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Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday.....MERDEKA !!

Suddenly, I just felt the urge to shout "MERDEKA" as a proud Malaysian on an important date!!

Especially this year after half the century, i.e. 50 years we lauded ourselves an independent country, celebration was 'big' throughout the country !!

So I also joined in the celebration............Merdeka's EVE (30/8-Thursday) I took a day leave (updates later ya........) & then Friday, woohoo..... holiday & week end continue !!!

That's it..........short one, time to join the rest to sleep...........zzzzzzzz

Have a good break !!

Vacation time - Need Hotel Reservation ???

Hotel Reservations

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But with today's smart technology edge, those became things of the past. For myself travelling with kids, it is important to ensure that suitable accomodation is secure for peace of mind. Factors like good price, transport conveniency, child friendly & easy accessibility are all significant in our decision on hotel reservation.

For that I found a great site that helps, HotelReservations.com !!! First of all it provides a vast global coverage of popular destinations which were grouped by region, country & city for easy searching. Once a particular city is selected, most of the popular hotels/motels/resorts would be listed ranging from reputable high class one to reliable budget type offering varieties to suit individual needs! To my surprise, with the conveniency of online booking, one could even enjoy very good discounts with room rates. Furthermore, the site also gives a brief yet precise write-up of the hotel/resort and its' location or surroundings which would definitely provide a very good heads up to those new to the destination.

Besides accomodation, the site also provide other services such as vacation packages, car & vacation rental & even flight service. I reckon that if we could secure vacation packages/rentals at 70% discount via online, why hesitate? Purchasing online not only saves up your pocket, it also saves all the hassle with paper booking and avoid getting stuck in traffic jam at travel agency!
So folks, if you are planning a vacation, wait no more...........head up to HotelReservations.com, you will not regret !!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Family affair and.....................food !!

Looks like long time never had review on food ! It was another family gathering on Saturday nite in celebration of my eldest aunt (dad's sis) 60's b'day at Oriental (which has been well known for GOOD food) !! This time everyone was very satisfied with the food. We have many fussy eater in the family (i mean obviously a case in every family) but the comments so far was worth the value! In fact my mom has already eye on this place again in my dad's upcoming b'day celebration. My mom esp. is a shark fin's lover & yesterday she had complete satisfaction with that desire !!!

Here are some of the food pictures...........

The prawns were extremely fresh..............

Fried "sek pan" with wasabi sauce

Time like this was indeed good for a long outstanding catch up. As the family members expanded throughout the years (with the grandchildren (i.e. my generation) getting married with kids or some tagging along boyfrens/girlfrens), we now needed at least 5 tables to accomodate 80% of the complete attendance!! Here is a feature of the organizer (LPing) i.e. my cousin sis, also a goodfren & of course daughter of the b'day girl !!! A lil girl seen was her niece.

The handsomes & pretty of the family..............kekekeke!!

Second from left (in white) the b'day girl but the other 3 (also aunty uncles) also had their b'day in the same month, so they joined in the b'day song singing & cake cutting session !!!

Finally a funny naughty photo courtesy of my two monkeys & my leng lui cousin .......

Those were "leaves" peeled off from the "sau pao", this naughty "yi yi" thought it looks like our tongue & so the naughties also followed suit....................


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hatchee Puppies Warehouse Sale....

On a lazy & cloudy Saturday, I should have been still sleeping at 9a.m. coz i only slept at 2a.m. the night before. But as expected, the boys would not easily fulfill my wish.............wee wee waa waa, bang the door, jump on the bed & etc etc..........arghhh, might as well don't waste time!
My sis wanted to go the H.Puppies warehouse sale in bandar kinrara.

So, got everyone ready, headed out to pick her up for breakfast & zoomed we went for our hungry grab !!! Noted that only apparel on sale & no shoes! Nevermind, still digged & digged......

Here are what we got finally.....

For the twins : Bedsheets, boxers, socks & jeans..........

For dady & mumy : Polo T, undies for him & her, socks, sleep wear.........

The twins are going to look cute on the boxers !!
These jeans are slightly bigger for their size now but the good quality convinced me to grab it still (kiasu again) as i believe very soon with a blink of eyes they would be able to slip on !!

Then, i also dun know why 'the men' needed so many undies........terrible shopaholic!!

Finally featured are the couple Polo T ("cheng lui chong"), hehehehe !!

