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Monday, November 26, 2007

Lazy yet adventurous weekends....

It was a lazy weekends (no appointment, no event, no function)........so we DO NOT want to consume our energy unnecessarily in the shopping mall, we had long for a good rest & recharged at home and when you are staying at home, it would mean burning less of the pocket!
However, with 2 active toddlers around in the house, resting would not be as peaceful & calm as you would have expected. It was nearly 2 weeks now since the boys' recent birthday party, so almost all the pressies received had been opened up & blasted......we kept all the pressies & only allowed them to open one by one at every other day!!

The boys had been anxiously & eagerly eyeing on the basket ball set for days. Finally dady agreed to install it for them. Along the process, the boys were extremely excited & went impatient with the complicated installation.....
Unfortunately, their dady was a 'dummy' technician and so the process took a little longer.....

After a long wait of 30 minutes, finally the basket ball set was ready for play. The boys went hysterically throwing the balls over & over.... again & again, pushing each other in between.
I must say it was indeed a very interesting gift as there was even a battery operated device with sound that recorded the number of throw-in of the ball into the net. Must really thank the presenter of the gift but but but.....as usual, we've forgotten who actually gave us this......hehe!!
Yet, guess what......despite dady's sweat in setting up the play which took approx.ly 30 mins, the boys' only lasted their 'play' for a short 15-20 minutes!! Scot was the one that gave up first.....saying: "i had enough of that...."!! that's exactly how short their focus & attention can be....huby can only gave me his evil grin, what can he say?

The next day, dady finally successfully dug out the wading whale pool that we had hide for months since their first swim. Reason dady was too lazy to pump the pool............
So, i must say children are born to love swimming......or rather play water! The boys had another thrilling day having fun with water !!!

While the boys were enjoying themselves, dady didn't stay dry....as he did a rare car wash by himself.....good job !!! It used to be the job of the maid by the way. At least he got to move his limbs a bit without the maid around....isn't that good?

And what about the woman in the house????? Of course she would not get to rest too much...too! You forgot it was the woman's obligation to take care of all the stomachs??? So there I was messing around in the kitchen and the outcome was JUST.......







" the lame marinara macaroni "

But still we whacked finish all......as the stomachs were growling due to the extra ordinary workouts, kambade !!!

Then, over the late evening, we put up the x'mas tree! Yeah, it was a little early but what to do, that's the time of the year we are looking forward to so much!!

Can't wait for our annual thanks giving family dinner......

END OF MONDAY BLUEs now..........

Sunday, November 25, 2007

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I can't survive sparing the ROD....

On the issue of "SPARE THE ROD", Chinnee wanted to know how i deal with my kids hence the pass of this tag to me!

Looking by the title, you could have guess how bad it is for us........!!!
I have to agree that children are no difference from us adults that are unique in their own way! Hence, i suppose there is no single way that deals with ALL !!! My way of dealing with my kids would not necessarily be suitable for others! And this is particularly so for having a set of twins!

When my twins were still babies, i thought i was having the toughest time bringing them up. It was a phobia when midnight approached as it would mean dragging myself up for night feeding or crying! But after having dealt with their terrible biting at 2 yrs old, scary hitting at 3 yrs old, uncontrollable fighting at 4 yrs old & rebellious stage at 5, i now reckon that their babies milestones were the easiest to deal with! As a result, i can't help but to ponder what more challenges that lie ahead.....

I always believe parenting would be easier with a single child or siblings with at least an age gap of 3 years. What i meant was in respect of the affordability of the parents giving their full attention & focus in instilling good values on ONE child without having the obstacles of competition/favouritism. Needless to say, it was obvious that we had challenging obstacles in the upbringing of our twins.

Being first time parents & unexperienced at the same time, we had run out of ideas how to deal with 2 toddlers of the same age/size/height that only bother to " FIGHT " for just anything, in anyway and at anytime ranging from fighting over........ toys/books/stationeries/clothes/foods/drinks or just simply anything !!!
There are people who are acceptable that my boys possessed such attitudes/behaviours at their age but i also like to believe that there are people who thought that my boys are just extra ordinarily naughty! What i'm pretty sure was that most people whom had experienced dealing with my boys would 'shake' their heads indicating the feeling of fear & surprise with the unexpected.

Even my mom was very definate that 'talking' to the boys doesn't seemed to work as their attention span can be very difficult to catch! And the 'talking' remedy is just too slow a method in response to their 'fighting' episode which could be harmful at times if NOT STOP immediately!!
At the very beginning, the instant response was a mild shout......then soon the milder shout progressively developed into sharp screams.....and it intensified to roar yells !!!
To a certain extend, we felt guilty as the screaming did passed on to the boys inevitably! But we just can't help it....

