Our precious twins

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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Take a look at the kiddos below........do u find them familiar????



Yes, that's 'leng' mummy Annie's little cruz & fearles.....look at the big round eyes, tsk tsk tsk, so jealous hor...!! fearles was a little sleepy then & very clingy to mumy, yes i have to agree with their mumy that this pair of twins are so different, ko-ko a bit 'si man' & shy type while di-di is a lil more explorer!!! Boy...These cuties might look like a little 'big boy' in photos but was rather unexpected to see them such babies in real.....haha !!!


And this is Amah's kieran with Sean....... ooops, sadly little kylie has been neglected by the boys during photography session....what to do, 5 against 1 wor.....!! But kids being kids, she was seen happily enjoying the boys' companion actually.....hehe

amah showing off the 'motherly' side of her.....hehe

Btw, after seeing the photo only i realised how 'BIG' my boys are....despite 2 years older, kieran looked very much the same age as mine, haha....

NO, of course i didn't kipnapped the kids, the mummies met last Saturday at SS2 for a dim sum lunch! Well, I reckoned it was the BENTO phenomenon that led to this meeting. It all started with that min 'siu cheh' from S'pore offered to sell some bento gears. My order was placed & the goods were passed to annie..... so that's how d meet-up was initiated.

That's how BENTO connects BLOGGER too, LOL !!!

It was a 'fun' chatting session with these 2 down to earth, easy-going & humourous mummies. We basically 'yak & yak' over everything under the sun!! I particularly like people who are naturally open, easy & willing to share as i've always like to be of this type ........nice meeting you guys & i shall look forward to more in d future...!!

Here are the penguin silicon cups all d way from s'pore....thks min & annie!

Then, how come so many other loots wan....??? Our meeting point was at 100 yen shop ......

"dang, sei loh.....buy more la, what else??"
At the sametime, i also bought the below Mickey airtight box from annie.

Next, i also found the quill eggs mould in 100yen shop....kudos for bringing it in, i think they must have begin to feel the heat of doing 'bento' here lately!! Well....RM4.90 for 2 pieces, what can i say....grab first la...

Can u guess what's the below item? I have absolutely no idea as there is not even a single word in english!! So i asked the sales person & my guess was correct, it was instant noodle!! My silly boys thought there is toy inside & kept pushing me to buy.....i gave in as i was curious too, haha!!

The boys can't keep the noodle any longer, they remembered i promised to cook it the next day!!

See below how cute ....... omg, isn't the japanese so brilliant ???!!

Those "round pieces thingy with pokemon character" actually resembled our fish cake, i tried eating one. But boy....don't u think there were just too cute to be eaten??

The boys went thrilled....woo woo & wah wah !!

And here is their SUNDAY's bento lunch at home.....

To compensate the guilt of serving them instant noodles & fried nuggets, i shoved in 2 pieces of cherry tomatos, brocoli, home-made fried wantan & some pear in the penguin silicon cup!! The boys were reluctant to eat the tomatos initially but I threatened & bribed that if they don't eat them, i'll never buy the pokemon maggi mee again, hahaha & d bribes worked, thou there's no promise that mumy will honour it.....so bad !!

Finally, here is another baking practice during the weekend.

" Cranberries Soft cheesecake "

It doesn't looked very appealing but taste wise, it was ok to me but surprisingly my boys like it. Huby said the texture was not soft enough, yet the boys like the mild cheesey flavour that went well with the cranberries sauce !!!

Being the usual 'blurie' me, i just came to know that my boys' kindy will be closed for the whole of next week. Wed & Thurs will be public holiday in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidilfitri and i believe many would be taking a whole week off but not me.

And i'd partially prepared the boys' tomorrow bento.....aikkk, again?? Nevermind, it'll be their breakfast at home.... And i'll be taking a rest on the kids' bento next week, thou i'll still do bento for myself !!!

For those not working, Happy holiday !!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bento week # 15 - Wed & Thurs

It was days filled with bread and more bread....
I am not a bread person so on a usual account, it's very unlikely that i will make bread for the boys except when i'm in a lazy mood.... lazy to lit up the stove, lazy to lay my hands on veggies/meat.....zzzzzz !!

Bread with loads of LUV...

Cut out a heart shape and apply it with peanut butter & a slice of cheese (see below).

Then the square bread is left with a hole in heart shape! I dipped this whole slice of bread into the egg mix before frying it on a lightly greese pan. Then spooned more eggs onto the hole & bring it to cook. Turn it over to fry the other side slightly until brown.

So, now they have 2 flavours of bread:

- one is peanut butter & cheese &

- one resemble french toast !

In the little container was tomato sauce for the egg bread! And the kinder chocolate spoon was just nice the size to do scooping from the little container.

