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Thursday, January 22, 2009

ALL SET for the " Kung Hei Fatt Choy "

Just as i started to feel that the various year-end celebrations & greetings seasons had dimmed down a little, here we are greeted by the delightful Chinese New Year !!!

Needless to mention, another busy period!!

Yet, no matter how busy i may claimed, it is still inevitable to steal some time to do the preparation work in ushering this big festival !!!

Again lets make the photos do the talking.....life's too busy for writing lar....sigh !!!

Our pussy willow plant

surrounded by some 'fake' cherry blossom

the unavoidable festival goodies

don't worry, they were not all meant for our stomach, but as gift during CNY visit !!!!

also the boys' lion head was there for display this year (as they had outgrown playing with it since last year)

some prosperity plants that i managed to RESCUE since their dying episode last year

some OX figurines around the household so that the moo moo became happy & blessed us thru out this year !!!

This year, i brought home some beautiful cookies to further boost this JOYOUS occassion!! i'm the type that has the fondness & extra "admiration" & "treasure" over pretty & beautiful stuffs.....no matter what they are (be it food, household stuffs, display items, clothing, fashion..... etc etc)

So, the moment i saw SuYin's delectable cookies for this festival, i knew i had to own it.....i just couldn't resist getting one for my home!! To me, not only that it serves to fulfill my passion for the "exquisiteness" but i was more assured of the quality of SU's creation (in terms of taste & texture of the cookies) .....wow, what a compliment there, huh!!!

too bad if u like to have it coz order was already closed ler!!

here you go


Simply awesome ART

Beneath each figurines, there are different types of cookies (ranging from peanut cookies, pineapple cookies, 'nga-ku'/arrow head chips & etc....)

** even the heavy white ceramic tray....i love it so much **

Since this year, my in-law will be celebrating the CNY in their NEW HOME back in A-Setar,
the GOOOOOD DIL took a little extra effort in showing our support & welcome to the new house by getting an add'nal "delectable cookies set" from SU for the new house!!

I'm glad that the house renovation could made it in time for the celebration, heard that they just finished off with the spring cleaning last Tuesday. Plus our hand-down sofa set has safely arrived AS yesterday..... gee i'm excited to 'balik kampung' this year !!!!

here is the smaller set for MIL

apart from that, it was also a norm to present the below goodies gift pack to my
in-law upon reaching home late this Friday!!

I will usually include a "health drink" (like DOM, Yomeishu or bird nest in the previous years) but this year i bought an Korean imported drink which was recommended by the chinese medicine shop's boss! Also seen are Brand's chicken essences, canned seafoods for steamboat, various favourite cookies.......arrow heads chips, prawn crackers & ....... did u see the pineapple rolls .................. ahem ahem......it was my biggest accomplishment for this festive!!! Finally was a batik long blouse for FIL....every year he got one from me, wonder if he can wear them all....hahaha
even my cherry blossom flower art was already on my toe........**grin**

Ooh ya....before i forgot, way before the arrival of CNY, we had already started with the

"LOU SANG" customs!!!!

It was during the recent 1st BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION of our GOD SON, baby kendrick at Unique Fisherman seafood restaurant!!


it was another time the twins got to 'monkey' with their cousins !!!

been meeting up with relatives "very often" these few months...... where on a usual account, we would only meet during the CNY or family's wedding!!!

I bet you too would have all prepared to welcome the CNY by now!!!

The HENG Family is here wishing you an early



with loads of good health, good furtune & happiness !!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My other loots from Japan .....

Very strange....that i find myself ENJOY tremendously seeing the shopping loots of others, despite the fact that i might not have any intention to own them!! Just like how christene indulged in those cute, girly, sweet, funky & expensive cloth diapers for Ash OR like how amah recently pampered herself with sexy & glittering heels!!

Maybe that's what mother nature has moulded us (women) to be...admit it, we all LOVE seeing what others bought from their shopping, no?? Yes, i heard some of you who mentioned about how eager you were to see my other loots from my recent shopping encounter in japan so i'm hereby obliging your request ....... !!!
So i hope you will enjoy it too......

Well, very much contrary to what most of you would have thought, i found myself NOT really buying as CRAZILY & as much as i had initially thought !!!!
I categorized the items i bought as follows :

1) TOYS for my boys !!!

There are many animations & characters that were originated from japan....such power ranger, ultraman, doraemon, just to name a few that i'm aware of. Not to mention those unique robots or the likes.... I had expected to get very good buy in this aspect but i ended up very disappointing!
Firstly, i can't blame it as i don't think i'd been or even took the effort to locate the right place for these stuffs. I think all i cared more was to find my bento stuffs......LOL LOL, terrible mom!!
Actually, along my whole journey, i did tried to see if there's happen to be good spot of any nice toys BUT ....sigh!! So until the very last minute, i had to resort to randomly hopping to a departmental store & grabbed some stuffs for the boys .........or else, i will be dying of guiltiness if i ever came home empty handed !!!

