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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy "Ching Meng"

"CHING MENG" is more of a celebration for "my side" of the family which resemble the "ALL SOUL DAY" that huby's catholic family celebrates! Unfortunately only dad & mum joined the rest of my dad's side of families for the praying session at the Nirvana memorial park where my grandpa & grandma were buried. My mom being the superstitious & conservative type still had the belief that we, being the daughter that was already "married away" should not participate in this celebration as they alleged that it will bring bad luck to the sons of the family .........sigh ......... double sigh !!!
Anyway, for me i don't mind being forbidden to join-in this event as the extreme hot weather recently really kill my mood for any outdoor activity!!
After performing the rituals at the grave, there will usually be accompanying by a great dinner at home! My mom cooked a few of her usual favourites which could be eaten during any other festivals in the year......hai, "lei lei, hui hui" also the same ones, lets check out what THE CANTONESE eat during big festival :
(1) Steam chicken / "pak cham kai"
which happened to be my mom's most favourite, so this is a must.........

(2) Next is our special dipping sauce for the above chicken which we name

"yin sai chung" sauce.

The contents are mixtures of fried onion+garlic, spring onion, coriander & basil leaves all finely chopped and added with soya sauce.

(3) Next is what we called "nga-ku fried khan-choi". These 'nga-ku' is the smaller version of the arrow head which made the famous arrow head chips that i'd much talked about during the CNY!!

Do you know that we don't just eat the above dish plainly. They were meant to be wrapped by the below vegetables ("sang choi")...not sure what is the english name but it's like lettuce to me! Then dip with the sweet sauce ('hoi sin' sauce)!!

(4) Here's the Mushroom chicken feet.....another favourite of mine, yum-yum!!

(5) Deep fried BIG prawn....... argh.....sinful, sinful !!!

(6) Finally is the Take-away Roast duck.......emm, emm.....

Oh ya.....there was also ABC soup !!!

A lot of food hor.........Oooh.......that's very heavy for my stomach !!! Now...don't u think no matter what celebration / festival it maybe, it's all about food at the end of the day!!!???


1+2mom said...

That no.2 sauce was my mum homemade dish. But we also add in the ginger and vingear..yummy so delicious but after married i only can eat it at my father home, my hubby side dun like the basil leaves.

wen said...

aiyoh, i like all those food la. next time ur mom cooks can i come eat ah?

Rjoc said...

The Old Souls Day has been used to find lost relations as I have heard of families leaving notes at their grandparents grave fpr other relations to find and get in touch with. Still it looked thatwhile you missed out on going to the celebrations you did all right with the food...hehehe
The unknown vegie may be Buk Choi or one of the other Choi's family, it looks to be too light for a Cos lettuce or spinach

slavemom said...

The more food there is, the merrier the celebration. :)

papajoneh said...

wow.... i dont know what to say.... from up there., right to here.. i see food food food.. and all nice tasteful yummilicious one.
i cannot go on down there.. i peek got steamboat some more.. aiiiyooohhh....
if i wanna control my diet.. i think i rest from looking at your blog for 2-3 days ... hhahahahahaa