Recently, i bumped into this product from GLAD's range. It was paper rainbow bags which can be write-on and the more fun part is it came with varieties of stickers!!

Thought, it would be fun if u could write a little sweet message for them! But mine could not really read yet so i better kept it simple & short, else if i write all those lovey dovey message, 'nanti' the teacher also 'beh tahan'......


Here is a dinner left over for my bento, courtesy of mom of course.......

Top left was Yam, while it does not look very appealing, but i like the taste so much. Next to it was chicken cooked taufu skin, fungus & ginger (a very typical chinese dish....). A simple one suffice to fill my stomach !!!



Again, was lazy also so am going to make do with bread.......this time,

Hot Dog bun pizza !!

1) Apply generous layer of olive butter;

2) Lay finely grated garlic;

3) Sprinkle the chopped sausages & crabsticks;

4) Sprinkle pepper, parsley flakes & cheese;

5) Toast to brown.

A little too brown though...........

It not only became the boys & my bentos, the boys couldn't stop munching them that night, served them supper !! Guess, they like the garlic smell.........

I was barely left with only 3 pieces..........

Another day to go for this week......i'm wondering what to do for Friday!! It'll be for the boys only coz Irene-zekerene already 'ajak' me for lunch & parkson-bonuslink members' day!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bento week # 15 - Tuesday

Tuesday = snack / dessert day!!

Yesterday night while at mom's house, i had my eyes glaring at the bunch of bananas hanging at the window which looked too ripe to eat so my itchy mind was thinking it would be put to good use if i use them to bake !!!! I wana gained more support to my intention by asking around if they want a banana cake for breakfast the next morning!! My mom laughed nastily as usual & my dear huby immediately told her off by asking her to better keep her head nod NOW that her daughter is willing to bake!!

He said : faster say "yes" la..... she's willing to bake for u also want to think ahh???

Then, both my parents burst into a laugh.....the rest was history !!

It tooked around 1 hour from preparation till decorating. During the baking time, my dear lou kung kept shouting from the living room : woooh wuah..... very "heong" ahh / smell good woh!!

I know he was acting notty & like to teast me but am glad that he's showing support la......

This time around, the bake was a success.......

I baked a few mini version for the boys which happened to fit in nicely into the chip & dale mini box below. Decorated with a piece of marsh mallow fastened with a musical food pick!!

That is their Tuesday's bento !!

Hope they like it....

Bento week # 15 - Monday

The boys' bento on Monday.
I kept few sticks of the grilled terriyaki chicken i cooked on Sunday which i figured was good for bento.
The boys new Hot Wheels lunch box (bought from Carrefour at RM7.90 i think)
Top: 2 sticks of chicken beside the blue silicon cup that contains edamame & 1 pc of steam brocolli.
I was actual 'gambling' if the boys would eat these 'greenies'....and my instinct was true, they did not touched the greenies at all! I had earlier let them tried few drops of the edamame which i had tossed with a pinch of salt. They ate a few but later in that evening, they told it was not nice........sigh.......no choice la, "min keong mou hang fook" !!! And the more heartache part was d 'potato maid' threw them away...... that's bcoz she was fasting i guess!!
Bottom: 1 piece of ball rice with a train shaped seaweed & 3 pcs of grapes!
I applied some unagi sauce on the rice in the morning before warming the rice till soft. They finished & like it.
Btw, i discovered these 'tools' in several stationary corners arounds and had been thinking if it can be used as seaweed puncher like those sell by bento accessories suppliers! Finally, i saw people using these too ....and i didn't hesitate to grab them anymore bcoz they are relatively cheap (range from RM9.90 to RM13.00 each) as compared to others which can be easily sold at more than RM20/RM30....... phew, still no sign of stopping..... !!!
Below was my bento for Monday. I had similar dishes as the boys. I like the feeling of biting the edamame from the skin.

Steam brocolli, carrots sprinkled with pepper & salt.
Terriyaki chicken.

Zuchinni & Crab sticks with mushroom.


As i mentioned in my earlier post, i baked for my sister the below batch of cupcakes which she intended to treat her colleagues!! But actually the bakes didn't turned out to be a very successful one.

We did 2 rounds, the first being the banana & macademia cupcakes!!

Those with 2 red hearts...but my sis said d cake texture was like rock wor.... Actually, after chilling them in the fridge, yes they tend to be a little hard but once they are left in room temp, the texture should be ok......she was just not knowledgeable, cis !!!

The 2nd batch was pre-mix blueberries cupcakes....those decorated in pink & yellow toppings!! While they may looked nice in photos (if u ever agreed), my sister was just way too high in her expectation and could not be contended with home-made bakes with 'luv' lor..... "kik sei ngor"!!

