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Monday, April 30, 2007

New Hair Cut

It's just one of the routine 'thing' that the ""men"" at home did.........maybe once in 2-3 months: hair cut together! It would save time & hassle if dady+mumy also participate during d hair cut session of d boys. For the past, it has always been a struggle to us both to get the boys for a hair cut. I bet most parents faced d same! But since we parents tried doing it ourselves first, it's no doubt that would ease the fear & worries in kids having stranger(hairstylist/barber) laid their hands on the hair. By the time, dady finished his hair cut or mumy finished her hair wash, the bond was created between the hairstylist n my boys so that got d job accomplished much easier!

Back home, since it's another lazy weekend, i just thought of making some snacks for everyone's consumption..........

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