I read a lot about the pros & cons of caning the child. As much as i would love to agree with those expert in sparing the rod, we ended up resorting to the rod as our final solution in dealing with the uncontrollable situations! In fact, by now having experienced parenting the twins for 5 years, we came to term that our boys are only 'scare' of the rod & will only be willing to 'listen' when we showed the rod! Most often than not, we were already up to the max of our limit when we grabbed the cane! It may not be the best method, but at least we got things worked out!!

Would you believe that my mom has got to have the cane in her hand in order to put the boys to nap in the afternoon?? Else, i doubt if my mom would ever get to rest.......need to say more??

I know i have sounded very dreadful now.........so i must not forget to mention that as 'good' parents too, we strive to continuously improve our parenting skills & the upbringing of our boys as they are our 'LIFE', our 'BLOOD' & our 'BREATH' !! We did do the 'talk' as & when the situation permits & the boys do take note too when their lil minds are exceptionally goooood !!!
And here, i promised to keep learning from my fellow blogger friends in parenting skills & would continuously adapt ourselves where necessary!!
Instructions :**Start Copying Here**
Tag 5 bloggers
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger know that they have been tagged by leaving comment in their blog.

1. Miche does not spare the rod.
2. Chinnee still spare the rod at this moment.
3. Jacss can't survive sparing the rod.

I am just curious & wonder how the following friends handle the rod:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Want a new look for your GARAGE?

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Suddenly the urge comes........

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So during lunch time, i went & hunt for the food that i've been thinking off. Pheww......finally my temptation stopped bugging me!! You say woman scary or not?

YUM....YUM.....YUM !!!

NOPE....NOPE.....NOPE, that's not a symptom.....as "aunty" is visiting right now!!

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Tag : Magical Flying Carpet Ride!

My apology to Sylvia for only doing the tag now as she has actually given it to me on 19/9...hehehe!
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Video to share.........

After taking so looooooong time to upload this to YouTube, thought i should share this!

It was the recent birthday song singing session.

NOTE there was a little accident happened: as the light was switched off, Sean with the plastic knife in his hand accidently poked Scot's eyes......resulting in the poor Scot kept rubbing his eyes!! Luckily he did not cry bcoz he was too contended, hehehe....... !!!

The Influence of Blogging....

I was so so so tempted to eat "tong yuen"/glutinous rice ball dessert after reading this post from chinnee!! And i really meant it until i realised my desire today......

All i want to say was : THAT'S THE POWER OF BLOGGING!!

This was the first time i made the dough myself using the glutinous rice flour. It was EASY. Since i had stocks of edible colourings in the fridge, i was not hesitated to add to the temptations!
Isn't this more luring..........???
But once i washed my hands, i was kind of step back a little, you know why? These colourings were quite commonly seen on the shelf, I suppose it should be very safe but take a look at my hands, it was stained & not immediately washable with water & soup!! I can't believe my eyes.... what am i going to stuff in our stomachs?? but still thought we rarely use this in our recipe so once in a blue moon, nevermind lar....

The boys were excited helping/playing with the dough!!

ARGHH.........i need another bite already..........faster run to fridge now (wink wink)

Looks like my boys inherited my taste bud, heh !

School Costume Party 2007

Last Friday (16/11) was the last day of school for this year! The twins' school organized a "Costume Contest Party" instead of the usual annual concert. Well it just wasn't the right time for me to think of what to do with the costume......after busying with the recent family wedding affair & birthday celebration !! So upon reading the notice about the costume contest, i just brushed it aside.....
The children was also encouraged to bring some food to share. So the twins' busy parent only get to buy some muffins & swiss roll (yeah, the most convenient one!!) from the nearest bakery store that morning itself.
I was kind of surprise but amuse & amaze to see how much effort others have put in with their costumes. I respect other parents who displayed such thought provoking attitudes in dressing up their kids for the event! Some even managed to put on make-up on their kids....phew! Suddenly I felt myself very useless (not active with participation).....sigh !!!
Anyway, what amused me the most was the wildness of the principal itself. She dressed herself into a "Santa Claus"......see below so funny, hahaha!!

Seen on the right was a cute little princess

Here are more interesting turn-out:
Black spiderman, Red spiderman & most interesting the little LION Dance boy...

Little ah pek in "SAM FOO" & tambi in "TALIBAN" (correct ahh?)

