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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The LOOTs first.....

Hey hey hey..........we are finally back !!!
We are all very exhausted but filled with tons of memories......
There are surely lots of things to sort out & organise before i can put up an update here......

So why not take a look at our loots first....... a surely mouth-watering appetizer !!!

Here you go :
21/6 (Saturday)

Does these look familiar ????

The BENTO kits
wow......wow......walau ehh.....

Frankly speaking, i learnt of this 'bento' thingy not long ago but i just can't tell how & why i could felt instantly in love with them!! I had browsed & browsed where i could get these tools locally but noticed they were not commonly found, even if there are, they were certainly very very much "over-priced" here. So knowing that i will be heading to HK, i hold on to that urge to buy as i believe they could be easily found in HK & cost much cheaper!!

Very true, they were at least half the cost of getting them locally.....i felt extremely 'happy' & excited having them in my hands now......hahaha, yes that's how crazy i am!!

Actually, i really don't know why i'm happy about having these tools as they simply mean i will have more 'cooking job' to do......

So, here's what huby warned me with a 'sharp' glare from his eyes:

"make sure YOU are going to use them ahh" !!!


22/6 (Sunday)

It was suppose to be ' To spend the whole Day ' in DISNEYLAND but we only left for the place after lunch since we knew that we are going to stay up there until the closure of the place at 8p.m. where the spectacular show of the fireworks begin.

So, in that short 2 hours of morning shopping before we left for Disneyland, i still 'sempat' to grab this bag which was already long-waited in my shopping list......... 'phewww' ...... felt so good. It cost at least RM450 cheaper compared to here as HK is a duty-free country (for branded bag at least) so the Chinese from the mainland were seen buying Lv like eating 'sang choi'/lettuce like that !!

The boys really got lots of loots from the Disneyland. All the things are really beautiful that even i myself couldn't resist buying..........

The first to go were these 'cool' & 'cute' umbrellas.......as the whether was hot burning!! And they cost HKD100/RM50 each.....

A very good quality photo frame for a family portrait at the Disneyland. HKD150/RM75 (i would say it would certainly cost much more here)

Fridge magnets/photo frames

Pencil case

Watches (HKD100/RM50 each)

Lunch box (HKD70/RM30)....premium quality too!

Lollipop sweets for the cousins

Ahhhh.....minnie mouse watch for 'me'.....hehehe so cute lar.......

Keychains for the handbags......


24/6 (Tuesday)

Huby had uncle Sam (his uni friend) brought them to the TOY wholesales place located at

"Sham Shui Po" while I was at work!

Similar range of these stuffs here cost at least RM60 & above (Takada brand from Japan) but "the BIG KID/huby" found them very cheap in HK.....only half the price here so he got as equally excited as the twins and bought almost the entire range available there !!

Finally, here are the food stuffs.......

The 'wife biscuit'/ 'lou poh peng' is a must-buy snack for me coz i just love them......but only authentic ones from HK, i wouldn't go for those found here coz they don't taste the same!

Next is a new try for me....i had been thinking for quite a while whether to buy it coz my HK colleague said it tasted very very good. Since huby also agreed & very keen to get them, i decided to go ahead trying out something different.

Well, after trying it.......though the taste wasn't bad at all but the feeling of muching 'the tongue' kept haunting my mind negatively, in particular where there are fine bones in between the flesh.... so much so that i felt very guilty & disgusted eating them !! Well, guess I'm just not adventurous enough but i see that my huby really enjoyed eating them....tsk tsk tsk!

Quite a bad damage this time........time for recuperating !!

Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm sorry if you happened to hop over & see nothing exciting!!

As we are too busy holidaying, we shall be back with lots of interesting updates!!

CHEERS from Sean & Scot for all !!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day to all

Just a quick update to wish everybody a
Happy, Joyful & Wonderful Father's Day !!

It was so nice of my sis, Mag giving us 2 movie vouchers. I wouldn't have step into the cinema if not without these free tickets. I decided to drag my 2 monsters along since I felt so guilty of not spending enough time with them during the recent school holiday!! Furthermore, with the showing of Kungfu Panda now, i became more keen of bringing the boys for the movie. We chose Thursday evening for the show to avoid the weekend crowd. Huby picked up the boys after their afternoon nap & met me at KLCC after work. We just top up RM13 for 2 children tickets.......not too bad!!

