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Friday, August 24, 2007

The TOYS have a new HOUSE........

Over the years, my naughties' toys had been mounting without any sign of stopping......

Our double-storey terrace is getting a little out of space to make way for further toy storage box/container.
So it was time to find a new house dedicated just to house my precious assets.
We didn't spent much time & effort in looking for one, just one ordinary furniture shop & there it goes, bingo........... we found one that suits our existing TV cabinet which will be located next to it.

Then, a little extra effort was invested in searching for some nice bear bear box that goes well with the dark walnut color rack. I finally found them in "Love & Lacely"........and boy, though d stuffs there were slightly pricey but i must say they have wonderful interior stuffs for d house!!

Yesterday, I bought myself a pair of 'the crocs'.............i must admit.....it used to be somethg that i dislike so much bcoz back then, the signature look was like the green one below.........put this on the kids' feet, it does look cute but on an adult feet esp the lady's..........sorry lor, it sucks man !!! It just reminds me of the Pua Chu Kang contractor shoes........hehehehe!!

Some more with d price........no way!!

But lately, they managed to expand their varieties........in which one really caught my eyes. Some of the slipper look very sporty & cool but for a pair of slipper that cost more than 100 bucks, i think it does not worth lor.........after all, i only wear slipper when i walk within 5 km from my house, or when i go 'pasar malam', or anywhere nearby when i'm not wearing any glamour clothes!!

It would be different & nice if they have sandals that are casual, comfy, sporty yet stylish that goes well with both pants & skirts. And this pair that i love has heels & yet it doesn't burden the feet much as it does not compromise the style at d expense of its' comfortability!!

Being a very safe person with colors, i've chosen this.........."chun" or not ???



Annie Q said...

Wow wow! Nice shoe! Very fashion too!
Good choice.

Jacss said...

Fashionable hor........thank u !!