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Monday, September 15, 2008

Bento week # 13

After the big feast during mid autumn at mom's place, there were lots of left over food for my bento !!
Here is one.........wuah, on one hand....how i wish to have it everyday, but on the other hand, i believe it's quite taxing for someone who should be taking care of her diet !!


This was the final bento of the boys last week.

It was fried rice where i used a japanese spices bought recently. Included in the fried rice:

mini french beans, sausages, fishcakes with fried garlic on a piece of star shaped cheese!!

the 2 tiny pieces of baby tomato were a trial & error on the boys (only sean ate it thou)

~~ 2 pieces of ferrero rocher chocolates as a treat ~~

Btw, the potato maid also had a bowl of my super nice fried rice as her break-fast meal in the morning!


Irene said...

yummy nyerr... btw, got an award for you :)

renet13 said...

Thumbs up again from me to you. Keep bentoing bento queen!

jacss said...

ooh...award ahh, will check out...tq ya!!

aiyo...queen of eating yes la, paiseh edi !!

LZmommy said...

Thank goodness I had my breakfast :) Otherwise I will be drooling looking at your bento :)

huisia said...

wow,makan post again?! :)

JO-N said...

Jacss.... help..... can't seem to have time or energy for bento. I'm constructing a post on bento before and after the maid gone and I seriously need some tips as to how to get the bento spirit back. I wish I stayed near you, next to you and can pop in anytime to learn how to cook and bake.

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ So delicious!

Hijackqueen said...

Wah, read from the previous post you made that mango swiss roll. Look like professional bake.

slavemom said...

Ur boys love cheese vy muc hor. Fried rice oso got cheese. :)
My boy is crazy over cherry tomatoes. He'll pick and eat them 1st if he sees them in his rice.

jacss said...

ooh my dear...JO u really made me blushed....as if i'm really a good cook where in actual fact, i'm still struggling to be frank!! take it easy...

hijackq: eh, prof bake u r calling ah....where ah....where ah??

ginie: eh, am real surprise that yr boy like tomato leh...usually it's very challenging to get kids to eat them, bravo!!