Well, both huby & I do enjoyed the comedy show very much except that we still had to tolerate the disturbances caused by the 2 monkeys!! I now realised that my boys speak very loud as they seemed to be unable to control their voice despite the sudden & short silence of the cinema environment!! People surrounded could obviously heard the two of them chatting away loudly but thank god they couldn't be bothered much by the nuisance created.......credit to the excitements created by the bubbly PANDA !! I would say the boys did enjoyed the show except that they are still not quite ready to sit still watching the movie till it finishes.......sigh :(

Back to the father's day celebration. We had sort of celebrated one session much earlier when my in-law visited us around end of May. A big feast was definitely not spared. Besides the big eating session, we also spent some quality time around the mall. This 'father' or grandpa must be extra ordinarily happy that afternoon that he became so sporting & participated in some of the games held in the shopping mall !! It was fun, cute yet warm watching back the clips....

Last friday night, as usual the teacher put up a thoughtful artcraft work for the children in conjunction with the coming Father's Day!! Of course it is important to make the father 'HAPPY' on this occasion as the poor father works so hard to feed not just the family but also indirectly contributed to the teacher's pay, no meh???...hahaha

The 'soft-hearted' dady was so 'lum'/melt seeing these....

The greatest part was, the children were even taught to read the sentences on the 'card' for their dady!!
ARGHH.....now wouldn't you also be able to imagine how these words could melt 'the father' ??

To all the FATHER (my dear, my dad, my FIL, unc. Bob and ......)
you have my respect & hats off for the role of taking care & protecting your beloved family!! Enjoy....

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Their STUNT........

The boys love seeing themselves in the video...... which kid wouldn't yeah?? So while i was in action snapping some photos in the room, the boys bugged me to shoot a video of them having a 'kung fu' stunt or something......

And that's how this video came out. By the way, this is not a rare scene at home...... in fact, it's almost a 24 by 7 kind of stunt that can be seen at home during the weekend...... so much until we get quite immune of it!! If it didn't end up in a loud cry/shout/scream....we wouldn't be bothered much..........sigh !! And let me tell you.....situation like this will not end by a mere yelling or shouting, only with the flash of the cane, the stunt can be put to an end !!
At first, it was Sean that attacked his little brother.....but the little one didn't just give up and got all his way up to get back on top of his brother !!!

Did i scare you or i'm not alone?
Btw, i like seeing chubby kids wearing sexy singlet like these......

Is this wise or silly.....???

Being already "lou fu lou chai" / long married couple, it's not easy at all to think of a gift for each other!! Too many occassions throughout the years we've been together so it was the case of ............. "ideas-exhaustion" !!!

--> if it's somethg that i could afford ...... then i know he will not be impressed !!!
--> if i want to impress him ...... then it would mean serious damage to my pocket !!!

Recently, he has bought some real expensive shirt (d horse which he has been admiring for awhile) but he kept his desire unfulfilled until the brand was on SALE !!
After his purchase he jokingly suggested that i sponsored him partially so i don't have to get him a b'day pressie!! i said for what.....if i'm only paying him money (for things he has already paid) ......simply means 'nothing' !!! So I ignore him...... he got to pay for his own luxury needs!!

After much thought, in the end, this was what i got for him.........

His reaction after unwrapping this was a very loud :

" kau chor " ???? / a mistake ????




















Since ultimately i had wanted for him a "good health " more than anything else, why not getting him this detoxifying drink?? isn't it a 'wise' gift & not silly as he claimed??
anyway, while he enjoyed the drink very much.... i felt my money worth spending !!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's Malaysian authentic....?

In 2 weeks time, we will be heading to HongKong. Almost a week will be gone which mean works will be piling thereafter. As this is also my official working trip, there are additional paperworks to prepare for the conferences besides other routines. Anyway, i don't care coz i'm only looking forward to visiting Disneyland with my boys & 'lou kung'! Plus possibility is there might be an outdoor activity being arranged by my company to the Ocean Theme Park...ngek ngek ngek!!

