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Friday, August 24, 2007

My little genius..........

Geee.............no lah, where got genius!! Whose kid nowadays don't mingle with computer at this age?? I would have to say it was all influence by "ME"...the culprit! If not b'coz of me getting hooked up with blogging so much, the boys would not have ventured into this habit at this age!!!

They love to "PLAY" computer games so much but the problem is they are not good at both operating & playing by themselves. Which means i need to be there all d time as they could easily misclick here & there..........so it could be damn tiring, boring & frustrating !!

Nowadays, they know which switches(for power) & buttons(for server & monitor) to press in order to put the PC "on live". Once everything was pressed, one of the monkey will take his seat at the desktop while the other will pull a chair from the dining table to the room for the laptop.

And this would also mean I have less chance & time for blogging......yes, they used to fight with me over the desktop. Luckily i have a 3rd option........yeah my lou kung's laptop, kekekeke!!

See..........???? aduh............dun know pain for the eyes or proud for the maturity (how time flies)??

I wish I have more time to do some educational stuffs with them over at the computer but with our 9-5 kind of schedule & by the time i am free, i just felt sorry........tired, no mood, no energy, restless............etc etc etc. So i just have to be cruel & let them torture the computers .....bad bad bad !!

Well, I further hope they will not inherit my short sightedness or else the blame would all be put on me for introducing their eyes to the computer screen at such early age !! Some more huby eyes very clear & bright, no short sighted, no astigmatism except at his age, got little bit long sighted lar.............

I have also started my little genius on a lesson at the "Speech & Drama Academy" 2 weeks back. Ohh, if you think it has anything to do with being an artist......no no no, you are wrong. I'm not in a dream to become a celebrity mom ok!! Since at this age, they are still not very much burden with homework & studies yet.........so being 'kiasu' & 'kiasi' mom, we just joined the crowd !!

It was all focus to help in the development towards better communication skills......as in spoken language! The class emphasise & inculcate a culture to speak CLEARLY, LOUD & SLOW by way of role play in a drama, games, story telling & etc. This in return would ultimately help in the kids' confidence, self-esteem & sosial skills.

Actually, I don't care so much about their social skills........not that my boys are lacking. But i began to find that their spoken language was getting a bit rotten lately. I can't blame much on this as I was well aware that most of the time, they were either talking to my mom or the "kakak" whose english standard has definite limitation. Even between huby & I, we spoke like.........70% cantonese & 30% english (mostly during an argument) & were not fluent at the language so the boys didn't really have good mentor! With the 'rojak' languages spoken at home, the kids suffered & ended up 'no where' with the languages !!

So far, they enjoyed the class so much...........which is what we had hoped for !!!

Sean koko, being the more naive one joined the crowd in the role play but his cunning little titi, Scot was reluctant to have his face drawn !!!

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