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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bento week # 19

I've got a couple of very good buys from my recent Tokyo visit that made excellent compliments to bento and i just can't resist using them immediately, amidst my current hectic schedule!!
Plus some of the food were not meant to be kept long, so can't really delay using them up!!

This maybe just a piece of ordinary jelly in soda taste but take a look at the sea animals that were embedded inside.......so cute & interesting right !!

Next is the japanese version of FISH CAKE.
I didn't really went around looking for this, but it was an unexpected stumble at a small convenient store of a train station!!! I got very excited seeing them. And there were many other interesting characters (minnie, pooh bear, donald etc) to choose from but after checking out the expiry dates, i knew i can't afford to buy more. So i was compelled to just picked one, and that was a Mickey fishcake.

Here is the first bento after my return from Japan.

Grilled drumsticks, baby tomatoes & cutie mickey fishcakes on a pool of fried rice.


More fishcakes around some shaped smiley wieners!!


This was a sandwich bento prepared using some newly bought cutters for our recent family outing to Sunway Lagoon.

There were also quail eggs to compliment the sandwich.

The boys had a superb time splashing water with their cousins....as it was their first time visiting the waterpark!! Sean kept yearning to come back .....


Next is a weekend home bento.

a new try on the wiener cutter

pooh bear's house bread with cheese

strawberries with sugar for dipping

bo-bo cha-cha dessert


Another weekend home bento.

Did the TOAST looked familiar?? An imitation over one that i had in a rest. at The Garden.
Toast served with varieties of spreads (kaya, condense milk, peanut butter & milo powder).
Verdict was the boys adored them so much!!
There was also a sausage roll at the top, cup of yakult & few more pieces of sausages!!


Finally, here are 2 REAL Bento sets for myself !!

Stir fried cabbage & carrot with my no.1 favourite ingredients, chilli padi !!

Brocollis & Cauliflowers on fish balls and drunken prawns (courtesy of mom)

My 2 pieces of TULIP rice which were greeting YOU with their smiley faces & pinkish cheeks !!! smile back yeah..........'chiak' !!


There was a night when i was preparing a bento for myself, my little sister who was around my house shown her interest in wanting a lunch bento too for herself !!
So i obliged & made a little extra for her.....can't beat such a nice sis leh ??

As mom was in a rush to go, i gotta fix a quick one for her.....
here was a simple one arranged for sis

sliced boiled eggs on sweet potatoes rice, some sausage, green sprouts & a pool of lettuce at the bottom with some fried garlics in the silicon cup!!!

sis was at least a little impressed but mom was jealous & commented my cookings as
"kuai seng kuai yeung" .....LOL

Here is a similar bento for myself

The only difference was i have more time to allow the rice to cool down & have them "balled up" & wrapped using the new rice ball wrapper i bought from japan ...... gee cute or not??

Hope you had enjoyed viewing some of my latest bento works !!!


huisia said...

oh, you're so talented in preparing bento! The fish cake looks so special, i wondered how did it taste?!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

SueSue said...

Wah the rice ball is so nicely wrapped in a cute wrapping paper. Hahaha

Happy New Year to you.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Wow you're so good at bento-ing!!! Happy New Year!

slavemom said...

Wah... after a visit to Jpn, ur bento-ing skill has improved so much! ;) Esp love that happy tulip face. Got blusher samo. :)
Eh, that jelly with sea animals u make or buy one? And the Mickey fishcake is really not for eating! LOL
The kids sure had a lot of fun at Sunway Lagoon! I wonder which kid wudn't want to go again? :D But the 'guard' din chk ur bags? No outside food allowed leh.
Jac, wishing u n ur family a Happy & Joyous New Year!

Health Freak Mommy said...

I really love your Bentos! So creative!

renet13 said...

I cant enjoy enuf seing ur bento & keep saying your twins r veli lucky to have such bento talented mommy who is so rajin & patient to make bento for them!

Cheers to 2009!

Annie Q said...

Wah! The mickey fishcake look so kawaii! And the rice ball with the cute wrapping paper. Can re-use the wrapping paper or is it one time use?

Happy New year to you and your family!!!!

JO-N said...

Wow!!! Jacss, you are great! Funny, it's always after some purchase that boost our bento spirit. At least I'm like that. Are you?

We went to Sunway very recently too. Don't tell me we were there on the same day and did not meet??

All Precious Moments said...

Woman, I really love your bento!
Especially the tools you bought from Japan, so cute & useful!

Happy new year!!!

wen said...

love the mickey fishcake!!!!
wei, i oso like cabbage with chilli padi wor!!!! can eat whole plate!!

LittleLamb said...

wahhhhh the bentos are so cool...
u really put in a lot of effort.

Wishing you & family a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Anonymous said...

really Japan is full of surprises! I've been watching the show Tokyo walker and the other food one at WLT...really tempting me to go!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

got such cute fishcake. wonder hw they did it??

allthingspurple said...

huahhh..look at all those food !! I have been oh-so-lazy over the school holidays. No bento for like what? 6 weeks. haha. Now its back to 6am. wake up call getting kids ready for school.

Hows your little hensems' first day back in school?

Arlene said...

Oh! all so nice your bento tools...any extra not sold yet..ie pooh rice mould?*_* My email : aloke28@yahoo.com if you have any. Thks.

Irene said...

walaoeh, i like the toast with varieties of jam on them. nice!

i also like the cabbage with cili padi! omg.... i like all your bento. can i pay u a token of appreciation & u make one for me ah? i come visit you in ofis, can ah! excited la see all tiz!

can ah? can ah? can laaaah!