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Saturday, August 18, 2007

My workstation...........

All I want to say is i'm a very very lazy person..............if i have a choice, i would love to sleep until 10am everyday, then made a healthy breakfast, savour b/fast in front of TV, put on a facial mask, go window shopping only (no buying) also never mind, lunch out, coffee & cake as tea, have girl chat, light marketing, back home for afternoon nap, sweet time cooking dinner to welcome all my dears ss home !!!

But then upon pinching & slapping myself, I realised that I can survive these routines........... maybe for a month or two, then I'm pretty sure I will start to get psycho/sicko!!! I believe I can't survive without my OWN hard earned $$$$.
So..........time to wake, fine if it's only a dream!!
On the other hand, I CAN be hardworking if I persisted, means if only I want to !!!!
I have been forcing myself to bear with my messy workstation for months. Papers/documents were seen lying in stack not file, folders full of documents waiting to be sort or shred !!! But I was just lazy to move.....plus work load continue to pile & would never go down !!!

Nearly no place to even lay my handbag, rubbish everywhere !!!
Good news was finally after July month end closing, I managed to convince my lazy butt to kick start the long outstanding house keeping or rather office keeping work!! I actually threw lots of rubbish, filed whatever necessities, rearranged the settings on my table & moved lots of files away!!

In the end, I was happy. My work station looked so much neater, pleased my eye balls, smiles on my face, refresh, comfort.............yeah !!!
I made a resolution to keep things as it is below................hopefully it made through!
GOOD ehh ???


Mummy to QiQi said...

Jacss, u have such a nice work station. can blog freely and no one sees it?

Jacss said...

oh yeah, u notice ehh, d place indeed was full of privacy but then not really can blog freely... coz my IT co. can be very intelligent.....what u do online can be traced.......wan !!!!

1+2mom said...

If me after 1 week all go back the same place..hehe.

Annie Q said...

U got ur own room is it? I can see got a pair of sport shoe!
Yea..very neat and tidy now..hahahaha

Jacss said...

nope annie, it's not a room though it is as good as a room itself (only without d door.......(^_^)

oh ya...d shoe u also noticed ehh, i go yoga sometimes during lunch time ma.......