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Monday, April 30, 2007

Long Break

It's yet another long break here in Malaysia.

30/4 (Monday) = On leave
1/5 (Tuesday) = Labour Day + Wesak Day. Since 2 public holiday falls on the same day, the following day has been declared an official off day too.
2/5 (Wednesday) = replacement for Wesak Day.

Together with d past Saturday(28/4) & Sunday(29/4), one actually has a long 5 consecutive days off............good for planning a vacation out!

Since dady has enjoyed his spa, massage & shopping in Bangkok during the weekend, he was guilty & decided to 'make-up'........today we will be departing to Melaka for a 2 days 1 nite stay at A'Famosa Hotel. And since all d 'men' in my house are still fast asleep.........at 9a.m. & couldn't make their butt up to start d journey, so here i'm grabbing this golden time, blogging my way out !! I'm sure we'll be back with plenty of treasures, memories & nice photos......!!!
Catch up!

Souvenirs from Bangkok.............again!

It's another trip of dady to Bangkok...........yes again! But this time it was an incentive trip given to few of his "good" customers. So the rest chosen this destination & he got no choice.
Everytime dady was away from home, it has been 'as if' an obligation to bring home something to compensate for his 'time-off' from the kids as well as d home! So this round dady has gotten these for d boys........i just couldn't bring myself to appreciate :

And since mother's day is approaching......."" i guess???? "", dady didn't forget to get me some cute little stuffs.........simple, not pricey, cute, usable.........most important r d thoughts !
Somemore it's unusual he said something so romantic :
" one for u & the other for me "
........oh it brought back memories during courting time when 'u have one sip & I one sip' from d same cup....kind of thing.......hehehehehe !!!

Other little cute souvenirs.............

coin wallet !

fridge magnet !

New Hair Cut

It's just one of the routine 'thing' that the ""men"" at home did.........maybe once in 2-3 months: hair cut together! It would save time & hassle if dady+mumy also participate during d hair cut session of d boys. For the past, it has always been a struggle to us both to get the boys for a hair cut. I bet most parents faced d same! But since we parents tried doing it ourselves first, it's no doubt that would ease the fear & worries in kids having stranger(hairstylist/barber) laid their hands on the hair. By the time, dady finished his hair cut or mumy finished her hair wash, the bond was created between the hairstylist n my boys so that got d job accomplished much easier!

Back home, since it's another lazy weekend, i just thought of making some snacks for everyone's consumption..........

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Visit to dady's ofis

It was a bad afternoon I remembered.........coz this was as usual an overdue post. I was down with a blocked nose & could hardly breath with my nose in d office. I really hated having to use my mouth to grab d air! So i got no mood to work & off i went out to do some banking outside. The warm weather did ease a bit of the troubled nostril. I had wanted to drop by a clinic to get some medicine but was too lazy & dropped d idea. Once done & as it was still slightly early to go home, huby suggested to go back to his ofis to work out something urgent. It has been quite sometime I never step into his ofis so i eagerly agreed. I thought to myself, it would be a good chance for me to snap some photos of his ofis which i'm proud of. And i couldn't believe my eyes how messy his ofis was.
So i ended up being a cleaner in his ofis that evening, stacking those boxes of stock nicely, tidying up those tables, clearing rubbish, washing d toilet & etc etc...............

What a day i'd make up??

Paw Paw Salad

Any malaysian ever heard of that??? I'm not sure about others but i've not. It's a recipe recommended to me by an uncle who lives in Darwin, Aust. He said many m'sians living there like this salad. And being d thick skin me & decided not to hide d shy, I told him i've not heard of this salad here.........maybe it's only me who is 'jakun'?? So without hesitation & full of curiosity, I requested if he could tell me more about it. It was so kind of him giving me d full ingredients with recipe on how to do d salad:

Here's d look of d salad .............& my first impression of d picture was............. it's ROJAK...... minus d sauce la ! Maybe only d ingredients varied according to taste & availability! Rupa-rupanya paw paw = papaya !!! .........wrong channel only!! Nevermind i admit i'm very msian so i learnt d new word, it's a gain to me!

Though i might not know when i would give my hand a try on this recipe (cos salad is not a preference) but i've to acknowledge that i've learnt much about life abroad from uncle bob. And i've enjoyed learning new words/sentences/phrases from him every now & then......it improves my "manglish" (msian english)!

THEN, on that night, i went & tested my dear huby. He did not know that i learnt this thru his uncle. So here's our conversation:

Me: dear, u know what's paw paw salad ah?

Hub: think, think, think, squeeze his already small eyes a bit............& answered me.......... very ego ly, paw paw is same as papaya la !

Me: fulamak!!! ........one side of me didn't expect him to know but d other side of me telling that it's quite normal for him to know coz he has studied+worked+lived in aust for more than 6 years!! so come to think of it, what's so great right? Then, i happy happy went & asked him, 'how come u know wan??' GUESS, what was his answer???

bcoz i'm your 'lou kung/huby'
bcoz i eat salt more than u eat rice
bcoz i so many years older than u & bla bla bla ...........damn f*cking irritating, you say yes or not?

i quickly stop d teo chew ego from rising up d sky..............

Me: eh, stop lecturing me like u r a father, ok? U dun try to show off la.........u know bcoz u learnt/heard it from aust right. Ya i know coz i learnt d word from yr uncle wan leh..........then only he smile smile & kept quiet nodding his big ego head!


Friday, April 20, 2007

Moving - Part 2

continue from part 1.........i'm just finishing a lil bit more about mom shifting day!

