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Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Casserole dish.

Heard of the dish casserole??? Nope for me but nevertheless I decided to learn.

In cooking, a casserole (from the French for 'stew pan') is a large, deep pot or dish used both in the oven and as a serving dish. In the mid-twentieth century, the word also came to be used for the food cooked and served in such a dish. These foods usually consist of vegetables and sometimes meat, pasta, or rice cooked slowly in sauce or other liquid, and may be served as a main course or a side dish. Casseroles tend to be thicker than stews and soups, thick enough to be served on a plate and eaten with a fork. Here's how it should looked....copied from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia!!

It is obviously a western meal and so I requested the recipe from a foreign relative. One of the reason I had wanted to try so much was because my boys had a very "chinese" taste bud........most of their main meals consist of either rice/noodle............as if without them, they will be on hunger!! But what to do........that's what their grandma could cook & I should be more than blessed with that!

So, when the task is on me to feed them (i.e. during weekend), I'll try my best to give them chances to explore some western foods!

So, as breakfast I made some toast, sausages & salad. There wasn't much problems with toast & sausages but they freaking ran away when seeing me & huby ate the raw salad with thousand island !!!

Then the casserole dished was made for lunch. The ingredients are pretty easy to get, in fact I've very much localised it from the original recipe given to me.......like added oyster sauce, fish sauce, soya sauce & etc!

The bottom layer looks like this..............eating by itself was already good!!

Then the mixed mash looks like this............potato, sweet potato, pumpkin & spices! My boys love this so much as i think it resembles the "whipped potato" they ate from KFC, hehehe!!

Pour the mixed mash on top of the vege+meat dish.

Finally added mozzarella cheese................

Ya i knew i've put too much cheeses coz i didn't want to keep it as the last pack i kept in d fridge didn't last long, it got rotten before we have d chance to use it again.


My man said very good ahh, not bad at all, emm, emm nodded & nodded his head, then my boys also ate a lot plus showing up their thumbs when i asked them good or not. Finally after I tried myself, emm ya ya good & healthy.....no regret + perfect try............TQ, TQ...............U.Bxb


1+2mom said...

It look so delicious..yummmmm..when i want to make i'll call you ar.

papajoneh said...

HI here jacss? Nice there. Nice to know. thanks for dropping by and wishes for my twins. Just for info, yo're now in my sidebar "twins parents" link.

Wow, there all looks nice and delicious. So creative one. and B4 i go, Sean & scott looks so matured and yet still cute for my eyes... Probably im getting used to loking at boys only LOL.
oklah..commented too long not good for health. cya around Jacss.

yenlin said...

why does everyone (wife) know how to cook except me huh?! T_T

Mummy to QiQi said...

Jacss, it really looks professional!!

Jacss said...

no problem sylvia, just let me know, i'll email d recipe to u.....
it's worth trying...d kids would love it very much if they r keen with tomato paste & mash potato!!

ppj: thanks for d link, i shd create one too! without a lil princess, we have to learn to "love boys" yeah !!!???

yenlin: u wana learn, i can teach u...very easy wan, come on, dun be lazy......i'm sure u can do it???

aduh Chinnee, got prof meh?? paiseh lar!! but i know it looks good...eeee, perasan nya!!

Annie Q said...

Wow..this is fattening and yet yummy! East meet west huh? Good combination..!