All goes for approx. RM350 !!! ......cheap or not?? dun know!!!

Twins of coffee & tea

I received the below e-mail from someone & was so amazed with what laid before my eyes so I decided to record it down here for sharing............

I was lazy so just copy & paste from the e-mail:

A mixed-race British mom gave birth to twins recently - one of each.

No, not a boy and a girl. Two girls - one black, the other white.

The odds of such a birth are about a million to one, experts said.
It was a shock when I realized that my twins were two different
colors," Kylie Hodgson, 19, told London's Daily Mail. "But it doesn't
matter to us - they are just our two gorgeous little girls."

Hodgson and her partner, Remi Horder, 17, were both born to mixed-race
parents. Little Kian and Remee share a love of apples and the Teletubbies, their
proud mom says.

Fertility experts speculate that a sperm containing all-white genes
fused with an egg with all-white genes, and a sperm with all-black genes
fused with an all-black gene egg to produce the fraternal twins.


SO SO SO damn cute ehh.................??? Despite the color different, the girls indeed had similarity in looks though not exactly identical. So i have no doubt about it & u???

Heng Look-alike-Meter

Got this from 1+2mom, thanks Sylvia for discovering this interesting game!!

Tried it on elder twin, Sean first & here is the result, he was after his dad's look by 3% more than his mumy..........ceh, I don't think his dady is as handsome as my Sean lor !!! Mumy dun wana "kalah"/lose coz her lil baby wasn't after her look!!!

Next, is my lil Scot's result, he was also after his dad by 3% more than his mumy!!
Another blow wor......ceh, bluff wan lar!! My Scot lagi handsome.....but dady handsome meh, u say lar???

Anyway......just to made my 'man' happy, first thing in d morning after he wake up, i'll show him & will sure able to see his smiling face.......hehehe !!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

My little genius..........

Geee.............no lah, where got genius!! Whose kid nowadays don't mingle with computer at this age?? I would have to say it was all influence by "ME"...the culprit! If not b'coz of me getting hooked up with blogging so much, the boys would not have ventured into this habit at this age!!!

They love to "PLAY" computer games so much but the problem is they are not good at both operating & playing by themselves. Which means i need to be there all d time as they could easily misclick here & there..........so it could be damn tiring, boring & frustrating !!

Nowadays, they know which switches(for power) & buttons(for server & monitor) to press in order to put the PC "on live". Once everything was pressed, one of the monkey will take his seat at the desktop while the other will pull a chair from the dining table to the room for the laptop.

And this would also mean I have less chance & time for blogging......yes, they used to fight with me over the desktop. Luckily i have a 3rd option........yeah my lou kung's laptop, kekekeke!!

See..........???? aduh............dun know pain for the eyes or proud for the maturity (how time flies)??

I wish I have more time to do some educational stuffs with them over at the computer but with our 9-5 kind of schedule & by the time i am free, i just felt sorry........tired, no mood, no energy, restless............etc etc etc. So i just have to be cruel & let them torture the computers .....bad bad bad !!

Well, I further hope they will not inherit my short sightedness or else the blame would all be put on me for introducing their eyes to the computer screen at such early age !! Some more huby eyes very clear & bright, no short sighted, no astigmatism except at his age, got little bit long sighted lar.............

I have also started my little genius on a lesson at the "Speech & Drama Academy" 2 weeks back. Ohh, if you think it has anything to do with being an artist......no no no, you are wrong. I'm not in a dream to become a celebrity mom ok!! Since at this age, they are still not very much burden with homework & studies yet.........so being 'kiasu' & 'kiasi' mom, we just joined the crowd !!

It was all focus to help in the development towards better communication skills......as in spoken language! The class emphasise & inculcate a culture to speak CLEARLY, LOUD & SLOW by way of role play in a drama, games, story telling & etc. This in return would ultimately help in the kids' confidence, self-esteem & sosial skills.

Actually, I don't care so much about their social skills........not that my boys are lacking. But i began to find that their spoken language was getting a bit rotten lately. I can't blame much on this as I was well aware that most of the time, they were either talking to my mom or the "kakak" whose english standard has definite limitation. Even between huby & I, we spoke like.........70% cantonese & 30% english (mostly during an argument) & were not fluent at the language so the boys didn't really have good mentor! With the 'rojak' languages spoken at home, the kids suffered & ended up 'no where' with the languages !!

