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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Extra food source......

Ever since the boys weaned off from milk, the feeling of guilt in me had me sourcing for additional food source to compensate the lack of nutrients as a result of discontinuing the milk !!
In fact hubby & I had this topic in our conversation for quite awhile and both of us keen to get some soya base products or other organic supplement drinks as a replacement!! As we both were unequipped with knowledge on the offerings in the market, we decided to check it out at the organic shop.
After a quick browse, we came across a few types of food source that we could consider starting not only on the boys, but the whole family instead!!
As we aren't sure which would suit us best and which would be a 'turn on' for the boys, again we got to give a trial & error by picking one product to try at a time.
For a start, we had pick the barley grass which claimed to be more cooling than the wheat grass though both has they own sets of benefits.

Initially i was doubt wondering if my boys would refuse it. The sales assistant advised that this powder is tasteless if mix with water alone so she suggested to mix with juices or any other flavoured drink. So I instantly thought of honey as the first choice. Then soya bean as the alternate option. So we got the Lo Hong Ka longan honey & some omega 3 soya bean to go with these fine powder.
And guess what, both drinks went so well with the powder to the extend that the boys kept coming back to me asking for more hahaha.....but too bad, only 1 time a day is allowed.
Isnt't that goes to show how much they loved the drink, i'm glad though.
In fact i also made a glass of the drink for the "big boss/ big baby" at home where i would 'stole' a sip or two....and emm, it was very fragrant !!
So instead of making milk for my 2 babies every morning.............now i have to make 3 glasses of these drinks every morning including one for the "big old baby"! But i excluded myself as i wana save up for my 3 precious 'boys' ma.....hai....sigh....mom is always such, no meh??
Ooh, btw........huby had this for the boys too !! It was some sort of the berries + ginseng concentrates from e-Excel in which this super 'anxious' dady claimed that it could improve the poor memory of his elder boy, Sean...........hahaha

Any other recommendations to share....?


Anonymous said...

e-excel things are too expensive..

btw, you should have made yourself a glass too, don't just give all the best to the BOYsss :)


JO-N said...

I agree with Huisia, make yourself a glass and let the boys know that good things are meant to be shared. Let them love you too.

1+2mom said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!!

Tracy said...

Why wean them off milk so soon? Des still takes her milk twice daily (once in the morning b4 going to school and once before going to sleep). She doesn't take much meat and veggie so no choice got to substitute her with PediaSire.


JO-N said...

Happy mother's day to you.

slavemom said...

We're always vy happy when our kids love to take nutritious stuff. But u shldn't neglect urself. U shld oso take some supplements to keep u healthy. So u can take care of ur family mah.

Jacss said...

true huisia, e-excel things r no cheap!
and yes JO, i've headed with yr advice to make a cup for myself, haha

tracy, i didn't weaned them off milk...maybe i'd used the wrong word, they chose not to like milk anymore probably due with the increase of other tastes! anyway, i'd recently let them try the chocolate milk instead & looks like they still do accept it & i hope it will last long....

ok ok genie, i heard u....thanks!