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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today's crazy lunch

My lunch has always been simple during working days in office......simply bcoz of many many reasons actually:

-bcoz i'm fat (at least that's what my mom always said..........though i know it's not that i can compare to many of those super super boob........but no choice, she made me out this way so she has all d right to say what she feels like......!!!)
-bcoz i want dieting despite no obvious results
-bcoz klcc food is damn expensive
-bcoz i have a very very few colleague........so lesser lunch partner would decrease d appetite
. etc etc
But needless to say d ultimate objective beneath me was to try to reduce a bit on d weight, fat & cholesterol. I'm not the very discipline type of dieter coz i can easily break my diet plan. But whenever time & chance permits, i'll go on slow with food & most of d time would be my working lunch time. For breakfast, it's usually with huby so it's too impossible to skip! Anyway we enjoy that very private companion so it's too silly to do anything to spoil it. And i don't even dare to think of escaping dinner as that would challenge mom's good intention of serving us a 'good' dinner after a hard day work. So conclusion, it's only lunch that is within all my control.
So on a usual moody day, i'll usually consume my 'meal replacement drink'(right now is herbalife).
It's kind of filling & provide d sufficient nutriets for d slow afternoon cycle. But i can't agree that the taste is super good. It may be yes for d first 2 or 3 weeks but when it became too often, it becomes damn yucky! I just can't take d same taste for long. So after 2 consecutive days of taking d drink + saving on d lunch $$$, i'll pamper myself with something that must be 'light'.......and $$$ should not be d deciding factor.
So today i had finally tried d modesto soup which i've been eyeing for quite sometime. Reason was obviously d price, i know it's silly to just sip a cup of soup for RM8. On a usual account, RM8 is more than enough to have a plate of mix rice or noodles. So here is how it looks :

u say crazy or not???? anyhow, i like it...........& may go for another one on another blue moon day!

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