So far, they enjoyed the class so much...........which is what we had hoped for !!!

Sean koko, being the more naive one joined the crowd in the role play but his cunning little titi, Scot was reluctant to have his face drawn !!!

The TOYS have a new HOUSE........

Over the years, my naughties' toys had been mounting without any sign of stopping......

Our double-storey terrace is getting a little out of space to make way for further toy storage box/container.
So it was time to find a new house dedicated just to house my precious assets.
We didn't spent much time & effort in looking for one, just one ordinary furniture shop & there it goes, bingo........... we found one that suits our existing TV cabinet which will be located next to it.

Then, a little extra effort was invested in searching for some nice bear bear box that goes well with the dark walnut color rack. I finally found them in "Love & Lacely"........and boy, though d stuffs there were slightly pricey but i must say they have wonderful interior stuffs for d house!!

Yesterday, I bought myself a pair of 'the crocs'.............i must admit.....it used to be somethg that i dislike so much bcoz back then, the signature look was like the green one below.........put this on the kids' feet, it does look cute but on an adult feet esp the lady's..........sorry lor, it sucks man !!! It just reminds me of the Pua Chu Kang contractor shoes........hehehehe!!

Some more with d price........no way!!

But lately, they managed to expand their varieties........in which one really caught my eyes. Some of the slipper look very sporty & cool but for a pair of slipper that cost more than 100 bucks, i think it does not worth lor.........after all, i only wear slipper when i walk within 5 km from my house, or when i go 'pasar malam', or anywhere nearby when i'm not wearing any glamour clothes!!

It would be different & nice if they have sandals that are casual, comfy, sporty yet stylish that goes well with both pants & skirts. And this pair that i love has heels & yet it doesn't burden the feet much as it does not compromise the style at d expense of its' comfortability!!

Being a very safe person with colors, i've chosen this.........."chun" or not ???


Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Casserole dish.

Heard of the dish casserole??? Nope for me but nevertheless I decided to learn.

In cooking, a casserole (from the French for 'stew pan') is a large, deep pot or dish used both in the oven and as a serving dish. In the mid-twentieth century, the word also came to be used for the food cooked and served in such a dish. These foods usually consist of vegetables and sometimes meat, pasta, or rice cooked slowly in sauce or other liquid, and may be served as a main course or a side dish. Casseroles tend to be thicker than stews and soups, thick enough to be served on a plate and eaten with a fork. Here's how it should looked....copied from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia!!

It is obviously a western meal and so I requested the recipe from a foreign relative. One of the reason I had wanted to try so much was because my boys had a very "chinese" taste bud........most of their main meals consist of either rice/noodle............as if without them, they will be on hunger!! But what to do........that's what their grandma could cook & I should be more than blessed with that!

So, when the task is on me to feed them (i.e. during weekend), I'll try my best to give them chances to explore some western foods!

So, as breakfast I made some toast, sausages & salad. There wasn't much problems with toast & sausages but they freaking ran away when seeing me & huby ate the raw salad with thousand island !!!

Then the casserole dished was made for lunch. The ingredients are pretty easy to get, in fact I've very much localised it from the original recipe given to me.......like added oyster sauce, fish sauce, soya sauce & etc!

The bottom layer looks like this..............eating by itself was already good!!

Then the mixed mash looks like this............potato, sweet potato, pumpkin & spices! My boys love this so much as i think it resembles the "whipped potato" they ate from KFC, hehehe!!

Pour the mixed mash on top of the vege+meat dish.

Finally added mozzarella cheese................

Ya i knew i've put too much cheeses coz i didn't want to keep it as the last pack i kept in d fridge didn't last long, it got rotten before we have d chance to use it again.


My man said very good ahh, not bad at all, emm, emm nodded & nodded his head, then my boys also ate a lot plus showing up their thumbs when i asked them good or not. Finally after I tried myself, emm ya ya good & healthy.....no regret + perfect try............TQ, TQ...............U.Bxb

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My workstation...........

All I want to say is i'm a very very lazy person..............if i have a choice, i would love to sleep until 10am everyday, then made a healthy breakfast, savour b/fast in front of TV, put on a facial mask, go window shopping only (no buying) also never mind, lunch out, coffee & cake as tea, have girl chat, light marketing, back home for afternoon nap, sweet time cooking dinner to welcome all my dears ss home !!!

