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Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Wet & Rainy Sunday

I just love the weather this morning...........cool, breeze, rain & drizzle coz this would give me a very good reason to stay & rest at home (no mad rush for b/fast & church & etc).......at least for the 1st half of the day. And staying home during weekend would also mean spending less money while reserving & recharging back energy for a good start at work!
Breakfast had been taken care of but it would be a challenge to think of an interesting lunch for the boys as well as the rest of us.........so high possibility we still have to dig & juggle for food outside in later part of the day........(^_^)!!
It will have to be a quick lunch outing as I'm planning to go for my yoga class at 4-5pm. I'm hoping not to miss it.

I had in my mind a list of things that I intend to tidy-up in the house (wardrobe, cosmetics, kitchen, shoes rack & ???). And for a start, I had my eyes on the boys' toys. I would have to say.........they really have lots n lots n lots of toys until they don't really know how to appreciate them! All were messy, mix & misplaced, pieces here n there staggered, it was really an eye sore at times! So this morning, I have re-collected all their "CAR" collection & strictly informed them of a special box I made to house them! Over the years, the cars were either 1) bought out of no choice, 2) freebies from KFC & McD kids' meal, 3) presents/gifts 4) 2nd hand i.e. passed down by elder cousins & etc etc.

I hope that the photos below will serve as memory & reminder to the boys on how lucky they were when they get older !!
Boy........we really have to stop getting anymore cars..........

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