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Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Video to share.........

After taking so looooooong time to upload this to YouTube, thought i should share this!

It was the recent birthday song singing session.

NOTE there was a little accident happened: as the light was switched off, Sean with the plastic knife in his hand accidently poked Scot's eyes......resulting in the poor Scot kept rubbing his eyes!! Luckily he did not cry bcoz he was too contended, hehehe....... !!!


slavemom said...

Scot is such a toughie. Luckily it wasn't serious.

Jacss said...

yeah lucky...it was infact dangerous!! he was too happy until he forgot to cry...hehe!

1+2mom said...

poor scot, next time dun let the kids hold the knife b4 they wanted to cut it.