But then upon pinching & slapping myself, I realised that I can survive these routines........... maybe for a month or two, then I'm pretty sure I will start to get psycho/sicko!!! I believe I can't survive without my OWN hard earned $$$$.
So..........time to wake, fine if it's only a dream!!
On the other hand, I CAN be hardworking if I persisted, means if only I want to !!!!
I have been forcing myself to bear with my messy workstation for months. Papers/documents were seen lying in stack not file, folders full of documents waiting to be sort or shred !!! But I was just lazy to move.....plus work load continue to pile & would never go down !!!

Nearly no place to even lay my handbag, rubbish everywhere !!!
Good news was finally after July month end closing, I managed to convince my lazy butt to kick start the long outstanding house keeping or rather office keeping work!! I actually threw lots of rubbish, filed whatever necessities, rearranged the settings on my table & moved lots of files away!!

In the end, I was happy. My work station looked so much neater, pleased my eye balls, smiles on my face, refresh, comfort.............yeah !!!
I made a resolution to keep things as it is below................hopefully it made through!
GOOD ehh ???

Mom................always a mom !!

This time i'm gonna talked abt the 'precious woman' in the family............

Yesterday (Thurs nite) over the dining table we had a conversation. My younger sis was suppose to depart on a company trip late night around 11pm. The destination was Tioman Island. The whole company boarded 2 coach............boy, did i just said coach or BUS ???!!!

Anyone think of the worst bus crash in the country recently???? All of us had ! To top on that, did riding midnight coach on a hungry ghost month makes your hair stand???? That's how our funny yet naughty conversation started.

Superstitious chinese has this 'pantang' on travelling during the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar!

So, my 4th sis(Mag) started : aiyer, sit bus ahh..........some more drive during mid night wer......so scary lar!! Neh, the crash leh.............aikkkk !!!

Then me added soya sauce : yalor, out of so many time dun want to choose, purposely want to choose this date & time to go..........some more go island swim wor.......ishhhh, after hungry ghost pull yr legs when u swim !!

Mom at first supported : yala, told her don't go........but never listen, dun know ppl worry wan.....the worried face already obvious!

Then i itchy pulak : aiya mi, u forgot she still single meh......dun always wana keep her at home lar, then she kenot find boyfren u worry pulak..........nanti where to find a corner to keep her if nobody marry her off................we all giggle & giggle !!

My youngest sis (knowing us well.....) also giggled with us lar...........

Mag: See, bcoz of u, tonite sure mom kenot sleep edi...............

Mag sprinkled further pepper: Aiii....u only paid RM200, forfeit the $$$........dun go lar, sit bus wer...........Tomorrow morning ahh, better buy newspaper first thing in d morning........watch out for any news ma !!!!

Me: No, if anything happen not so fast come out from newspaper wan, must wait another day......but then where can wait until so long........make phone call la!

Then mom kenot stand us oredi...............: ok edi ahh, dun talk anymore ahh......."sei lui pao ahh" "tai kat lei si"

At that moment, we all can see her super worrying face.........mom is always a mom, heh!

Mom started her grandmother story: that's why la, always like to go out at night (refering to us), never know yr mom is at home worrying...........blablabla !!

Then, we all grab our bowls & immediately stand up walked into the kitchen & said : stomach full edi......pao pao !!!

So with no audience, the grand mother story has to end...................THE END !!

When the women love & enjoy this type of conversation, strange enough the 2 men in d house (dad & my lou kung) never show any excitement wan (mou fan yeng)............damn "sien"/boring hoh???

Friday, August 17, 2007

Season Shopping made cheaper & easier Throughout the Year!

The holiday season is just a few months away! First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, follow by Christmas and before you know it, you will have to start stocking exchange gifts/presents for the festives.

Being a Catholic family, X'mas celebration has always been the occasion where each & everyone of us look forward upon very much. Both huby & I has made it a point for all members of our little family to gather on X'mas eve for a quiet thanksgiving session for the safe, smooth & happy year-end. Thereafter, a good dining will follow suit, where gifts exchange is one of the main events on that holy night!! It is also a moment when my kids would be thrilled with the loads of gifts!

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Next on their favourite toys, I found lots of interesting selections with K.B toys deals.

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