Finally was my 2 little ah peks......also in Chinese "SAM FOO", in between them was the "SUPERMAN" of course!!
I was glad that the boys had another chance to wear their sam foo again after the recent chinese wedding ceremony....at least mumy's hard earned $$ was a little worth spent!!
On the otherhand, school holiday doesn't mean any different for my boys because they will need to put up with day care in their school until their 'kakak'/our replacement maid arrive! Without a helper around, it would be too taxing for their grandparent to manage them for the whole day as compared to only half day during school days!
And on separate account, the good news about school holiday is of course a much improved traffic..........yeah!!
Happy School Holiday!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fairy Tales Wedding Reception.....

This is a long outstanding back dated post since the Day Wedding Part 1

Continuing from where the chinese wedding ceremony was held with much success and full of amusement, all the family members did not get to rest even a bit before proceeding to the night reception. Despite this time the bride's family was given the excuse to escape from following over to the groom's place but me & my sister were still running short of time to prepare ourselves for the dinner reception. Time was spent clearing & cleaning up the mess at mom's place after the day wedding.

Once i settled myself at home, it was almost 3pm so i headed for my hair-do & make-up. At the salon, i saw my gang of aunties & cousins there (close to 8 of them) almost completing their hair-dos! Dady was given the order to bath the boys & wait for my return.

By the time i finished grooming myself, it was almost 5pm. I zoomed back hurrily & kicked everyone up......pack everythg into the car & rushed to the hotel. We brought along all our clothings to the hotel for the change. Went ahead to pick up my youngest sis (the bridesmaid) & noticed she only managed to get her hair done.........no time to touch her face & gosh...need to rely on me for make-up once we reach the hotel.

Initially we promised the bride to be at the hotel by 6pm to help getting the reception table ready....but but at 6pm we just left Puchong. Boy....Cocktail party was suppose to start at 6:30 p.m. Thank god traffic wasn't that bad.

Finally we arrived hotel close to 6:45pm. I had the quickest make-up done for the bridesmaid. Then only i got the chance to change myself & put on all my accessories. I had no time to even see my boys so dady was the one that changed them!

Just as we were ready to get down for the cocktail party, huby received a phone call from mom (who was close to reaching the hotel). Mom said they 'FORGOT' to bring along the box of liquor......OH....MY.....GOD!!! You know how important is that to the dinner?? Will the dinner survived without the liquor?? We know it was important but huby was of course not happy knowing that mom wanted him to turn back to Puchong to get the liquors as he was the only one having mom's house key! Huby was angry but he knows he got no choice as he wouldn't want my dad (being the host) to drive back where he was suppose to be there entertaining the guest. I can only be angry but was too lost to think of how to remedy. Luckily in the end, huby agreed to go back for that important task despite reluctantly. We all worried that he will speed & that really spoilt our mood! Again, with blessing, traffic was surprisingly pretty good & huby reached the hotel again before 8pm. He was such an angel that night.........hehehe!!

Luckily we had other relatives to mann the reception table on our behalf before our arrival.....

WELL.......Enough of suspense & ranting.......

Frankly speaking from the outlook of the hotel, it was not very appealing but i must agree that the ballroom decoration was simply awesome, gorgeous, stunning, lovely, sweet = one word GRAND !!! Thus, i'd like to name it a fairy tales wedding dinner. Lets take a look at the hotel decor..........

Mom & Dad......

Here's the prince charming & its' princess.....

Sharp 8:30, the grand march-in started.........guess what, my boys being the flower boys led the show & amazed all the guests. They got a bit excited with the light switched-off & the release of the gas/smoke hence they forgot to do their usual 'stunt'.......... instead, they behaved extremely well until they again forgot to sprinkle the flowers.....

The next in the row of march-in........

The highlight of the night............

Below were some snapshots taken during the toasting & speech session. Nice PINK gown ehh?? I chose & convinced her on the choice wan......hehehe !! My elder sis commented that the whole grand event was kind of spoilt by their speech coz they were interacting (with shouts & yells) with their friends at the other end of the ballroom & it looked to us like they were shouting in the market........hahahaha!! It was indeed their intention to be casual & loosen up the usual feeling of tense when it comes to speech!!

As expected, food wise wasn't as good as those we had during the food testing we had earlier but guess we were too mindful to even bother about it....... The boys were just too excited until they refused to eat anything. They also made us so embarassed by running, jumping, hopping & at times lying down on the floor carpet !!

It was a tiring event for us all yet fruitful. Most importantly, i bet it was definately a night of remembrance for the couple.....

"A Love & Beautiful Marriage"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

5th Birthday Bash

Early in the morning, this was what i prepared for the boys as the 'chinese' way to mark their birthday! Yeah, it was a bit old fashion but i vowed to practise that !!!

