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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bento week # 15 - Monday

The boys' bento on Monday.
I kept few sticks of the grilled terriyaki chicken i cooked on Sunday which i figured was good for bento.
The boys new Hot Wheels lunch box (bought from Carrefour at RM7.90 i think)
Top: 2 sticks of chicken beside the blue silicon cup that contains edamame & 1 pc of steam brocolli.
I was actual 'gambling' if the boys would eat these 'greenies'....and my instinct was true, they did not touched the greenies at all! I had earlier let them tried few drops of the edamame which i had tossed with a pinch of salt. They ate a few but later in that evening, they told it was not nice........sigh.......no choice la, "min keong mou hang fook" !!! And the more heartache part was d 'potato maid' threw them away...... that's bcoz she was fasting i guess!!
Bottom: 1 piece of ball rice with a train shaped seaweed & 3 pcs of grapes!
I applied some unagi sauce on the rice in the morning before warming the rice till soft. They finished & like it.
Btw, i discovered these 'tools' in several stationary corners arounds and had been thinking if it can be used as seaweed puncher like those sell by bento accessories suppliers! Finally, i saw people using these too ....and i didn't hesitate to grab them anymore bcoz they are relatively cheap (range from RM9.90 to RM13.00 each) as compared to others which can be easily sold at more than RM20/RM30....... phew, still no sign of stopping..... !!!
Below was my bento for Monday. I had similar dishes as the boys. I like the feeling of biting the edamame from the skin.

Steam brocolli, carrots sprinkled with pepper & salt.
Terriyaki chicken.

Zuchinni & Crab sticks with mushroom.


As i mentioned in my earlier post, i baked for my sister the below batch of cupcakes which she intended to treat her colleagues!! But actually the bakes didn't turned out to be a very successful one.

We did 2 rounds, the first being the banana & macademia cupcakes!!

Those with 2 red hearts...but my sis said d cake texture was like rock wor.... Actually, after chilling them in the fridge, yes they tend to be a little hard but once they are left in room temp, the texture should be ok......she was just not knowledgeable, cis !!!

The 2nd batch was pre-mix blueberries cupcakes....those decorated in pink & yellow toppings!! While they may looked nice in photos (if u ever agreed), my sister was just way too high in her expectation and could not be contended with home-made bakes with 'luv' lor..... "kik sei ngor"!!

Our first try on making the icing cream topping FREAKED the hell out of her as i silly went and used whipped cream only without any icing sugar & butter. It went haywire & my initial intention to use blue colour made the outcome even more scarry!! Anyway, after the 1st failure, i tried using butter + icing sugar & no more blue color.......pink & yellow...... at least still ok, hahaha!!

Boleh tak.... ???


khongfamily said...

I was actually thinking the same thing when I saw the craft punchers at Tesco. I saw similar seaweed punchers on NST. So I bought at Tesco but yet to try on seaweeds yet.

shoppingmum said...

Got craft punchers at Tesco??? I better go check out. At stationery section right?

slavemom said...

The craft punchers suitable for food stuff or not? Can u wash them? Won't they go rusty?
U can tell ur maid wat r the things that can be kept in the fridge if the boys din eat them. So it won't be wasted mah. Some of the ingredients r exp one.
Based on the response from her colleagues, of coz the cupcakes "boleh" lah. The look n the taste oso "boleh"! ;)

Anggie's Journal said...

oh, 1st time i saw the craft punchers , mayb i m not into bento-ing yet ...
The cake not bad lor, the topping look good also ... practice make more perfect . So, let us work harder to get a better topping ... hahhaha, i still experience it too...sometime very "kek sum" people mostly don't like the topping wan, especially adult, sweet kuah. So for adult normally i used "lil" topping, for kids i used more .....
My hubby always said, if bake cake, make sure divide 2 portion, one must without topping *-*

Fara said...

omg.. delicious cupcakes.... XD

zara's mama said...

you didn't show us the scarry batch of blue icing? :P

the pink ones look nice.