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Monday, August 13, 2007

I signed up for PPP

Obviously blogging has introduced PPP to me though initially it has never cross my mind that I would be part of it now.

Through blogging I've even managed to made a couple of new friends. And the great thing is most of these bloggers are earning income from PPP. I got so envy and was so tempted to be part of them but my time and resources held me back then.

But I've learnt that with my passion in writing and persistency, I should be able to manage my limited resources to earn a lil extra $$$. I even reckon that it would do no harm if fulfilling my interest in writing could at the same time earn me a little extra income! Furthermore, it would be a good back up as a source of income earn at your own free time.

So I've finally made up my mind, I went to Sasha's blablabla and signed up for payperpost. I'm sure this is a smart decision. I would also like to thank sasha for her unselfish sharing of the technical bits with the signing up procedures at ppp, thanks babe!!

As my blog post basically surrounds my life, my family & myself, it would be more interesting if I could relate these parts of my life to my future 'paid'/'sponsored' post. Then hopefully, reading these 'paid' post is just like reading any of my regular interesting and exciting post!!

Lately, I am quite keen into doing online shopping considering the conveniency as well as the fact that it was hassle free. So with the extra $$$ earn from PPP, I'm sure it could further ease my habit of shopping online.

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Mummy to QiQi said...

congrats to u, dear. next time we can share our *cakap-cakap* about this 3P thingy :)

Jacss said...

thanks chinnee!!

i'm so glad that i've finally earned my very first USD20......
yeah yeah, my first post approved edi.....woohooo, what a motivation ehh?