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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Orientation, Primary School Begins & Bento...

There will be a super long 'rojak' updates next, so better get this fix first.

We being the 'new parents' to primary schoolers finally had the FEEL of what it tastes like.... of the "havoc morning rush for school" !!

I had initially doubted & got angry why our "cleber govt" imposed such an early time to begin the primary school session, but after giving a thought over the time an ordinary working 'slave' (as if i'm not) needs to report to work (which is like around 8-9am), i turned wiser & be more acceptable of this routine!

Gotta got up latest by 6a.m. & got myself ready in 25 minutes. Then hopped over to the boys' bed with uniforms and started to give them 'ALARM' with my noisy voices (helo...morning boys...wake up edi...going to school...yr friends waiting to see you...bla bla bla...)

By the time i finished changing them, they would have been woken up...then gotta dragged them down to brush teeth (a very quick one though), wipe their face to freshen them, comb, drink a cup of either honey/milo/water!
Very quickly they will be asked to put up their socks & shoes while i had my final pack of things before leaving the house amidst the dark sky still at 6:50 a.m.....crazy !!!

Here are the boys putting on their shoes
Scot got very annoyed with the flash & mommy shooting him .......kakaka

here's the zombie look of Sean

And a 'force' smile from Scot.....haha

By the time we defeated the terrible traffics & settled at the school compound it was nearly 7:20am though the entire journey approximately 7km should only took us 10mins to arrive!!

The bell rings at 7:30 sharp.

Here are the boys gushing hurriedly into their classroom.............like 'tai kor' coming.....
apparently eager to meet their friends!!

How are they doing in school???

See below ...... it was Scot. What do you think happened?? Crying??...whining??








... NAH ...

He was just reluctant to be snapped by the camera!!

But too bad, blame it on having a blogger mummy lor.......LOL.

My monkeys WERE (according to my judgement) indeed monkeys of the class......!!
Both of them just couldn't care less, thus walking & running about in the classroom disturbing their 'gang' of friends (as if they have known for ages) while i can see other angelic boys & girls that sat quietly on their respective chairs. Apparently the class teacher was busy handling the parents over the students' affairs on the first 2 days of school & can't bother much !!
Scot seen transforming his new pencil case (bought from HK, Disneyland) into a "gun-like toy" & started playing it as one with his classmates!!
The teacher has arranged the boys to seat next to girls for obvious reason we all know. And my Scot was placed at the last row of seat which i would have to 'talk' to his teacher one day (if the need arises), should he ever behaves like a monster at the back, he better be transferred to the front for a good watch by the teacher!!

I really sympathies the quiet & shy little girl who sat next to him lor....hopefully this monkey won't bully her so much.....sigh !!!

Here's Sean ..... looking a little more innocent than his cheeky lil brother but certainly not much better !!!

Being still a new comer plus given only an allowance of 20minutes for recess time, i got really freak out thinking of getting my boys to queue & buy food for themselves!! As if there will be earthquake if another 10 more minutes are given for the recess time......at least 30minutes should be more appropriate lar!
So being the 'kiasi' mom, i signed up for the meal package for the boys. RM40 per month per head. Each kid will be given a number which will be sticked on the table where food will be served when the kids arrived at meal time. The menu list of the meal has quite a lot of varieties too, much to my pleasure.

Hence, i should be spared of preparing bento for them i thought. But after the first 2 days, even my mom also advised me to keep 'some snack' in their bag as their meal time is 9:30 in the morning, and by 1:30pm when school finishes, both of them were screaming in hunger!! Yet, my mom said they would still have to bear being caught in the heavy traffic jam for at least 1/2 hour before reaching home for lunch around 2pm.......poor boys!! So having some simple snacks in their bag at such time would certainly ease their growling stomachs!!
But it would be tough to think of what food that still made good snacks after enduring at least 5 hours in the lunch box!! So for the time being, i could only think of bread so i made use of the various bread cutters newly bought recently!!

A Milo wafer, a peanut butter & kaya wholemeal sandwich in stitch shaped, 2 cubes of cheese & some sultanas in the little container !!!

The next day has similar snacks too ..... but this time using the mickey shaped seaweed as decor!! Ooh ya....the Madagascar bento set (by Tupperware) was newly purchased from
Peggy (LaundryAmah)!!

Ooh ya, the boys attended a holiday camp of 10 days in their new school during the school holiday. It was more like a tuition & revision actually. I'm glad that the boys' language skills in Bahasa were very much brushed up in this camp. Especially with their current 'kakak' that only speaks bahasa to them, the boys' picked up the language pretty fast surprisingly this time around. After the 10 days lesson in school, they came back kept humming in a bahasa song!!

check out what they sang !!!
i was hidden behind at the kitchen when i captured this video of the boys in action !!!

So far so good, i'm very much pleased with the environment & atmosphere of this brand new government school of 2 years!! All i hope is that the teacher would be patience enough to guide & teach my hyperactive & naughty boys!!
Seems a good start, no cry, no tears, no fuss.....**someone beaming in pride**....hehe

Happy Schooling boys !!


shoppingmum said...

True true, bread can stand for more than 5 hours, that's why I tend to stick to bread too. Your boys look smart in their uniform, and it's great to have old friends in the class leh...

renet13 said...

Welcome to Daniel & Dennis' morning routines. But amazing mommy still gt time for beautiful BENTOs.

The Negaraku video clip is soooo sweet & cute. Not bad huh..they willing to practice at home some more!

Sean & scott..study smart ..njoy school!

huisia said...

6:50am not early la if compare to our days! :)

i really salute you, you're always a great mother to prepare nice bentos for them!

slavemom said...

Wah... the boys look so smart in the uniform! Eh, chg 1st oni brush teeth? Won't get wet?
As for the transformer pencil case, u'd better remind them not to play with it during lessons. If not the teacher will confiscate loh.
Their schoolmates must be vy envious of the cute n lovely bentos prepared by the dedicated mommy. ;)

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

They both look very handsome in their school uniform!

Irene said...

ya loh, 650am vy good time de la, i remembered my skool days, i gotta wake up at 530am! freaking 530am!

wah, nowadays meal package very femes ah in skool? all skool doin tiz or selected? good lo, no need Q, and kids has sharp 20 mins to eat. if not Q & eat, 20 mins mana enuf la!

ur boys very hensem la!

LittleLamb said...

are the twins in the same classroom? i wonder can the teacher differentiate them hehehehe

khongfamily said...

Wahh..your boys seem to adapt very well in school eh. Good to have some familiar faces at school.

Mummy to QiQi said...

really too early the morning session hor..how about enrollment into afternoon class later?

nowadays almost every school got this makan package. save us the trouble, good also.

LZmommy said...

Morning jam is horrible isn't it? Because of that most kids would have to wake up early.

I would have a hard time to think of what to prepare to that will last till later too. Whatever you prepared, I'm sure your twins will be happy :)

laundryamah said...

how I wish my son will scream in hunger!! Somehow the little food that I pack for him also too much for him...sigh...

Annie Q said...

Bravo Sean and Scot, no crying, no fuss on the first day. :) and they look so smart on their school uniform.

hehehe, look at the girl sit next to Scot, she look so shy. Did Scot talk to her?? So cute! How about Sean? He sit alone?

Jessie said...

I noticed you stitched the school badge above the pocket. Isn't that too a bit too high up? Where are you going to put their name tag next?

Health Freak Mommy said...

Your boys look soooo alike! I bet the teachers will have a hard time distinguishing them.