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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's Malaysian authentic....?

In 2 weeks time, we will be heading to HongKong. Almost a week will be gone which mean works will be piling thereafter. As this is also my official working trip, there are additional paperworks to prepare for the conferences besides other routines. Anyway, i don't care coz i'm only looking forward to visiting Disneyland with my boys & 'lou kung'! Plus possibility is there might be an outdoor activity being arranged by my company to the Ocean Theme Park...ngek ngek ngek!!

So this week will be occupied to clear off some upfront work....for eg....u know that monthly important task called 'payroll'.....else by the time i'm back my colleagues here would curse me for the late coming $$$$. Then coincidently, there is also this ad-hoc UAT project which was still bugging me.....hate it....hate it......who wouldn't dislike if it means distorting your ordinary & peaceful work cycle?? Anyway, whatever it is...... that's life we call....full of unexpectancy !!

And life can really be stressful when all that matters are to race & race against time.

And out of the hectic schedule, i still have an important... yet not so important (u may say) task to accomplish.....that's to get " THE SOUVENIRs " for my counterparts in HK. I bet you agree that little stuffs like this is just so important when meeting with some distance friends. For some of the colleagues that we had been working together over the years, we had develop a relationship that certainly worth the effort to extend our appreciation/gratitude for the return favours/assistance or simply collaborative efforts in completing some task together!! So there is this lady who is neither a superior nor subordinate but just a peer who are very helpful & nice so i decided to get her a gift........been thinking for a while what to get her. She is easily 10 years my senior so it's NO easy task to get a suitable gift for her. Instead of getting the usual displaying souvenir, i have finally decided to get a consumable item that ladies (of all ages) love to use ...............yeah, a lipstick!

For sometime, i have been eyeing on this ANNA SUI cosmetics...... i have neither use it nor knowing if it's good, instead i just simply adore & got melted over the design & beauty of its outlook! They are just so so so girly... so fashionable ... so fancy.... so unique.... so creative.... i just fall in love with it! And so i had been finding excuse to get my hand on it one day which eventually came.......i got one as a gift & how could I not be getting one for myself....that's just not me?? Then my conversation with the sales assistant got more & more indepth and my weak nerve failed in holding back my desire so i ended up falling into the trap of "buy more up to a certain amount to get the FREE gift set"!!

At first, i landed myself on the eye glitter cream.......

But still not enough to reach the target.......so the next choice is a lip gloss !

then OK i reached the first free gift target.... but then.... i was only a little more behind from reaching the biggest FREE gift..... that is almost the whole range of their skin care products .... arghhh, greediness eat me up!!!!

so this time my instinct told me to get a neccessity item (which i'm going to get anyway in d future) & there goes my final target..... the UV/Sun foundation care. I tell u... for those who r fond of using foundation with UV protection, do give this a try...it's amazing... coz it gives u an instant "clear bright" look !!!

The ultimate objective of the whole struggles in me was to get this.........

Btw, these 2 mascara set (included above FOC) have been missing from my collection... so they came in just in time..... too nice to be real, huh!!

Now, my dilemma is these "flower-dovey" little boxes are just too awesome to be thrown away!! I'm out of idea what should i do with them..... there's no way that i'll let them get into the dustbin so i think i'll just keep them for my eyes until they bore me out someday sometime!!!

OK that's enough of promoting & boosting about anna sui......i don't get any commission out of it!! Btw, i'm a bit hook up with this 'sui' products until i nearly forgotten the FOCUS of this post!

The lipstick above is only meant for a special colleague but i still have a whole bunch of colleagues working along with me in my HQ and i can't be getting each & everyone of them a gift, right? So....i'll just settle with getting some Malaysian authentic snacks to share among them. Now don't u agree that this is a task even more tough?? "Hongkee" are known to dislike spicy / strong flavour food & are very health concious. Yet our Malaysian food/snack is famous for its' strong spices.....in other words mean unhealthy!!

So please help me to think.............so far, these are what i have in mind:

-penang "tambun biskut" with the "tao sar" filling in sambal flavour (MIL brought us recently & tried it...quite nice);

-ipoh chicken biscuit / "kai chai peng";

-"sart khei ma"......forgot what is this call??;

-triangle shape dodol of both coconut & durian flavour;

-probably some "kacang putih" ("murku assorted".....banana chip.....the likes);

- anymore please ???????


miche said...

What about Nyonya Pineapple Tarts? Well, I guess you have to come to Malacca to get that. =)

Annie Q said...

Wow!! Can't wait for the day to come early huh? Hope u have a great trip to Hong Kong with your two darling boys and your lou kong!
Take many many pictures and show us. Have a fun trip.

Oh..Anna Sui! So total damange is how much?? hahahhahaha..never mind la, now u got a new set of collection!

Sasha said...

wah wah wah whole collection there.

Eh why not buy all the snacks, double the amount. cos i think u will makan some before u give them also :P

Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

My sister always buys cuttlefish and the 'satay' fish when she goes back to HKG. She tells me Hongkies likes those snacks wor.

wen said...

wow! shop till you drop eh!

i like the beautiful lipstick boxes too, wouldnt wanna throw it away..

Jacss said...

thanks miche & tracy, i think it's good idea too...nyonya stuffs & satay fish!! will note that down...

total damage...few hundred lar! will definitely share my trip when i'm back, thanks annie!

i got what u mean sasha...wink wink!

beautiful boxes hor wen...

slavemom said...

Wah.. vy nice! But impulse buying like that vy dangerous leh. hehehe Nvm lah.. now got whole new set of 'leng leng' collection. Vy happy rite?
As for the snacks souvenir, I think u've got enuff ideas to work on edi. Hmmm... now I feel like eating some dodol.