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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Paw Paw Salad

Any malaysian ever heard of that??? I'm not sure about others but i've not. It's a recipe recommended to me by an uncle who lives in Darwin, Aust. He said many m'sians living there like this salad. And being d thick skin me & decided not to hide d shy, I told him i've not heard of this salad here.........maybe it's only me who is 'jakun'?? So without hesitation & full of curiosity, I requested if he could tell me more about it. It was so kind of him giving me d full ingredients with recipe on how to do d salad:

Here's d look of d salad .............& my first impression of d picture was............. it's ROJAK...... minus d sauce la ! Maybe only d ingredients varied according to taste & availability! Rupa-rupanya paw paw = papaya !!! .........wrong channel only!! Nevermind i admit i'm very msian so i learnt d new word, it's a gain to me!

Though i might not know when i would give my hand a try on this recipe (cos salad is not a preference) but i've to acknowledge that i've learnt much about life abroad from uncle bob. And i've enjoyed learning new words/sentences/phrases from him every now & then......it improves my "manglish" (msian english)!

THEN, on that night, i went & tested my dear huby. He did not know that i learnt this thru his uncle. So here's our conversation:

Me: dear, u know what's paw paw salad ah?

Hub: think, think, think, squeeze his already small eyes a bit............& answered me.......... very ego ly, paw paw is same as papaya la !

Me: fulamak!!! ........one side of me didn't expect him to know but d other side of me telling that it's quite normal for him to know coz he has studied+worked+lived in aust for more than 6 years!! so come to think of it, what's so great right? Then, i happy happy went & asked him, 'how come u know wan??' GUESS, what was his answer???

bcoz i'm your 'lou kung/huby'
bcoz i eat salt more than u eat rice
bcoz i so many years older than u & bla bla bla ...........damn f*cking irritating, you say yes or not?

i quickly stop d teo chew ego from rising up d sky..............

Me: eh, stop lecturing me like u r a father, ok? U dun try to show off la.........u know bcoz u learnt/heard it from aust right. Ya i know coz i learnt d word from yr uncle wan leh..........then only he smile smile & kept quiet nodding his big ego head!



Anonymous said...

hahaha...sun che, I luv this conversation so much :) espc"squeeze his already small eyes" hahaha

Jacss said...

especially those who know my fatty well rite........i mean his 'type', 'style', 'behaviour', 'ego' & etc etc.........