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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bento week # 11

Below are 2 left over dishes from dinner which i made into bento for myself :

1) fried mee hoon & chicken porridge


2) Top : Chicken cube cooked with potatos in oyster sauce in the round container;
Bottom Left : Stir fried Lettuce

Bottom Right : Carrot slice on rice


On a night when i was a little energetic, i made sweet corn pancake for the boys!
Ingredients = pancake mix flour, sweet corn, brown sugar & olive spread.

When the pancake was brown at the bottom & bubbles at the top, start to sprinkle the corn & sugar on the surface;

Once the side facing top was a little yellowish, you can start to flip it over into half, press it a bit to ensure that the corns were fixed into the pancake;

Here is how it looked in the bento box. I diluted some honey sauce in the bear little sauce container for further sweetness !!!


Next is an instant mash potatos. It was surely an easy preparation.......that was very intelligent creation!

Top left : finger chocolate biscuit from Mark & Spencer

Top right : box of mash potatoes

Bottom : cut sweet mangoes

..... the cute winnie d pooh lunch box .....


Finally, another fast food bento......hehehe

Left : 2 pieces of chocolate cakes

Right top : sausage & cheese stick

Right bottom : 2 quill eggs & some soya sauce in the green little container.

Happy Bentoing !!!


Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

yum yum pancake corn.

shoppingmum said...

Wow, I like that pancake and corn idea. I will try that one day, my kids sure gonna love it!

Anggie's Journal said...

wah sai .... ur bento-ing getting great each time...
The pancake mix flour, ??? what u means mix flour ?? Flour for pancake ?? i wanna learn this pancake la.

Annie Q said...

i must learn from you la, bring my own bento food to work, rather than go ta pow everyday.

allthingspurple said...

wah..normally, my rice is that big round container and side dishes go to the 2 small ones. I think I should eat only a small portion of rice and lots of protein like you do leh. God knows how much I need to diet in view of my expanding waistline.haha!

LZmommy said...

I like the corn with pancakes!

You are a hard working mum :) Preparing bento for your twins and yourself too.

slavemom said...

That Goldhill mashed potatoes nice ah? Will look out for it the next time I go sundry shopping.
And the pancake sure vy nice lah... n sweet too. :) Usually pancake mix edi got sugar inside, then u add sugar samo, n give them honey to dip. Sure nice! hehehe

Rjoc said...

Yes Jacss, you can invite us all around for a meal one time. Mr Heng's cooking has been relegated to the back?

Sasha said...

eh not fair la.. yrs look like cincai tah pau but yr kids wan so nice wan..

Jacss said...

ms.2be & shoppingmum: thanks & i'm happy that d corn pancake was well received !!

anggie: pancake mix is pre-mix or ready-made flour for pancake which means u didn't have to add in any ingredients apart from water & eggs! check it out & u will find it...

yes annie, tat way u can control d portion & oil....hehehe

sure or not chris...i see yr bento also very healthy what!! yes, rice is so harmful to us at our age...
waistline...mine lost oredi !!

lzmommy: tell u a secret, i only prepared kids bento, most of my yummy bento came from my mom la... they were dinner leftover, hahaha

ginie: d mash potato ok la for me but luckily my boys took them well...give it a try, coz it's quite handy with smaller individual pack! arghh...i didn't realise it was sweet until u pointed out, hehehe

arghh...uncle, this is such a burden task leh...don't wana embarass myself la! i'll rather bring u to sumptuous yummilicious food than having u regret...what if d cooking fails, no agree??
yes, mr.heng has been shaking leg for quite a while but thank god he has been passing around good words on my cooking!!!

zewt said...

so cute!!! i want one... with more corn!

little prince's mummy said...

ur bento all so cutie!~

JO-N said...

Got some pancake mix flour in my cupboard. Got to get some corn and try your recipe. The mash potatoes look great too!

wen said...

i went to this bkt tinggi BBQ rest few weeks ago only! it was on my blog too! haha