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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Before v After Makeover

(1) The BOYS' Room


(i) Customise rack (idea from megazine)
(ii) some cabinets & shelves
(curtains need to be changed to roman blind type)

closer shots

(iii) Timber flooring - for mattress


(2) Foyer




The yellow sofas were moved away as they were rarely used to make way for the massage chair & this display cabinets.

Closer shot of the liquar cabinets.

Closer shot of further glass cabinet to house the boys' Ferrari Cars collection!






"Cun tak"..... "Jeng mou".....???


slavemom said...

Hou jeng ah!
Boys' room : The elevated timber flooring for mattress does save up a lot of space hor. Eh, how come so many Hello Kitty one ah? :D
Foyer : Still got lots of empty space for liquor. hehehe Wah... u've got a lot of pics hanging at the wall.
Signature wall : Looks much neater now.

chanelwong said...

Very very Jeng wor....

all nice..the boys must be sooo happy with their room...

Annie Q said...

Wow Wow Wow Wow!!! Very Cun!! Very Jeng!! Hou Leng ar!!! I like your boys room, so nice, especially that customise rack with a moon and star and of course your foyer and your signature wall look great too!! Overall all very Jeng Jeng Jeng!

Ya lo, i also wonder, why sean and scot got so much soft toys ar,"hello kitty", "moshi maro", "snoopy" is it all mommy's collection ar? hahahahhahahah

All Precious Moments said...

All these are done by the uncle you gave me the phone number? Very jeng le! I love it! All of them! I'll definitely call him when I want to do it! jeng jeng jeng jeng!

wen said...

aiyoh! very jeng leh!!!

did u all move out for the reno?

Rjoc said...

The changes lok very nice Jacss, did hubby do some of the work as the builder's labourer ????. your liquor cupboard looks a little bare. How long will their room be so neat and tidy, it would shame Christine's room!!

Sasha said...

howe JENG!!!

JO-N said...

WOW! Very nicely done! Hey, your header looks good too!

Tracy said...

Hahaha, ur sis should have asked for 4 BIG candles then the cashier would understand. I always ask for 1 BIG candle only (heeheehee).

Wow! The makeover's 'jeng dou bei'. The foyer itself's oredi 'jeng' even before the makeover.

Jacss said...

yeah yeah everyone, those hello kitty & moshi moro belonged to ME...it was my collection since i was single! most were bought fr McD...hahaha but too bad, no girl to pass on...my boys don't seemed to like them, sob sob sob!!

as for the liquor cabinet...they have been much filled up now...that time still not yet fully fix ma !!!

wen, nope we don't need to move out, it's only a ONE day job...of course from morning till evening!! but d house very messy & dirty lar..

uncle, d answer is of course NO...how could he be doing it himself when he has already paid for the work!! he just folded his arms aside & pin point the work here & there!!
d room is still very neat & tidy as the boys are still young to live-in & ransack the room by themselves...so did grace felt embarass, hahaha???

oh ya...yes alice, they were done by that uncle lar!! once u did yours, dun forget to share ya!!

thank u tracy...jeng dou bei ahh, hahaha

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