Mom being d superstitious lot again has some ritual to practise on d day of shifting. Accordingly, she said it is a must to 'cook' as in firstly must lit d stove/fire to boil water (as u know, water has an implied meaning of $$$). Next is d entire family will be obliged to savour that very 1st dinner together.
Then among the dish to cook must also brought along good meaning. I can't exactly remember all but among d most important was to deep fried "fish/yue in chinese"(any type will do)...........("lin lin yau yue" something like dat !). Anyway, mom also ended up with a big pot of soup, chicken, vege & yong tau foo. Then she also wanted me to add on to the varieties & so being d well obliged girl, I had taken d chance to train my skills again. I had chosen a recipe of a healthy snack from d advertiser in a newspaper (jacob biscute). Here are d ingredients:

fish paste & prawn minced with crushed cracker..........flavoured & marinated.

Before frying d seafood patties, i made some fish balls for my beloved as their afternoon snacks!

According to the recipe, the ultimate outcome of d meal should look like this:

But with my standards, it's acceptable to give d actual results some allowance on d variance .........and here's how my seafood patties looked.

It is not of super excellent but with each chew, i could feel d bouncyness of d seafood paste...........emmm not bad!

Mom also asked my 3rd sis, mic (in pink) to invite her in-laws to join us for d dinner. Both uncle & aunty Yee was very sociable couple. My parents & all get along well with them. Mic also bought along roast duck & "kai choi"/a type of pickle vege i think which was yummy!
Here she is.........arrived just to eat coz she just had a 2 months old cutie pie boy to handle, Nicholas........& boy, how could i forgot to snap & show off some cute faces of him........very notty, cunning & cute boy (we called him 'kam poh loh'/gold pineapple)! Nevermind, there will be chances.............

After that heavy & fulfilling dinner, we went for a walk at d nearby park. It's a 4 acre park which was quite impressing...........got basketball court, badminton court, skating area, bicycle track, foot reflexology path, football field, jogging track, children playground, bbq pit, rest hut & etc etc.............check it out!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today's crazy lunch

My lunch has always been simple during working days in office......simply bcoz of many many reasons actually:

-bcoz i'm fat (at least that's what my mom always said..........though i know it's not that i can compare to many of those super super boob........but no choice, she made me out this way so she has all d right to say what she feels like......!!!)
-bcoz i want dieting despite no obvious results
-bcoz klcc food is damn expensive
-bcoz i have a very very few colleague........so lesser lunch partner would decrease d appetite
. etc etc
But needless to say d ultimate objective beneath me was to try to reduce a bit on d weight, fat & cholesterol. I'm not the very discipline type of dieter coz i can easily break my diet plan. But whenever time & chance permits, i'll go on slow with food & most of d time would be my working lunch time. For breakfast, it's usually with huby so it's too impossible to skip! Anyway we enjoy that very private companion so it's too silly to do anything to spoil it. And i don't even dare to think of escaping dinner as that would challenge mom's good intention of serving us a 'good' dinner after a hard day work. So conclusion, it's only lunch that is within all my control.
So on a usual moody day, i'll usually consume my 'meal replacement drink'(right now is herbalife).
It's kind of filling & provide d sufficient nutriets for d slow afternoon cycle. But i can't agree that the taste is super good. It may be yes for d first 2 or 3 weeks but when it became too often, it becomes damn yucky! I just can't take d same taste for long. So after 2 consecutive days of taking d drink + saving on d lunch $$$, i'll pamper myself with something that must be 'light'.......and $$$ should not be d deciding factor.
So today i had finally tried d modesto soup which i've been eyeing for quite sometime. Reason was obviously d price, i know it's silly to just sip a cup of soup for RM8. On a usual account, RM8 is more than enough to have a plate of mix rice or noodles. So here is how it looks :

u say crazy or not???? anyhow, i like it...........& may go for another one on another blue moon day!

Monday, April 16, 2007

15 April 2007 Moving - Part 1

Good bye Sungai Way...........a place i called 'my hometown'......where i was bred & lived for d past 30 years! God must have been sad on 'the move' as right the day before we moved, there was a strong thunder storm that hit the village....according to relatives, the wind was too strong till roofs, signage, trees & etc all flung beyond imagination BUT thank god no one was hurt!
Here's some snap shots to save the memory on the old home :

According to the chinese custom, before moving to a new house, one has to invite 'the God/whatever that one worships' into the new house first as a form of respect. Mom being a superstitius lot has also done the same. Here is mom in performing the prayers & the customary practices:

Well, since i'd poured in much sweat & blood into helping mom with renovating d house, it is just fair that i felt much satisfaction & accomplishment with d ultimate outcome! Not to mention the hidden fact that it was all (among my siblings') our dreams that my parents could own a 'brand new house' to spend their retirement! Though it was just an ordinary 2 storeys terrace house.... nothing really great but the excitement was actually resulting from the fact that we'd been living in an inherited place since our birth! Yes, for d past 30 years we'd all occupied under the roof 'build' by my 'yeh yeh'/grandpa.....all including my 3rd uncle & 4th uncle families & my 2 single aunties. My grandpa being merely a farmer cum trader has managed to build his little empire & to name among the greatest were d 3 storeys bungalow house & 4 storeys shoplot in Sungai Way! So, no one could described how excited we were to now live in a brand new & comfy house all by ourselves!
And ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce you to the insights of mom's new house:

When we heard that my sis has got a 3 ton lorry to ferry stuffs from d old to d new house, we laughed & felt amused .......that it was way too big for such usage! But boy...........it ended up just nice to fit in everything! And that actually justified....... for we had lots of stuffs that aged as long as 30 to 40 years old! And luckily there was 3 indian chap helper to carry those heavy stuffs from 4th floors down. Furthermore, it wasn't bad to have 4 sons in law around too........which really do wonders to all of us girl siblings!