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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Begining of life at 4x.........

When Mag (my 4th sis) was asked how many candles she needed for the cake she purchased, she said " 4 "......and almost instantly, the cashier said: ooh, 4 years old ahh? Then Mag burst into a laugh....explaining that nope, it wasn't for a 4 years old kid BUT it was for her bro-in-law who turned 40 years old !! Needless to say they all laughed for a moment!

I agreed it was rare for someone at such age to even think about celebrating the occasion but somehow I reckon it was an important milestone we both achieved in our life/marriage as husb. & wife!! We've not just known each other for nearly 10 years, shared the happiness & sweetness in life but we'd also walked some dull moments together!! Like any other couples, we'd been thru lots of ups & downs too.

I somehow feel that it was the beginning of a new chapter in life when one strike an age that begin with number '4'....no more calling yourself 30s, hahaha !! Maturity & stability are 2 traits that will surely be associated to that age!! Attaining such age will certainly NOT lift the burden weight off the shoulder instead will only add on to it.....

From a very young age, i already had a thought that being in a man's role is always 'tougher' than that of woman's (though i know many would not agree with this)! I used to & still think that man has a "heavier" responsibility than a woman in many aspects towards the family & children !! If a man is able to 'provide' sufficiently (if not very good) to the needs of his family & children, people would generally said HE is a GOOD husb/father. Instead, if HE ever failed in this role, there might be a possibility that HE is not regarded as a GOOD one! And if a woman is MADE to support the family (even if it's her own willing), than people would said SHE doesn't has a good life b'coz naturally people would think that the husb. is incapable of fulfilling the role to support the family. The rule of thumb is such that man is meant to be the 'MAIN' bread winner of the family........arghhh, i'm kinda 'freak-out' thinking of it.......thank god i'm not......
And for that, "if" given a choice, i will never want to be a man (even in my next life)!!! You may find it silly or disagree but yes, that's what i think......how vulnerable?

And so far.......... i did count my 'blessing' that 'my man' has carried his role 'well'. Like any ordinary human, he does has his shortfalls but i'll just have to keep reminding myself that he has carried with him much of the family's burden thus leaving my shoulder nearly weight-less!!

To appreciate what he has contributed, i threw a little party at home to mark this special occasion and the achievements we'd attained thus far. Initially he was against the idea, but after i promised to bring down the headcount to only my immediate family members, he compromised!

We begin the day with a swimming session for the kids....it was a hot afternoon, so the dip was just nice !!

Very soon, the guests started to pour in....so first thing they do was 'makan' straight away!

Looks like a lot of food heh......but the menu was very simple only!

The main meal was my 'chiu phai'/signature home-made fried rice.

Then, as i don't trust my own cooking skill, i decided to back-up with something more secure....KFC lar!

Next is another important dish.......which coincidently turned out to be 'ok'! We sometimes need inspiration even in cooking, and if not for seeing this dish YOU cooked recently, i wouldn't be inspired to try it out, 'siu heng' wain steam prawn .....tq genie!!

The rest were sausages, fish balls, sandwiches, fruits salad & dessert!!

We even bottoms up these.............emm, that was high!!!!

I also got the kids some bubbles so that not only the adults enjoyed, the kids got themselves into much FUN too !!!

Got the kids to sing The Song to my 'lou kung'........

Finally it was the gift opening session................

Mic can get perfume relatively cheap (30% disc....that's d advantage of being a cabin crew) and shared the gift with Mag (who also bought the cake).
Then, my elder sis Ling got these stuffs for the b'day boy. Of course it was the notty wife's idea....i had earlier given them a wish list so that they don't end up getting unnecessary things for him. My sis was complaining that she had not even bought undies for her own huby.... luckily my bro-inlaw was sporting this time, he accompanied my sis with the shopping BUT was making much noise at the sametime.... as he claimed that he has NEVER got himself into such expensive 'wear' inside .......wa kakaka !!! Mom & youngest sis, Teng contributed the KFC meals!

Overall, it was a warm family gathering and i wana thank everyone for marking their presence in a celebration we 'termed' significant !!
Most importantly, i wana wish my 'lou kung' a healthy life, a happy person
& successes with business in the years ahead !! we luv u always.........
More photos here


Sasha said...

Happy Birthday to yr Lou KONG!

and now i can see....yr kids really look like photostat of your hub! like triplets!

Rjoc said...

Oh I thought you were going to have the party next weekend so he will get a late card. did you comfort him and let him know that once you get to 40 it is not yet all downhill from there, try 60!!

huisia said...

Happy Birthday to your man..

slavemom said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Mr Heng! Din u know, for men, life's just beginning at 40. Can't say the same for us women tho. :p
What a nice party u had for him. That's a lot of food! N u arranged the prawns so nicely samo.
hahaha... U actually suggested to ur sis to buy undies as presents? Nvm lah hor.. for close family mbrs mah. :)

Jacss said...

yakah sasha....photostat meh...no lar...my boys more 'hansem', hehe

yeah uncle, an advance one...as d week after some of my siblings couldn't make it, we had it early!!
alright, if he ever gets upset with the 40, i'll head on yr advice...

u r right genie, everytime i teased that he was old, that's what my mom would comment!! and yeah, i purposely suggested those gifts that are considered 'notty/nasty'... knowing that my man is a very 'cheng king' type, hahaha..
anyway, my siblings are those that r norm to these jokes!!

Annie Q said...

Happy belated birthday to twins's dad!!!

So thoughtful of you to arrange a birthday party for him. Looking at the "siu heng" wain steam prawn make me drrooooollllllll....yum yum!!

Is ur lou kong losing some weight? From the picture looks like he lose some weight?hehehe

All Precious Moments said...

Happy birthday to your hubby!
So nice to have family & friends over to celebrate kan? See the photos also feel happy!

Jacss said...

well annie, i agree too that this photo does make him look a lot slimmer....he was very happy with d comment, hahaha
while he has shed some weight compared to 7/8 years ago...but there is still a lot to go down (same goes for me...hehehe)!!

thanks for d well wishes alice & chanel! yes, we were very happy!!!