Our first try on making the icing cream topping FREAKED the hell out of her as i silly went and used whipped cream only without any icing sugar & butter. It went haywire & my initial intention to use blue colour made the outcome even more scarry!! Anyway, after the 1st failure, i tried using butter + icing sugar & no more blue color.......pink & yellow...... at least still ok, hahaha!!

Boleh tak.... ???

Monday, September 22, 2008

The twins and their weekends.....

My boys had a very weird sleeping habit. Either one of their hands or legs got to be clinging/touching someone (either huby or me). And even if we managed to shoo them away while they were fast asleep, they tend to be easily woken up if their hands & legs aren't touching any human!! Usually huby needs to allow himself to lie down in between d 2 boys when they are ready to retire..... Their queen bed is just next to ours but every night without failing, they will get up punctually & crawl up to our bed so we will end up with 4 fat pigs & piggies squeezing on d king size bed the next morning!! At times, it can be really frustrating coz it kinda limits our movement which also means we hardly have a very flexible & comfortable sleep...... :( sigh!

Despite we renovated their bedroom & tried putting them to sleep in their comfy mattress, they will still get up in d middle of the night & WALK back into our room !!! sei mou.....??
Now i began to wonder if it was due to the "physical CLOSENESS" they had been experiencing ever since in the womb.....being twins....that they are now in dire need of companionship ??!!! Since birth, they had been living & doing things in pair.....doing almost everything under the sun together. But lately, dady & mumy are getting lesser & lesser in tolerance with this habit. We will 'beat' / 'push' their limbs away whenever they tried to sneak under us.....and at times dady even reluctant to entertain their request to sleep in between them!! Dady said: big boy edi.......
So few nights ago, while dady was busying with his laptop in d room, i caught them hugging each other (seeking companionship) like d below, ...... LOL !!!

Awwww.....no matter how much they fought.......

Saturday was another busy day for us. First half of the day was gone with the boys attending their abacus arithmetic lesson. Both huby & I actually wasted 2 hours hanging around waiting for the boys to finish the class which can be tiring too. Turning back home was a tad far in distance....:(P.......By the time we were done, we had about an hour of rest in the afternoon before i started my cooking for that night.
Another pot luck session at my elder sister house which is just across our housing area, hers is the new phase!! Sister invited mom & dad over for dinner so since we were so near, it would be more merrier to have us around.
We reached her place earlier as the boys had been very whinny for another cycling session on the road!! Right opposite sis's house has a quite steepy road which the kids deemed very fun for their cycling stunts but huby mentioned that he was so worried seeing the boys speeding down with the bicycle!! Just a rock, they would have trip & fall rolling......... The sad thing was, the boys were not keen to put on the safety gears (ankle & knee pads) we bought them last week!! Apparently, they claimed that the pads made them uncomfortable with their movements!! And we've yet to find a good helmet.... Guess, we gotta be more strict in enforcing the safety gears ruling on the boys the next time around, or else they would risk not having another cycling session!

My 'fatty' Sean showed a 'nasty' face coz he was forced to stop by his mumy for a photoshot....hahaha

The ever smiley Scot........

Since it was pot luck, i'm sure you wana know what was my 'showcase' for the night.......rite??
Here you go :
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken satay/skewers with carrot, pumpkin & cucumber !!

Steam minced chicken meat on japanese tofu. Top with finely grated carrot & cucumber!

.... GOOD AHH ....???

NEXT are my sister's offerings :

She's a big fan of soup, without one in a meal would die type!

So here is her " hak yi kai "/ black chicken herbal soup

Others were steam fish, minced meat with tofu (yes again....) & veggies....

Our dinner ended around 9:30 pm.....obviously continued with the chinese tea session over the dining table 'gossiping'....

OOh ya, btw i ventured a little further last weekend with baking some simple cookies, the recipe of which i adopted from the blogsphere....

As it was a virgin attempt, i expected some kind of failure but was indeed surprised that it turned out very 'ok' !!!

Before decor......

After decor......

My almond & orange cookies

The following day (a sunday), i had agreed with my mag (4th sis) to bake some cupcakes for her colleagues, a little treat that she wanted to give her colleagues as she bids farewell to that department!! alamak........ u say i pressure or not....?? next post ya.....

btw, i forced mag to take a box of my cookies for her colleagues too, where she had initially hesitated. Then her sister win over the persuasion, so off she brought the cookies along to work on Monday!! This evening (Monday), she SMSed me saying :

eh, your cookies very 'laku' la, before lunch time oredi finished.......can make bis!! ngek...ngek...ngek !!! thou i can confidently said that the cookies are edible, of course i knew that my lil sister was actually teasing me!! aiya, for m'sian.... free 'makan' sure can finish wan.....rite??

The monday blues had already over......hope u will have a good week ahead !!