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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Finally she's here....

Our long awaited 'maid' finally arrived last Thursday! Since we sent back the cambodian maid that like to 'throw up'/vomit so much.....we had selected at least 3 maids with some application in progress but only to be cancelled later.......due to various reason:
- one already ran away while still in Indon's training centre (thank god she is NOT here yet....)
- one has her medical condition failed or something (had to cancel only after a 1-2 months waiting period)

Huby was so pissed of that he had initially wanted to terminate the idea of getting the maid and claim a full refund from the agent (failing which we were prepared to pursue all d way to the consumer tribunal). But as i spoke to the agent, the agent quickly sent over 2 biodatas to me where she promised that these are full-document maid meaning the process is going to be express. The agent promised that this will be the last round for us as they too felt sorry for the long delay. According to them, the supply from Indon is really lacking nowadays! So i managed to convince huby to give it a try to save all the hassle of claiming for refund & etc etc.
But my ultimate objective is to get the maid asap to reduce the chores that my mom has to endure right now at the sametime babysitting my 2 monkeys!!

Anyway, true enough, our maid finally arrived in 3 weeks time.

So far so good.......pleasant outlook, quite responsive type.....much to our expectations !!
Certainly small eater, according to mom who bought her a pack of economy mix rice, she can eat that pack of rice in 3 rounds in a span of 3-4 hours, coz it was too big for her to finish one shot so in the end she couldn't take dinner! But she also mentioned that the frequent car ride made her lost her appetite to eat so she might take sometime to adjust.
Sometimes, those food that we reserved for her dinner, she will eat a little & kept the remaining balance for tomorrow's breakfast...............wuah, like very 'jimat-cermat' type hor....of course we dont' complaint that.....just hope that what we've encountered so far are all genuine & the evil fake tail WILL NOT eventually show up!!

Another good point to my surprise is yet been mention......hahaha
I gave her the time-table. When she looked at the time she is to wake up every morning which i'd set at 6am (as all of us would leave our home at 7am either for school or work), she commented as follows (i actually took awhile to digest what she meant):

maid: mam, if i can't sleep that long & i wake up at 4am or 5am, can i do work ahh ???

Are you also scratching your head ahh?
I clarified & clarified and finally i got myself understood. According to her, in Indon she has gotten to wake up at 4am (the most) for one of her 'praying session' coz she's a muslim. Once she woke up at that time, she will not be able to sleep back & she will begin her day and retire latest by 9pm!! Fuyohhhhhh........i told myself, aiyo, u wana wake up so early to do work, i'll be more than happy lar.....u say 'gila' or not, but then again, i hope i'm not too early to judge.
Of course issues like bit slow, bit dumb & other common things are all on her....but those are expected !

Time will prove everything yeah......


miche said...

about the sleeping hour...what time are you allowing her to sleep then? if she sleeps late, i dont think she can wake up that early and if she wakes up very early, i worry, she will get tired by noon time and she might curi nap in the afternoon.

as for mine, earliest she can sleep is by 10pm and she will normally wakes up by 6am, if she sleeps late then by 6.30am...for me she must have enuf sleep, 8 hours. So that she has the energy to work and not fall sick easily.

just my 2 cents worth. =)

wen said...

if she wakes up so early must sleep at 9pm ah then wat if she has something to do at nite how? let her sleep in the afternoon.

slavemom said...

Sometimes when they wanna wake up too early, we oso hv prob. Wake up too early, means need to sleep early (if not, insufficient sleep). It this kind of schedule doesn't work for u, u can ask her to slowly adj. No choice, they gotta adj to our schedule, not the other way round.

Rjoc said...

I bet that your mother is very very happy now and also the Mother hen also? I get up about 3 hours before Anne and she goes to sleep watching TV so doesn't get to bed until 1am or later ....long after me. So your maid is an early bird though if she is working too early she may disturb every one.

jacss said...

thanks for sharing everyone!!
yes, i do have d same concern as u guys too.
my schedule for her is to wake up at 6am then by 9pm, it's her own free time !!
so i've explained to her that she got to adjust to our schedules & hopefully she could familiar fast!
i don't mind her taking a power nap in d afternoon so long as her work is finish.

yes uncle, mom would be happy & the most happiest is d mother hen, u guess it right! he's d king now.
luckily we r all sleepy pig that we didn't notice any noise of her working at such early hour, hahaha

Mummy to QiQi said...

betul or not? wake up so early to work?

I am also still eagerly waiting for my maid...BILA only wanna come? I really cannot walk anymore, dono how to train the maid if I keep myself on the bed most of the time :(

Annie Q said...

U're so lucky to get a good maid. Urs one request to wake up early, mine one is don't know how to wake up! Till i have to buy her a loud alarm clock!

Zara's Mama said...

Looks like you got a good deal there!!

You can teach her to cook porridge or chao-mai-fan or nasi lemak.. next time you wake up got good breakfast to eat liao.. since she wakes up so early.

zewt said...

initially like that la... once they get accustomed to malaysian life... then different.

Jacss said...

cnee: remember the saying that goes, "suen tou khiu chee yin chik"? i'm sure u r now more ready with all the great tips u received!

yes annie, in this aspect i agree i'm lucky not having one like yours at least at this moment!! ahh, if i'm you, i would have vomit blood.....

agnes, u got a point too... it's a good idea provided we've gained the trust on her first coz othwise, won't know what she's feeding us.....hahaha

yalah zewt...that's why i'm hoping that she won't turn into an evil later, sigh!!