After the last birthday bash we had at our home for the boys' 3rd birthday, we told ourselves it was enough of party at home! As you would agree, the worst aftermath was the cleaning up! After skipping another year of party for the boys at 4, we decided to throw something for them at 5 to combat the 'boringness' in life........ But it has got to be at somewhere other than our home! Surveyings & visitings were done & finally decided for Megakidz at Mid Valley.

Below was the function room which was really spacious.........decoration wise, if you pay better then it will definately looks better than this......

As our objective of holding the party at the captioned venue was to allow the kids to enjoy & thrill themselves at their mega playground, we don't really mind about the food so we felt that we need to apologize to the adults/parents that brought the kids along for the lousy food. We headed for the cheapest package at RM31.50 per pax ....not that cheap afterall considering what they served the kids!!

The menu includes:

special gift for b'day boys
a birthday cake
birthday certificates for b'day boys
3 pieces of nuggets
french fries
cordial (we topped up 50 cent per pax for soya bean instead)
party hat & mask
a party host
FREE FLOW of play at the mega playground before & after the 1 hour birthday function.

I think it will be silly to include the above package for adults.....so we just added some light refreshment for the adults: sandwiches, drummets, spring rolls & we brought along cup mineral water. Other meals like fried noodles/rice are just too overpriced!

For the package we took, all they could afford was the awful "HAND" written birthday wish on the blurdy whiteboard............eeee, cis, i can write better than this !!!
Next, a courtesy appreciation is extended here to merit our GUESTS that turned out. Thank god it was 100% attendance for us !!!

Scot (L), Sean (R) with their beloved cousin cheh-cheh, Shuet Yee!

After browsing thru all the photos, we realised we 'forgot' to even take our family photo....ahh, sigh!!! how could this happen? Dady was too busy snapping & now i noticed there wasn't even a sight of the shadow of the dear daddy.....

Seen on the right was the "LITTLE" cake provided by Megakidz and we brought along our own jelly cakes....none other than the boys' boring favourite racing car lah.....

Birthday Song singing session !! The kids were asked to "hip hip hooray" to cheer the birthday boys........created very loud but cheerful noise!!

The birthday certs......

Despite the dissapointment & our embarasssment over the food, the party was overall WELL rated. Most importantly, the kids enjoyed the PLAY session which was our ultimate goal after all.

The boys were crazy over their mountain of presents.....

Thank you, terima kasih, seh-seh.........the boys had wonderful memories & love the presents very much !!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Continue.....End of Milestones stories (at the meantime) !!

From Part 1 and Part 2........

The boys continued to grow actively & became little handsomes (that's what people tend to comment lar, hehe....shy!!)

Of course they continued to give dady & mumy more screams too......

There isn't any disaster happened at this stage or could it be we were blind folded by their mischievous.....

Very soon, they celebrated their 4th Birthday!!

After the nursery episode, the boys only went back to kindy at 4 but this time it was purely for 1/2 day school.....no lunch, no bath & no nap in school. From 8 - 11:30am in school then grandpa with 'kakak' will pick them up & babysit back in my parents' home. It was such a sigh of relief seeing the boys enjoying themselves with their friends in school. So birthday party with their friends was definitely more fun. Life was no longer only dady & mumy..........A sign of 'big boy' in the progress!

After the celebration at school, there was a small & private celebration at our cozy home! Then, another simple one with your cousins at a rented apartment in town!

I was so regret not doing any studio snapshots of the boys when they were still babies. Probably mumy was so busy not just taking care of you boys but also your fussy dady! So mumy did the studio photos when the boys were at 4 but boy....it was such a tough time getting them for the pose!!

Seen above was also some photos taken during your FIRST overseas trip to Bangkok! You behaved so well & had convinced dady mumy that we could now bring you along to anywhere!

Now, at the age of 5, it is extremely difficult to keep track of the boys’ developments. And that’s the reason that put my mind off from tracking their milestones. Somehow, mumy made an exception in this particular month.


Scot – always portray the leadership role & his ko-ko Sean has been willing to follow his lil brother foot steps in almost everything.
Sean has a generally softer attitude as compared to Scot who is more aggressive & possessive thus a stronger character. Hence, Scot was the one that has always bully his ko-ko....

u know the "liu si tau fei" one (why r u after mumy so much....oops, what a confession i've made)
Sean is slightly more willing to listen as compared to Scot who can be very persistent with his own thinking. Scot has very good retaliation skills as compared to Sean.
Given that, Sean can be a very whinny child, he could wails, toss & grumpy so much in getting his demand fulfilled.


