Our precious twins

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Heng Look-alike-Meter

Got this from 1+2mom, thanks Sylvia for discovering this interesting game!!

Tried it on elder twin, Sean first & here is the result, he was after his dad's look by 3% more than his mumy..........ceh, I don't think his dady is as handsome as my Sean lor !!! Mumy dun wana "kalah"/lose coz her lil baby wasn't after her look!!!

Next, is my lil Scot's result, he was also after his dad by 3% more than his mumy!!
Another blow wor......ceh, bluff wan lar!! My Scot lagi handsome.....but dady handsome meh, u say lar???

Anyway......just to made my 'man' happy, first thing in d morning after he wake up, i'll show him & will sure able to see his smiling face.......hehehe !!!


1+2mom said...

haha..your hubby sure very happy that all look like his side. It seem like your twins is identical lor.

Jacss said...

yeah, of course he is happy!
In fact, his teo chew ego rise so high up........

yenlin said...

they are identical rite?!

Jacss said...

yenlin: to us they r not lor!!!
we could easily identify them, hehehe!!