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Monday, April 7, 2008

Is it healthy drink......or is it not???

It is a routine to get some live cultured drinks (Vitagen & Yakult) for the twins as weekends approach! So, a marketing trip was paid to the hypermarket. Besides shopping for that, i've also been addicted to this particular orange juice which claimed to be of 'PREMIUM' quality, like 100% purely squeeze....not from concentrate....no preservatives.....bla bla bla!
What really made me fall in love so much was the amount of PULPs were really a lot so the chewy feeling had kept me coming back for more !!! Despite the fact that it is a renowned brand which in turn 'promises' quality assurance, i still doubt how 'genuine' /true/real are their claims??? And i think the fact that i drink so much of it does justify my worries lor........


Then, as i was browsing the drinks for my sons, i came across a new product by Vitagen !!
ergggg.....as far as i understand, anything related to collagen is suppose to produce beauty-related benefits.....to the skin, IS IT TRUE ah?
Anyway, not really having a concrete answer to my queries & doubts, i just grabbed a pack of it for my consumption as my hormones then got really excited lor........vain pot again **@@##?? :)
When it was scanned at the cashier, it came up to double the price of the kids' vitagen......causing my huby to shake his head left & right.....& 'ngam ngam cham cham' again !!!

Though it is oblivious more healthy if i were to do the juice extraction direct from real fresh fruits, the hassle & presence of lazy bugs usually prevent us from carrying the task, thus resulted in us headed for these next best alternatives which we believe is healthy.....YET, is it really so is another question to be answered??
please help to catch away my lazy bugs lar.......blek ???!!!


slavemom said...

I oso like to c "no preservatives, no artificial flavouring" on food packets. But yeah.. how "original" is the food? I do wonder how do the juices stay fresh if there isn't any preservatives? They must hv added 'something', right?
I saw the Vitagen Collagen too. Vy tempted to try but after looking at the price, I decided to give it a pass. (hehehe... kiam siap mah) I'm sure the % of collagen is vy minimal. Eh, u buy things no need to look at price tag one ah? :D

papajoneh said...

I love vitagen. I gave to myJosh and wife and me too. we love this. they are variety of this so-called 'cultured'colagen... we love them all hahaha.
Maybe i should blog about this.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I dont buy Vitagen and Yakult for my kids very often coz I think they are a tad too sweet. I give them probiotics powder instead, more healthy and sugar-free :)

chanelwong said...

We buy yakult but jeriel dont drink all the time...only once in a while..

As for the juice, we don't buy, Jeriel loves fresh fruits...

wen said...

i also buy Sunkist with lots of pulps for my kids. and frequently but CERES pure juice (whisper of summer) from south africa..