So this week will be occupied to clear off some upfront work....for eg....u know that monthly important task called 'payroll'.....else by the time i'm back my colleagues here would curse me for the late coming $$$$. Then coincidently, there is also this ad-hoc UAT project which was still bugging me.....hate it....hate it......who wouldn't dislike if it means distorting your ordinary & peaceful work cycle?? Anyway, whatever it is...... that's life we call....full of unexpectancy !!

And life can really be stressful when all that matters are to race & race against time.

And out of the hectic schedule, i still have an important... yet not so important (u may say) task to accomplish.....that's to get " THE SOUVENIRs " for my counterparts in HK. I bet you agree that little stuffs like this is just so important when meeting with some distance friends. For some of the colleagues that we had been working together over the years, we had develop a relationship that certainly worth the effort to extend our appreciation/gratitude for the return favours/assistance or simply collaborative efforts in completing some task together!! So there is this lady who is neither a superior nor subordinate but just a peer who are very helpful & nice so i decided to get her a gift........been thinking for a while what to get her. She is easily 10 years my senior so it's NO easy task to get a suitable gift for her. Instead of getting the usual displaying souvenir, i have finally decided to get a consumable item that ladies (of all ages) love to use ...............yeah, a lipstick!

For sometime, i have been eyeing on this ANNA SUI cosmetics...... i have neither use it nor knowing if it's good, instead i just simply adore & got melted over the design & beauty of its outlook! They are just so so so girly... so fashionable ... so fancy.... so unique.... so creative.... i just fall in love with it! And so i had been finding excuse to get my hand on it one day which eventually came.......i got one as a gift & how could I not be getting one for myself....that's just not me?? Then my conversation with the sales assistant got more & more indepth and my weak nerve failed in holding back my desire so i ended up falling into the trap of "buy more up to a certain amount to get the FREE gift set"!!

At first, i landed myself on the eye glitter cream.......

But still not enough to reach the target.......so the next choice is a lip gloss !

then OK i reached the first free gift target.... but then.... i was only a little more behind from reaching the biggest FREE gift..... that is almost the whole range of their skin care products .... arghhh, greediness eat me up!!!!

so this time my instinct told me to get a neccessity item (which i'm going to get anyway in d future) & there goes my final target..... the UV/Sun foundation care. I tell u... for those who r fond of using foundation with UV protection, do give this a try...it's amazing... coz it gives u an instant "clear bright" look !!!

The ultimate objective of the whole struggles in me was to get this.........

Btw, these 2 mascara set (included above FOC) have been missing from my collection... so they came in just in time..... too nice to be real, huh!!

Now, my dilemma is these "flower-dovey" little boxes are just too awesome to be thrown away!! I'm out of idea what should i do with them..... there's no way that i'll let them get into the dustbin so i think i'll just keep them for my eyes until they bore me out someday sometime!!!

OK that's enough of promoting & boosting about anna sui......i don't get any commission out of it!! Btw, i'm a bit hook up with this 'sui' products until i nearly forgotten the FOCUS of this post!

The lipstick above is only meant for a special colleague but i still have a whole bunch of colleagues working along with me in my HQ and i can't be getting each & everyone of them a gift, right? So....i'll just settle with getting some Malaysian authentic snacks to share among them. Now don't u agree that this is a task even more tough?? "Hongkee" are known to dislike spicy / strong flavour food & are very health concious. Yet our Malaysian food/snack is famous for its' strong spices.....in other words mean unhealthy!!

So please help me to think.............so far, these are what i have in mind:

-penang "tambun biskut" with the "tao sar" filling in sambal flavour (MIL brought us recently & tried it...quite nice);

-ipoh chicken biscuit / "kai chai peng";

-"sart khei ma"......forgot what is this call??;

-triangle shape dodol of both coconut & durian flavour;

-probably some "kacang putih" ("murku assorted".....banana chip.....the likes);

- anymore please ???????

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Begining of life at 4x.........

