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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

BENTO gears from Tokyu Hands

** Hello.... Hai hai **
i'm back....

yes, despite the year-end craze (both with work & personally) i got to be back here to deal with the bento loots that i'd brought back from Japan ......

Some were pre-ordered & taken up while some are open on sale (if anyone interested).
Anyhow, you can have them first hand Christene as promised, bcoz i had mostly gotten them with you in mind ..... u being the persistent bentoist !!

I had initially thought of posting the original cost of the items in Yen currency and the converted amount in MYR but after giving some thought, i reckon it is not wise to do so as a form of respect to other sellers of the same items around the blogsphere as they might be earning a living out of this....

Though i'm not into making a profit out of doing this, yet i would like to ensure that i DON'T lose out on currency exchange......pretty fair & reasonable i suppose ??!!
So I had leave the original price tag intact & you can just lift up the sticker with converted currency to view it.

Your understanding are much appreciated !!

Btw, i enjoyed browsing & shopping the bento gears so much .... my colleagues got FREAK OUT seeing how much i walloped, hahaha
And i was surprise that only after doing all the currency conversion, i realised these stuffs are NOT as CHEAP as i would have thought. Now i began to understand why our 100yen shop here do not sell them ........
none of the things i picked up from Tokyu Hands are near the price of 100yen or RM5.00!!!
In particular, i was a tad disappointed that the price of the lunch boxes in Tokyu Hands are far beyond my imagination so i just couldn't extend my hands to pick any of them !!!

For you to choose first Chris
Let me know this thurs if you already have any of them.

(1) Seaweed face puncher - 1 set each for Chris & Amah
RM70.00 each set

(2) Triangle Sushi rice mould / case

(3) Sausage cutters

(4) Tulip flower rice mould

(5) Sauce bottles

(6) Pooh Bear rice mould

(7) Animal paper cup

(8) Shaped seaweed

(9) Pooh bear shaped seaweed

(10) Paper cup

(11) Pooh Bear anti-bac / protection sheet

(12) Anti-bac sheet

(13) Cute animal baran

(14) Japanese cat baran

(15) Rice ball wrapper

(16) Pooh Bear plastic bag

(17) Purplelish flora bag

(18) Animal paper cup

For Irene

(19) Bread / multi-purpose cutters
RM19.00 each
Total = RM57.00

(20) Pooh Bear Cutter with Face Stencil

U think u like this ??.... (21) little cute food picks with 5 round silicon cups at

i remember you said other food picks are very long & sharp so how about these short ones??

For Chooi Peng

thanks for recommending this to me.... else i wouldn't have been able to taste such a wonderful delicacies from Hokkaido !!!

Each box is RM57.00
Total 2 boxes = RM114.00


Looking forward to meet you guys .....


shoppingmum said...

How I wish I have that pooh bear rice mold and seaweed!!! You got so many great bento stuffs from Japan.
BTW, I miss that chocolate cookies too, it's really a delicacy...

Arlene said...

Great stuff you have. Love the Miffi rabbit!!

chooi peng said...


slavemom said...

Really shop till u drop huh? N these r oni loots from ONE store. hehehe I think d pooh seaweeds r cool! Can't wait to read more abt d trip.

Irene said...

mati kudasai. nevertheless, thanks a lot madame Jacss. appreciate your sumbangan. wakakakkakak!

Annie Q said...

Welcome back leng lui!!!!!!

I like the tulip flower rice mould and the shape seaweed!! :)

laundryamah said...

*rubbing hands in glee* i can't wait to feel the loot!

allthingspurple said...

hee hee. I shy to list down so I text you instead, Jaclyn. See you tommorrow with yozora, laundryamah, chooi peng (maybe?) and irene then. Mwah !!!!

Jessie said...

Wah seh, tabik you la. Bring back so many stuff.

Mummy to QiQi said...

wah seh!!! Shiok man u!

Anggie's Journal said...

wow .... great shopping for bento ..
beside bento, what u get ar ???

huisia said...

wow wow wow...
hehe..i am so keen to see your other loots!!

wen said...

how can u not shop for those accessories when in japan right?!! u hv been traveling and shopping a lot eh!