Anyway, here are what i got for them ..... not very japanese, not that cheap & nothing special..... :(

somethg like LEGO set

somethg that the boys had long to own
remotely controlled helicopter
thomas chocolate & doraemon candy


2) BENTO related

Apart from those that i've shown in this post, these are what i'd got for myself:

animal shaped seaweed

more barans

leave food picks

seaweed in soccer shaped & there was even a football mould for rice

more sushi rice mould

alphabet cutter/mould

dinosaur bread cutters

Sushi candies
... cute right ...

more candies & chocolates

these are how the Thomas individually packed chocolates looked like

makes very good treats in bento box

Cookies in Doraemon shaped nicely packed in a Doraemon sandwich basket

i like the sandwich basket more, but luckily the boys said the cookies were tasty

oh ya, i nearly forgot to mention how disappointing i was to discover that the price of lunch boxes in tokyu hands extremely high ....way too expensive for our currency!! So i DID NOT get any lunch boxes there except the above 2 Stiches little containers!! Since we could get pretty nice boxes in Parkson for less than RM20, i can forget about getting any cheap & nice boxes from japan thou i had been eyeing in the Shinkansen train boxes for like ages....!!!



As you can see above, all the snacks sold in most of the places i visited were very nicely wrapped....exactly like those that we would do to gifts & presents!! In other words, the japanese was very successful in attracting me with their awesome packaging of their snacks!!! Without even tasting food, i felt like i had to own them....gosh!!!

very cute & eye-catchy rice crackers
sadly hor....i saw these similar crackers in jusco today......blek

hello kitty cookies (with red bean paste inside)

green tea mochi (my all time favourite)

various flavours of rice crackers

hokkaido famous chocolate cookies



colourful chopsticks

orange peeler / opener (from Tokyu Hands)

i had testified this product & it is indeed 'helpful' .....


So, HOW WAS IT ???
As i had mentioned, generally there were only 3 categories of items that i bought being bento/kitchen related, kids related & food/snacks ..... though there are quiteeeee a number of them lar ........ blush !!!

Not really many right ????
*** faster tell me ***

And my justification for the lacking in other areas like fashion (clothing, shoes & etc etc...) was simply bcoz the currency was just not worth the spending especially in view that we can always have better alternatives back in our home country!! Clothing wise, it was totally out of the question as the season then was winter !!! Shoes ??? Lots of nice boots there but hey, i've never ever chance upon any occasion that deemed suitable wearing one .....
some more hor, u got see any pig legs wearing boots & still look nice or not ???

Anyhow, since everything else require 3 times our currency to buy, i also had to equally think 3 times lar.....unless if the items are not available back home at the same price.....errrg like the bento stuffs ....haha (always have exemption wan) !!!

I was glad that i managed to grab some worthy stuffs from Taipei at way more reasonable prices!!

There end my shopping TALES from japan !!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

UPDATED : What a token from *SUNSWEET *


grrrrrr.....so geram & was cursing all the way.....u see how my luncheon meat turned out???


I called this a GIFT !!! A gift that came just in time for the festive season !!

A month or so before, sasha's friend asked if i'm interested to testify the products of a company as part of its' marketing gimmick as well as to further boost awareness!!! In return we are just 'encouraged' to give our sincere testimony and no 'hard sale' is expected !! Obviously i see no reason to reject it !!
A BIG THANKS to sasha, hui min & teik senn !!

And of course i wasn't the only blogger invited to participate in this campaign .....many other bloggers around would have already received this same goodies pack !!

lets check out the content ....

I must say i'm quite impressed (will tell u why later) with what i see inside, though i've tried most of the snacks before.....with the exception of the below TULIP luncheon meat !!!

It is all acknowledged today that luncheon meat is no longer an acceptable food in our diet due to reason obviously known .......
yet i trust that you & I still thinks that it is a very delicious food, no??? emm.....yum yum !!

Since young 'mader' already said we cannot eat this food too much, so my brain has forbid me from buying this for ages....in fact, i think my boys had not tasted this food before !!!
But now that i received this for FREE, no way that i'm not eating it
who cares.....eat first lar !!!
Btw, i'm not that worry as it is not from CHINA, LOL LOL !!!

Next item is the most impressive part among the goodies which i'd mentioned earlier!!
The pack came with a complete RECIPE folders !!!
Although the main reason behind the recipes was to call for the use of their products, i'm still very much attracted with their creative recipes !!!
As if they just knew how passionate I am into baking & cooking recently.......** wink **

I collected the goodies together with Irene in KLCC and the first reaction from Irene in an sms to me was :
" wuah...got recipe file wor, geng lar....good for you man...hahaha "

Complete recipes from main dishes to cakes, muffins, cookies & snack !!!

Meaning....??? ?? i got more work to do lar (as if i'm not busy enough......grrrrrr) !!