Starting at 4, it was obviously seen that the boys had different body size.
Sean is now easily heavier than Scot by 3 kgs. By a lift of Sean, one could easily tell how much bigger & meaty he is. Sean can be a bit clumsier compared to his lil brother.
But that doesn’t make Scot the weaker one. Scot could be a little lighter & skinny but he still stayed within average in the standard chart.
Scot looks physically more active & sporty. It's pretty hard to see him playing calmly, most of the time he tend to be aggressive. His aggressiveness makes him stand out most of the time when the twins were in a war!
If you ever have a chance to see both of them running, you can tell who is more firm & who is the clumsier one, hehehe, very funny sight though !!!

Eating Habit

Sean is an easier, simpler & better eater. That’s explained why he’s fatter lar! He is more adventurous with food, willing to try new food & open his mouth easily. Everyone said he inherited his dady’s taste bud. He prefers noodle than rice. His favourite is wan tan mee. He takes durian a lot.
Scot is a much fussier eater, picky, reserve & sceptic about food. He ran his life away when he sees & smells durian. He is also a small eater. Few spoons would already serve enough for his stomach. Occasionally when he’s hungry, he can eat a lot too. He prefers rice than noodle. Currently he is loyal to his favourite 'nasi lemak 'with anchovies & eggs. Even rice with soup can make his day. And with less input but double output (for his high energy consumption), no wonder he can shed his weight off so much!


Scot has always in the leading role in every aspect including speech. He definitely has better control over pronunciation than Sean. But still, generally speaking, both of them are average scorer with speech. They still need a lot of brushing up, not very strong with grammar. Broken language was the norm as a result of 'rojak' language spoken within the family. Mumy’s family speak Cantonese, dady’s speak Teo chew. We are still struggling very much to get their grammar rectified & improved. The boys are still in the midst of managing the usage of “in” “on” “at” “with”……
Currently attending Speech & Drama classes in the hope to improve the language.


The boys are very much addicted to TV (Disney channel, nickelodeon, action cartoon movie-ultraman, superman, spiderman, power ranger, robot - that’s where their stunts were learnt!!) They also love Mr. Bean, Dora, Thomas engines & many more which I’ve lost count of…..actually I can’t kept abreast of those cartoon programs anymore!! As for toys, both of them are crazy over CARS.
Scot right now is more patient & has more passion with drawing & colouring. Gave him a white piece of paper, he can draw out quite an impressive piece. He’s quite particular with colouring too, ensuring that colours do not go out of the lines.
As for Sean, he tends to be a bit lazy at that though teacher would like him more being more of an angelic student. Sean’s works can be a bit messy & he doesn’t show interest in drawing & colouring. He can be very playful too. Most often than not, Sean was seen following Scot in doing things but very soon, Sean will give up & his attention would be diverted to elsewhere very easily. Again it was just another follower’s trait.
See below, we were at Ikea. While we were browsing around, Scot discovered this writing/drawing spot & he automatically picked up the paper & pencil to start his sribbles! Very fast, he sketched out the sub-marine ships!!

While lil Scot was busy sketching, Sean only care to 'play'.....sigh!!!
Well....again & again, i remind myself not to compare, hehehe!!

On summary, the worst headaches right now for both huby & I (oops not forgetting my parents the babysitters) lies around their fights & competition for everything.
While it was quite acceptable to expect some level of competition among siblings, I would confidently say rival competition among twins’ siblings can be a few times stronger!! So it wasn’t an easy task at all to handle that.

They basically compete for every physical things:

everything needs to be identical, no favouritism, no sharing….they even compete for dady’s attention as expected. So it was dady that ended up with more headaches than mumy so over the neighbourhoods, they usually heard dady screamed more than mumy, hehehe!! We always felt sorry for our neighbours for having to endure our screams!! And it was so embarassed too.

Whatever said & done, it was a whole worth of 5 years for us as we celebrated the 5th year into the twins’ birthday today on 11/11/2007. A well chosen date I suppose, easy to remember yeah…….
Well, I sincerely thank you if you made the reading right up to here. It's not that big reason anyway, just that i'm a bit emotional usually at this time of the year!!

And should you drop a birthday wish for our precious (come on....don't be stingy, anonymous also will do........) i'm thanking you in advance but pls not forget to cheer me up on another successful year in parenting.
I know there will many more years of challenges to face but I would prefer to appreciate & shout about the success of the completion of ONE whole YEAR at a time!! In fact, the birth date was the most memorable anniversary for me…

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY DARLING sean & scot !!!
from your beloved Dady & Mumy!

And oops.......Happy 5th Anniversary to ME too....shy shy shy !!!