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Sunday, April 8, 2007


I personally did not get attracted much to pancake though i dun mind giving it a bite when it's available foc or the looks kill! Those pictures of food by skilled photographer could make one very tempted to try and I encountered once too which lead me to the Paddington House of Pancake in Hartamas Shopping Centre. I wouldn't say that the food wasn't nice but it just won't make me come back as often as our other local delicacies.
This morning just out of the reason to combat the feeling of bore with home meal for my boys, i thot of giving pancake a try. As I didn't want the hassle of playing up with mixing the flour n etc, i bought ready made flour. Just add eggs, milk n other favourite fruits.........the rests are all on the box's instructions.
I added sweet corn (from can) on top of d lil pancake trying to impress my meal.................then later i remember i still have some corn ice-cream. So i confidently added d ice-cream too with a big heart fast pumping blood in d hope that my pancake would win heart!
Now u see if it looks tempting......

U see my Sean.......so good boy showing his smiling face as if i'd forced him !
But blek..........it was a total failure, my Sean only finished half of the bowl & started to show his vomitting face, so i didn't force him! My Scot didn't even bother to pick up d bowl so I thot he needs feeding again as usual. That fellow only bite twice & already turning his face away.....celaka betul!
It was such a dissapointment........now I accept the fact that my boys have such a strong 'cina pek' taste, with one only like mee/noodle (esp wan tan mee) n the other only like rice (esp nasi lemak w/o chili). So my poor huby n kakak had to help out more with my pancake..........he he he!!!


Anonymous said...

like "yat tok si"

Jacss said...

fah cheh,

give some 'face' hou woh?? dun go so max......next time dun wan go kulai la.......