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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Various Celebrations


Our Mother's Day celebration = food + eating !!

Mom was not too fancy about pressie so she would just settled with a dinner with full attendance by her children!!

Our " official session " already started ONE week ahead of the actual day as it is not easy for the siblings to agree on a gathering date! It was just at a chinese restaurant in puchong which happened to be the family's usual hang out place with the exception that the foods for the day were some what more special as compared to the ordinary dishes we used to dine there! The must-have was of course the sharks fin & as my mom has specifically requested her favourite chilie crabs which she claimed the best so far she has sumptuous, there we had 4kg of crabs (of 2 flavours) on the table!!


Chillie crabs
"Kam Heong" crabs
Sharks fin
Stir fried Ginger frogs
Asam fish
Soya sauce prawns
Vege & beans
Futt Putt/Yam with assorted fillings

Kids on a separate table........with 'kakak' !!


Earlier on.....the same day, we attended a luncheon invitation by aunty L.Thing..... mumy's friend whose b'day was around the corner. Only 3 families gathered.....we were served yummilicious pasta, mash potatoes, hush brown, roast sausages, sandwiches & deserts! Both mumy & aunty P.Fung shared a gift (pair of earrings) for the birthday girl and I offered to introduce this special cake (claimed to be slice of heaven) to my friends. So got all 4 flavours (vanila, orange, strawberry & chocolate) to make up one whole cake that cost about RM105 !!

never failed to melt me.....

Scot with aunty L.Thing

The little condo got badly ransacked by 3 lil monsters !!
The eating & chatting session lasted until about 4pm and our hands didn't stop stuffing food into the mouth along the chit-chatting session!! As we left, our stomach was still 'FULL' yet we had to get ourselves prepared for the above dinner.........don't you pity our stomachs??


- agreed on dim sum for brunch at Pavilion Oriental, Sect. 14 PJ;

- as it was lunch appmt at 1pm, we were prepared for the large crowd;

- true enough, service sucks big time due the festive;

- lesson learnt, never go on celebration on the actual day of festives;

- no one bother to sell you good food, in fact people had to rush & grab the dim sum by themselves despite the fact that the price was a little on the high side;

- just had some ordinary dim sum to fill the empty stomach;

- as huby had a RM50 voucher from the restaurant (due to his coming b'day), we only paid about RM30+/-......ok lar, still not too bad !!

Scot so sweet........

Then we left the place to check out around the complex (Jaya 33) where the rest was located and we got caught up at the fresh fruit stalls operated in the complex.....very fresh, so naturally we lifted a few of the family's choices !!

it was ages since i last had fresh cherrys & the boys had their first taste too & they loved them! but the damage to the pocket was scarry......RM20 for the below plate !!! will think twice the next time.

anyway, we had no complaint over these.......sweet & juicy seedless grapes & rambutan !!

The highlight:

Dinner with my parents & youngest sister - the worst decision i have ever made !!
About 10 years back, we would occassionally visit this place.
Then as the place was quite a distance away (Klang), we had been neglecting it.
And i had been thinking about this place lately until i managed to pester my huby to go here again....i know it was bcoz of mother's day that huby gave in.....but he was laughing in amusement seeing how dissapointed i was in the end....ya, he was happy bcoz he won't have to drive so long to this place anymore, as i had vowed that this was my FINAL visit to this place !!!

- waited for more than AN HOUR for the food to be served;

- yet the TASTE of the food was just too normal...i.e. major dissapointment;

- the PRICE was HIGH considering the kampung/village standard;

- wanted to complaint but sis kept warning us that the more we complaint, the more we will be eating their 'saliva' in our food.....hah, ooh...that bad ahh...so we ended up shut up, haha!!
- to top up to the above UPSETS, this lil monkey Sean wanted a 'poo' & as huby was busy with the crabs, i had no choice but to handle the mess at those STINKY & DIRTY toilet......i tell u, the condition was so rotten that i nearly puke......arghhh !!

just imagine, 1/2 hour drive to this place + 1 hour waiting time + 1/2 hour eating + 1/2 hour drive home = no one dare to go toilet = everyone just got to hold on to the nature's calling until we reach home !!!

self created 'punya' problem... "ng hai dai sei meh" ???


THE end....


Rjoc said...

Poor poor Jacss, all that eating and to finish off at a bad restaurant. Bet you the trip home was made in 1/4 hour ( your second last sentence hahah).
The cherries were dear, a couple of months ago they were $5 say RM12 a kilo but they were the darker variety,
For Mothers Day here it was not such a luxurious spread.
'Kakak' looks little overwhelmed in the photo.
Now you will have to diet for the next few weeks hahaha

Annie Q said...

Arg! The crabs make me drrrrooollllssss...*wipping my saliva now, left right left right*

slavemom said...

Aisay.. u made me crave for crabs again. 'Suen lat' is oso our fav but dunno y the last time we had crabs, it was a bit jelak (prob coz too much starch). Ueek!
Oowah.. so many big feasts w/in a wk! Well, we live to eat, no? :D
I've nvr been to Klang for seafood. I thot supposed to be 'peng, leng, cheng'? Anyway, will ban this rest. liao.

wen said...

i am full already! *slurps* *burps*

JO-N said...

Wow, so much eating before and on mother's day but I guess eating is an enjoyment. You look happy in the photo.

Anggie's journel said...

hhahahah.. really a BIG BIG makan time ... everytime any celebration sure got delicious foods wan ....

papajoneh said...

You are too much lah jacssss.....
the crab.. oh my.. no way of go dieting like this. they look so delicious... pengsan me.

Jacss said...

yes uncle, guess cherries are expensive in tropical places like darwin & here

looks like my crabs managed to tempt many of u...hahaha
and genie, now no more cheap in klang, some place can be 'leng & ceng' though!

sorry papa...everytime u visit, mesti nampak food aje, kakaka

Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. this is the kind of celebration I like.. food food food!!

Btw, can give me contact for Slice Of Heaven? I think it's like millie-crepe.. the Japanese cake.

email me.. zarasmama@gmail.com