did like durian heh?? ...anyway, why not coz it tastes so yummmy!!

yeah annie, yr eyes r really sharp heh...they just had a cut!! hey, durian is so nice...i wonder how come u r not tempted??

genie: another big fan eh...good!! how nice if there is a durian feast organise for the fans where we can all wallop until drop dead, haha...

btw, dun worry, i shall keep all d food photos & only post them after 5 non-food post, okay??

Sasha said...

jac jac......*shake head* if i can throw myself and cekik you thru msn , I'll do it. You make me drool over the meehoon and lala! and the liulian! ARGHHH!!!!!!!!!

wen said...

our boys must meet edi cause ian also likes durian, and transformer and also has the chicken little pyjamas too!!!

Jacss said...

sha leng lui, no worry....just go ahead & eat whatever u crave now that u r holding a licence to do so.....ok!!

sure wen, am sure d boys would enjoy 'fighting' among themselves....haha