When Mag (my 4th sis) was asked how many candles she needed for the cake she purchased, she said " 4 "......and almost instantly, the cashier said: ooh, 4 years old ahh? Then Mag burst into a laugh....explaining that nope, it wasn't for a 4 years old kid BUT it was for her bro-in-law who turned 40 years old !! Needless to say they all laughed for a moment!

I agreed it was rare for someone at such age to even think about celebrating the occasion but somehow I reckon it was an important milestone we both achieved in our life/marriage as husb. & wife!! We've not just known each other for nearly 10 years, shared the happiness & sweetness in life but we'd also walked some dull moments together!! Like any other couples, we'd been thru lots of ups & downs too.

I somehow feel that it was the beginning of a new chapter in life when one strike an age that begin with number '4'....no more calling yourself 30s, hahaha !! Maturity & stability are 2 traits that will surely be associated to that age!! Attaining such age will certainly NOT lift the burden weight off the shoulder instead will only add on to it.....

From a very young age, i already had a thought that being in a man's role is always 'tougher' than that of woman's (though i know many would not agree with this)! I used to & still think that man has a "heavier" responsibility than a woman in many aspects towards the family & children !! If a man is able to 'provide' sufficiently (if not very good) to the needs of his family & children, people would generally said HE is a GOOD husb/father. Instead, if HE ever failed in this role, there might be a possibility that HE is not regarded as a GOOD one! And if a woman is MADE to support the family (even if it's her own willing), than people would said SHE doesn't has a good life b'coz naturally people would think that the husb. is incapable of fulfilling the role to support the family. The rule of thumb is such that man is meant to be the 'MAIN' bread winner of the family........arghhh, i'm kinda 'freak-out' thinking of it.......thank god i'm not......
And for that, "if" given a choice, i will never want to be a man (even in my next life)!!! You may find it silly or disagree but yes, that's what i think......how vulnerable?

And so far.......... i did count my 'blessing' that 'my man' has carried his role 'well'. Like any ordinary human, he does has his shortfalls but i'll just have to keep reminding myself that he has carried with him much of the family's burden thus leaving my shoulder nearly weight-less!!

To appreciate what he has contributed, i threw a little party at home to mark this special occasion and the achievements we'd attained thus far. Initially he was against the idea, but after i promised to bring down the headcount to only my immediate family members, he compromised!

We begin the day with a swimming session for the kids....it was a hot afternoon, so the dip was just nice !!

Very soon, the guests started to pour in....so first thing they do was 'makan' straight away!

Looks like a lot of food heh......but the menu was very simple only!

The main meal was my 'chiu phai'/signature home-made fried rice.

Then, as i don't trust my own cooking skill, i decided to back-up with something more secure....KFC lar!

Next is another important dish.......which coincidently turned out to be 'ok'! We sometimes need inspiration even in cooking, and if not for seeing this dish YOU cooked recently, i wouldn't be inspired to try it out, 'siu heng' wain steam prawn .....tq genie!!

The rest were sausages, fish balls, sandwiches, fruits salad & dessert!!

We even bottoms up these.............emm, that was high!!!!

I also got the kids some bubbles so that not only the adults enjoyed, the kids got themselves into much FUN too !!!

Got the kids to sing The Song to my 'lou kung'........

Finally it was the gift opening session................

Mic can get perfume relatively cheap (30% disc....that's d advantage of being a cabin crew) and shared the gift with Mag (who also bought the cake).
Then, my elder sis Ling got these stuffs for the b'day boy. Of course it was the notty wife's idea....i had earlier given them a wish list so that they don't end up getting unnecessary things for him. My sis was complaining that she had not even bought undies for her own huby.... luckily my bro-inlaw was sporting this time, he accompanied my sis with the shopping BUT was making much noise at the sametime.... as he claimed that he has NEVER got himself into such expensive 'wear' inside .......wa kakaka !!! Mom & youngest sis, Teng contributed the KFC meals!

Overall, it was a warm family gathering and i wana thank everyone for marking their presence in a celebration we 'termed' significant !!
Most importantly, i wana wish my 'lou kung' a healthy life, a happy person
& successes with business in the years ahead !! we luv u always.........
More photos here